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[Cheongdam-dong] Pabula – 1029

Cheongdam-dong Gourmet – Pabula: Szechuan Cuisine Restaurant

Personally, I like Szechuan cuisine very much. I don't have many memories of eating at restaurants specializing in Sichuan cuisine,

Originally, I liked spiciness, and while traveling in Hong Kong, I casually came across Sichuan cuisines, and it came out quite fascinating.

I was curious about the opening of a new place in Cheongdam-dong that offers Szechuan cuisine courses, but this time I set aside a day to visit.

There are a variety of course menus, but it's a story where Mok Nani and I ate a spicy course without hesitation

Tell me all the stories that came from tasting the Maramara course at Pavula, a gourmet restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.

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1482808762358199 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Why did the picture of Pabula, located near Cheongdamcho Bridge, look so dark? The exterior is luxurious and the cars parked in front are rattling

1482808773574200 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

1482808783341221 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

1482808797416203 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

The interior has a modern black and white feel throughout, and the interior also has a room-like style for gatherings.

The seat on the outside terrace also looks quite tasteful. The weather is suddenly getting cold now, but I think it would be great to enjoy it on the terrace when it gets a little warm.

1482808856976204 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

The menu I enjoyed on this day was Maramara Mara Course.

Compared to other courses, it's easy to think of it as a menu composed of spicy and simple menus.

1482808863156222 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

The herring crab and I arrived first, so I ordered a cup of peroni to keep my heart warm

(It was a bit disappointing that the draft beer lineup only had Peroni and 2 Clouds)

1482808869266223 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

When I order food, they show me a tea box first, which seems to match the Greater China culture of enjoying tea together while enjoying food.

After all, I was wondering what to order, but I thought jasmine would go well with lunch, so I ordered jasmine.

1482808893876225 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

A cute teapot was placed on the warmer so that you could enjoy it warmly until the end of the meal.

Please note that you can refill the car if it falls.

1482808904360226 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Let's start with the 3 types of dishes that come up with the concept of cold dishes.

It's a mara mara course, so I feel like the 3 types of cold dishes are just a mess hehe

1482808993532227 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024


Gusu-gye means “mouth-watering chicken,” and it is said to be a typical Sichuan cold dish.

1482809003932228 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

It's a style where chicken tenderloin is gently cooked and soaked in red bean sauce,

The rich red milk sauce itself is attractive, but the chicken tenderloin is gently added, making it a great feeling that anyone can eat it.

1482809012557207 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Sanni Baekyuk

A menu where pork belly is boiled for a long time in a soup made with various vegetables to remove all the fat, and topped with cucumber and sour sauce.

1482809021044229 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

The texture of the softly boiled pork belly adds to the crunchiness of the cucumber, so the texture is good,

The sannisos had a slightly familiar feel, but out of the top 3 cold dishes, it was the most normal one for my taste.

1482809029992208 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Buddha beef fun

Buddha beef stew is said to be a cold beef dish representing Sichuan cuisine. I like the visuals with lots of coriander.

1482809040043230 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Of the three cold dishes on this day, Buddha Beef Bun caught my taste buds.

The texture of the chewy beef was also good, and the richest of the three sauces was on the menu.

I ate it with the cilantro and the onion slice underneath, so it was perfect for my taste; I also liked the moderately spicy and slightly spicy flavor.

1482809048345209 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

I put it on the front plate because I wanted to eat it, and it just seemed like I had eaten all of the Buddha beef noodles;

1482809114374231 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

If you add coriander and eat it, it tastes like honey.

1482809122394210 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Stir-fried tea tree mushroom

The stir-fried tea tree mushroom is also known as Fabula's signature dish.

The villain who first heard the tea tree was very curious about what the menu would be, and the stir-fried herbs menu is their signature? With that in mind, I ordered an additional one separately from the course.

1482809129890232 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

It's a style where tea herbs and meat are stir-fried together, but the first tea herb I came across was a completely new world.

It definitely has a deep-fried texture rather than stir-fried, and it's also quite chewy. It must be said that the more you eat, the more attractive you become.

(When I got home, I kept thinking about this, and when I asked the internet that it was tea herb, it didn't come up… haha)

For those who go to Fabula, I would definitely recommend trying this stir-fried tea herb.

1482809139222233 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Bring me a pickle before the rice is served

1482809156362211 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Early Jang Yu

Now back to the course, at the beginning of Jangyu, which appears as a meal, a visual of crayfish jingling on top.

1482809358993213 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Not to mention the crunchy texture of the shrimp, you can think of it as the lightest of the Maramara courses.

It's smooth and well-stir-fried, so it's perfect to eat casually.

1482809369897234 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Nozuno's bridgehead

Still, I had to have a drink for lunch, so I ordered Nojuno's bridgehead after being recommended.

It's said to be 52 degrees, but it's a drink that fits my taste even if I don't like Chinese sake because it has a softer texture than I thought.

1482809379202235 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024


Sashimi meat, also known as the king of Sichuan cuisine, came out.

A dish of pork belly stir-fried with vegetables such as chongyang pepper, cabbage, and onions.

1482809391399236 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

The crunchy texture of the vegetables remains intact, and the texture of the unflavored pork gyeopsal is also good.

The overall liver is also very good; when eating Szechuan cuisine, there are places that sometimes contain too much soy sauce, but it seems that papula has a really good liver.

1482809399871237 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024


Sichuan spicy shrimp

A visual that is expected to have a spicy Sichuan shrimp, also called mara shrimp, and a spicy flavor that contains lots of Huajiao

1482809407402238 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Personally, it was the most disappointing menu of the day,

I thought it would be nice if it had been deep-fried more crispy and had a more spicy flavor.

1482809718134214 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024


Steamed green perch

Cheongcho steamed perch can be said to be the best of the best that I ate on this day's course.

If you only look at the red visuals from the stadium window, you might think this is a green visual.

1482809724115239 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

That special pesto made with green pepper that has been minced for over an hour on soft perch. That's the thing.

On top of that, chives and green onion oil go up to Hualong Jeong. That source of Ama-seong.

The sauce was so good for my taste that I would only want to bring that pesto if I were to sell it.

I think it would be good to eat grated rice or eat it with noodles

A magical sauce with that kind of feeling.

1482809730093215 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

If you put plenty of that sauce on perch that melts softly in your mouth and eat it, is this a paradise?

It was one of the dishes I had a lot of expectations for, and it felt like it met all my expectations.

I really recommend this menu. It's very appealing, and the flavor that keeps on pulling from the mouth is also excellent.

(It is said that's why I ate it all with a spoon..)

1482809736078240 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Beef marathang

If you order a mara marathang course, the marathang must come out and go for a marathang, and the last dish on the course is marathang.

I'm happy to see the visuals that go all the way up to the pepper.

1482809741243216 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

If you push the pepper to one side, it looks like it contains plenty of beef and vegetables.

This marathang, which can be said to be the predecessor of hot pot, initially had how to eat it, but… I was amazed when I ate it…

1482809749571241 Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Compared to the visuals, it doesn't have much of a spicy feel, and I think it falls off cleanly.

I don't know how many more cups of alcohol you drank with this soup. It's a soup, but it's really light. Clean and light. Just the feeling.

1482809755407217 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Finished with coffee and carrot cake for dessert.

1482809763389218 jpg Korean Food February 21st, 2024

Fabula has tasted the Maramara course at a Szechuan cuisine specialty store.

It's a place that offers a very luxurious course of Szechuan cuisine, but it's not just too spicy.

It feels like Sichuan cuisine with a clean and simple style. Maybe it's because it suits the tastes of people in Korea

Huajiaona, I felt like these flavors were slightly depressed overall. I think it could be a little stronger and stronger for my taste,

An acquaintance I was with said that it was better because it was easy to eat, so I think this was extremely personal.

Still, it's nice to be able to experience a variety of Sichuan cuisines, and Cheongcho's steamed perch was one of the best, so I'll try a different course next time.

If you're curious about Sichuan cuisine, this is a great place to visit:)

Company name: Fabula

Address: 100 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (1F, Lumian Building, 51 Dosan-daero 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Opening hours: 11:30 ~ 15:00 (lunch) 17:30 ~ 22:00 (dinner)

Holidays: Open all year round

Phone number: 02-517-2852

Parking: valet

1482809774236242 Korean Food February 21st, 2024



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