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Unlike movie theaters that you can easily find, there are things you can only see in Daehakro. Just a play. People often visit Hyehwa to enjoy cultural life with friends, lovers, and family. Daehak-ro is a great place to take a casual walk in Naksan Park or spend time taking pictures in the mural village. It has everything from home-style restaurants to places where you can enjoy coffee and beer together.

1. Clean Japanese home-cooked meals, “Hoho Diner”

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“Hoho Diner” has a quiet hanok interior. It's a restaurant with the meaning of having a happy time laughing and having a happy time with the person you're with. The popular menu is “sakedon,” which is topped with fresh salmon. You can eat thick salmon and wasabi on top of rice seasoned with soy sauce. The “Butagakuni Teishoku,” where tender pork stewed in soy sauce is served with sweet radish stew, is also popular.

1487897004093029 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1487897014597030 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

â–²Location: 35 Daehak-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00, BREAK TIME 15:00-17:00 â–²Price: Sake-dong 13,000 won, Unagi-dong 18,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Strawberry Mamma Shikigami): The atmosphere is like a combination of Korea and Japan~ It's a popular place these days, so it's a place that makes me feel the wait is worthwhile.

2. A health-conscious meal, “Myeongryun Health Center”

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“Myeongryun Health Center” is cooked with healthy ingredients and has a clean flavor just like home-cooked meals. The signature menu is “chickpea tofu curry” made with various root vegetables and chickpeas. It has a heavy texture and a soft, savory flavor like cream sauce. Tofu tempura covered in a chewy batter is also a delicacy. Note that rice, soup, and side dishes are prepared slightly differently each time, and you have to order one menu per person.

1487897042552030 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1487897052703031 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

â–²Location: Anam Apartment 301, 5 Hyehwa-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu â–²Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00-10:00, Saturday 11:00-21:00, Closed on Sundays

â–²Price: Chickpea tofu curry 9,800 won, grilled chicken thigh with assorted vegetables 9,800 won

â–²Testimonial (Anniversary of Shikigami Salad): If you want to eat a meal prepared by your mom while studying at school, please stay here for a long time!

3. 'Haklim Dabang', which contains memories of 60 years

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Hyehwa's 'Haklim Dabang' has been a hideout for writers since 1956. Until now, it continues to operate with the same sensibility from that time. The signature menu is “Vienna Coffee.” Add vegetable chewy cream to soft coffee mixed with milk. In addition to coffee, alcoholic beverages and traditional teas are also available, as are popular among people of all ages. Cream cheesecake is a popular dessert menu.

1487897072725031 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1487897081283032 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

â–²Location: 119, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu â–²Opening hours: 10:00 to 23:00 every day, all year round â–²Price: Cream cheese cake 6,000 won, Vienna coffee 6,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigami Pop-ah): In downtown areas such as Daehak-ro and Gangnam Station, I tend to go to old coffee shops and restaurants, but the place that really has a traditional feel is Haklim Dabang!

4. Enjoying mixed drinks in a hanok, a 'German house'

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“German house” means “a house where you drink a drink alone.” A variety of alcoholic beverages such as craft beer, whiskey, cocktails, and wine are available. The “tiramisu,” which combines soft cream on a sheet with moist coffee, and the “German plate,” which consists of pecans, dark chocolate, dried figs, and apple chips, are easy to pair with drinks. Please note that groups can book private rooms.

1487897112690033 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1487897102817032 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

â–²Location: 16-4, Daemyung 1-gil, Jongno-gu â–²Business hours: 12:00 to 02:00 â–²Price range: Old Rasputin 11,000 won, German plate 8,000 won

â–²Testimonial (I can't eat anything that doesn't taste good): It was worth visiting. It's a quiet bar where you can drink beer and wine. But really, this is the kind of place that only I want to know.

5. Cost-effective fried chicken soup “Soba Incense Restaurant”

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“Buckwheat Soba Restaurant” specializes in chicken dishes. The signature menu is the “fried chicken soup set,” which includes fried rice and soba noodles. It is also a delicacy to wrap moist chicken meat, which is well seasoned with spicy sauce, in light soba noodles. The spiciness of the fried chicken soup can be adjusted. “Soy sauce green onion chicken,” which is steamed chicken with a salty sauce topped with a rich green onion, is also one of the popular dishes.

1487897143347034 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

1487897160821034 jpg Korean Food September 24th, 2023

â–²Location: 18, Daehak-ro 11-gil, Jongno-gu â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 every day, closed the day before the holidays â–²Price range: Fried chicken soup (small) +fried rice+soba noodles, 19,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin wrapped chicken witch): The fried chicken soup was hearty and really delicious.



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