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Armed with sweetness, moisture, and sometimes crunchiness! A sweet cake restaurant that will keep you going for a week – 1034

The holiday season that continued from Jigijang, Jigijang, Jigizang, Jigizang, passed by like the wind, and the day of sitting in front of a desk and catching a mouse came back. Money passed through the bank account, and the holidays made time warp, so what was left of us… (Man Mountain) (Tears) I swept through cake restaurants all over the country to wait for the rest of the year's holidays. Here are some sweet flavors that will make your heart beat in one bite and thump and drop in both.

1. 'Kitchen 205' in Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do, where you can eat fresh strawberry cake all year round

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A cake restaurant located in Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do. It's one of the best places you must visit in Hampyeong. As soon as I walked in, I was amazed and frightened by the endless spread of the cake, and on the other side, it continued to sell out as soon as it opened at 1 o'clock, probably because the enormous appeal of fresh strawberry cake had already gone viral among strawberry lovers all over the country. If you accept the whole cake, you'll probably be happy to see the strawberries huddled up and realize that the corners of your mouth are already hanging over your ears. For those of you who were hesitating because everyone was hesitant that they couldn't order more, even the cream that went smoothly, let's have the foresight to reserve a whole cake in advance. Please note that cake reservations can only be made by phone.

1483002846577474 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Kitchen 205's official Instagram (cafe205)

1483002906357475 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Kitchen 205's official Instagram (cafe205)

▲Location: 967, Gigak-ri, Hampyeong-eup, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do ▲Opening hours: 1:00, closing at 5:00, closed on Mondays ▲Price: Strawberry cream cheese tart 5,800 won Strawberry shortcake 5,500 won, French grandmother's chocolate cake 5,800 won ▲Review (I came to the restaurant for food): I love it because you generously put a lot of strawberries ♡♡♡ The fresh cream is also soft, and the cake sheet just melts in your mouth and melts in your mouth.. ♡

2. Just like the cake I've only seen in my dreams, the classic Hongdae 'Dinga Cake' is colorful

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'Dinga Cake' in Hongdae is an eye-catching cake with colorful colors and various designs.

It was a hit on social media even before it opened, and reservations flooded in as soon as the store opened. Whether it's a special anniversary, the birthday of a friend who likes toys, or the birthdays of children who like characters, it's thanks to the boss who tries to reflect the requirements as much as possible. The crooked letters and colorful colors make you think, “I don't think the taste is good…?” It's misunderstood, but the moist sheets and sweet cream make you want to dance really hard. Now, you can also enjoy carved cakes at the cafe, so if you just look at the pictures every time you're curious, go ahead and run! Cakes may be sold out due to their popularity, so be sure to check by phone or on their official Instagram!

1483002952086468 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo source: Danga Cake's official Instagram (muum_mu)

1483002989555469 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Dinga Cake's official Instagram (muum_mu)

â–²Location: 467-2 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu â–²Business hours: 13:00 – 21:00 Closed on Mondays â–²Price: Price changes every time depending on the cake (starting at around 7,000 won) â–²Review (Shikigami #돼랑이라그램): I thought the cake was so beautiful that it wouldn't taste good, but I was surprised that it was delicious! I want to make a custom order again next time

3. Cheongdam 'Unasu' has both a baking class and a cafe, and has an excellent luxurious flavor

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The flavor and aroma waft through the mouth, making it fresh and perfect. It's finished. “Unasu” is a cake shop in Cheongdam that is luxurious in itself.

Unas uses an original cooking method to make cakes, and the signature “unas tiramisu” is said to use molecular cuisine. If you take a pat of espresso gel and take a bite of crunchy pie paper and thin chocolate, the aroma and flavor that fills your mouth melt right in your mouth and disappear in an instant. A bird in the blink of an eye! The second signature, Amor Isfahan, is a white chocolate dome filled with cream and fresh berries. If you keep spring in your mouth, pistachios will pop and indicate summer. It was originally more famous as a baking class, and its reputation has been passed on, so if you really like cakes, one tip is to listen to the class as well.

1483003015313470 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: meerkat_cake's Instagram

1483003086294477 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo source: ryokoko_'s Instagram

â–²Location: 2nd floor of SB Tower, 92 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 12:00 – 21:00 (closed on Mondays) â–²Price: Unas tiramisu 8,500 won Amor Isfahan 9,000 won Yuzu Forest 8,000 won â–²Review (wnstjr123): Light weight itself

4. Busan 'MOLLE (MOLLE)', a cake that nobody secretly wants to know

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Just a short walk from Seomyeon Station in Busan, you'll find the cake boutique 'Mole'

The exterior is trendy with the colors that are popular these days. The basic white-toned exterior and mint-colored accents make it a perfect hot spot for taking pictures! The interior also has a cozy and independent feeling with the lights that create an atmosphere for each table. In particular, the cakes in the showcase satisfy a lot of visual satisfaction even before tasting them, raise expectations, and are a paradise in Busan that you want to visit every day thanks to the variety of cakes that change little by little. It's a real treat. There are overwhelmingly many female customers every time you visit, so there's no doubt that it's a cake shop where both the taste and atmosphere are guaranteed.

1483003117724472 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo source: Molle's official Instagram (molle_cake_boutique)

1483003224770473 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: bbangcho52's Instagram

â–²Location: 1F, 225-1, Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan â–²Opening hours: 13:00 – 22:00 every day â–²Price range: Rainbow cake (1 piece) 7,000 won Red velvet cake (1 piece) 7,000 won Carrot cake (1 piece) 7,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Modern Boy): I secretly want to go there every day!

5. Bread for all of us, 'Foxbrot' in Daegu, a hidden bakery in a residential area

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“Foxbrot” is a bakery in Daegu that means everyone's bread hidden in a residential area.

It's definitely a bakery, but it's more famous among bloggers for its rich chocolate cake and carrot cake. The flavor of the bread is also amazing. Bread and cake are all top notch! The local name also contains the boss's philosophy of making bread with one's own personality, so I feel comforted by the smell of bread from the moment I enter the space. Hard breads made with a focus on rice bread make a sense of warmth. Whether you live far away, close, or if you're a tourist in Daegu, Foxbrot says everyone must hear it. It is said that bread can be reserved, so if you think of warm Foxbrot bread, don't forget it.

1483003252300479 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: jun_mi_ae's Instagram

1483003272685474 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: plum2407_min's Instagram

â–²Location: 7, Sangwon-ro 3-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu â–²Opening hours: Every day, 09:00 to 21:00, closed on Sundays â–²Price range: Americano 3,500 won, cafe latte, 4,000 won, baguette, 2,500 won, gorgonzola baguette, 3,000 won â–²Review (Oompa Roompa): I feel lucky to live in this neighborhood, boss, please make bread for a long time

6. We have Brick Pies! American-style pie and cake restaurant “Peace Piece” in Ilsan

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Not long ago, “Peace Piece,” which sells American-style brick pies and cakes, opened in Ilsan.

After gradually gaining popularity from “What to do” in Hongdae, they moved to Ilsan to create a complete Peace Peace Space. The smell of the pie that came as soon as I walked in still made me happy, but the prettier exterior made me press the shutter by itself, and the cake shaped mud pie became easier to eat while walking, so I was able to enjoy the pie while walking. On menus such as pumpkin pie, mud pie, and banana cream pie, you can enjoy a much richer American-style pie using buttercream. Brick pie, which is in the order of quinck, chocolate sheet, chocolate cream, and whipped cream, is the most popular, and if you take a bite when the sugar drops to a minimum, you will enjoy the best effect. Don't forget to check their official Instagram account because they close when they run out of products.

1483003346459480 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo source: Peace Peace's official Instagram (_peacepiece)

1483003377957481 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo source: lets_mimi's Instagram

â–²Location: 1F, 35, Ilsan-ro 372beon-gil, Ilsandong-gu â–²Business hours: Friday 12:00 to 21:00 Saturday 12:00 to 21:00 Sunday 12:00 to 21:00 when products are sold out â–²Price range: Brick Pie 7000 scones 3,000 â–²Review (It's a restaurant with delicious pies and cakes)

7. 'Little & Merch' in Samseong-dong, the most finished cake in Seoul

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Little Sweets, Much Flavors. “Little & Much” is a mousse cake specialty store located in Samseong-dong.

This is the place famous for being the pinnacle of mousse cake, which makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud with the luxury and softness of mousse cake. The boss's determined will to make you feel a lot of flavor in a small dessert seems to be seen in a small cake. The rich homemade mousse captures the classic mousse cake that is soft but not light and even slightly chewy. Since I went to a food party not long ago, more people are packing and more people are waiting. It's a pity that you won't be able to relax and enjoy it for a while, but they say it's worth the wait, so don't forget to stop by at least once.

1483003406714475 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: ji.yoeny's Instagram

1483003453704482 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: _jieunyoo's Instagram

â–²Location: 1st floor of Sunglim Building, 10-8 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: Weekdays 11:00 to 19:00 Weekends 11:00 to 20:00 Closed on holidays and Sundays â–²Price range: Blanc-White Chocolate Dome 9,000 won Caramel Macaron 9,000 won Storyberry Cheesecake 7,500 won

Pistachio Tropical 7,500 won â–²Review (Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle): The ultimate luxury a small dessert can have. It's so lovely.

8. 'Vanilla Cloud' at Gangnam-gu Office Station, a dessert that looks like an exquisite and detailed work of art

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Vanilla Cloud at Gangnam-gu Office Station is famous for its unique desserts.

The point is that there is a cafe on one side and a baking class on the other side in a small space. It is said that they often sign up for a baking class or buy other cakes when they know it's a cafe and fall in love with the cake. Each time, the showcase is filled with 8 different desserts using soybeans, purple sweet potatoes, and mugwort, so I have a lot of trouble putting the cake in front of me because I want to try them all. This is because no matter what or everything you eat, it doesn't contain much sugar, so the feeling of guilt goes away in half when you eat and feel healthy! The natural flavors of the ingredients combined with the sweetness unique to the dessert will make you spend a very pleasant day.

1483058926135544 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: merci_la_vie_80's Instagram

1483058935122530 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: sweet_hani418's Instagram

â–²Location: 28 Seolleung-ro 132-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: Every day 12:00 to 20:00, Sunday 12:00 to 17:00, closed on Mondays â–²Price range: Framboise chocolate 7,000 won, pomegranate meringue 8,500 won, banana bliss 7,000 won â–²Review (inner face like shikigin tofu): From the visual of the cake to the inside, the pomegranate meringue is particularly popular. I definitely recommend it+_+ I packed it at home and brought it to the house, it's delicious bb

9. Tasty, delicious! Anyang's “Matna Confectionery” makes me shout unknowingly

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“Matna Confectionery” is a handmade dessert specialty store located near an amusement park in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do

It's not a cafe, but a place that specializes in take-out desserts. The shop is very small, but they greet you as soon as they are filled with all kinds of cakes. It's not a whole cake; it's packed in small pieces, so it's a great place to experience a variety of flavors. It may look a little clunky, but I feel like my mom makes it at home because I make it every day with good ingredients. Although it's located in Gyeonggi Province, the owner goes to the flea market with dessert, so check the official Instagram and run out to greet the boss if he comes close to home.

1483059058858531 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Masinadaa's official Instagram (masinadaa)

1483059092159545 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Masinadaa's official Instagram (masinadaa)

â–²Location: 57, Art Gongwon-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Business hours: Weekdays 12:00 to 23:00 Closed on Sundays â–²Price range: Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bar 6,000 won Strawberry milk cake 8,000 won Carrot cake 5,500 won Green tea ganache cake 5,500 won Coconut milk cake 5,000 won â–²Review (synonymous with Shikigin Lovely): Why people in Seoul aren't busy! I'm happy to live in Anyang

10. 'Patisse Rimadambi' in Seongbuk-dong, a place where warm and elegant tea parties are held

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Madambi is a dessert shop party in Seongbuk-dong made by a patissier who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Australia.

Some call it a dessert restaurant, others call it a tea room. The space created by a gold sign on a white background and an antique cup and plate create a healing atmosphere. The idea that cake goes with coffee disappears the moment you taste the tea recommended by the boss, but the clean aftertaste cleans up the taste after eating the cake. Not only the cakes, but also the baked goods, including scones, are excellent. Don't forget that tea goes well not only with cake, but also with baked goods. It is said that the dessert changes slightly every time, so keep in mind.

1483059305201546 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: millyseo's Instagram

1483059327436532 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Photo Source: Patisserie_madambi's official Instagram (patisserie_madamb)

â–²Location: 19-1 Seongbuk-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 11:30 to 19:30 every day, closed on the first and third Monday â–²Price range: 6,000-8,500 won for cake â–²Review (Shikigin Kaisersoze): A must-see place if you go to Daehak-ro. I have to go to one more station, but it's still life cake



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