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korean food / seoul / Come on, spring! 5 Best Flower Cafes Across the Country to Visit While Waiting for the Most Exciting Season – 1127

It's awfully cold, really cold, isn't it too cold? The first thing you say when you meet someone. It was a season where we only talked about being cold every time. I was wondering if I could get used to the cold now, but the spring season has arrived, and the news has announced when this year's flowers will bloom. My heart is already overwhelmed by the streets that will become more colorful with the warm breeze of spring.

Looking forward to the exciting spring, I visited flower cafes from all over the country to meet spring more quickly. If you wait a little while, be sure to take a walk hand in hand! While also slurping clack. Here are some flower cafes that have a bright atmosphere and a pleasant smell of flowers that melt twice.

1. “KUKKA (KUKKA) ” on Gyeongridan-gil , a concept that changes every time to match seasonal flowers

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“KUKKA (KUKKA)”, which operates a service that regularly delivers flowers to homes once every 2 weeks, has opened a flower cafe in Gyeongridan-gil, Itaewon. The entire building, from 3 floors to the roof, is used as a cafe. The exterior, which is simply decorated in white and black, makes the colorful flowers stand out even more. Flowers are sold on the 1st floor, and it has been operated as a cafe from the 2nd floor.

Popular menus are “Flat White” and “Shot Green Tea Latte.” Information about beans is briefly written on the side of the menu, so it's a good idea to refer to it when ordering coffee. Flat white, which has a clean and savory flavor, is said to be the most popular menu item among customers. The shot green tea latte made by adding an espresso shot to the green tea latte and the dessert menu that changes slightly from season to season are also popular.

There is also a flower lesson along with a flower shop on the first floor, so if you want to take lessons, check Kuka's official Instagram and website from time to time. The interior is changed little by little using seasonal flowers every season, so you can visit with a new feeling every time. There is a simple order form for the flower bar at the cafe, so if you check the price/use/target/color tone/preferred flower, etc., and deliver it to the florist, they will make a bouquet that suits your taste.

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â–²Location: 37 Noksapyeong-daero 42-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–² Opening hours: 12:00-22:00 every day, closed on Mondays â–² Price: Flat White 5,400 won, Choco Cookie Cheesecake 4,900 won â–² Review (Shikigin Yogaia): The rooftop is also illuminated in a white tent and has a nice atmosphere

2. Indulge your favorite latte with edible roses ! Daejeon 'RunH '

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'RUN H' is located in Galma-dong, Daejeon. LUNE means moonlight in French and is pronounced “”. Decorations using various plants and dried flowers and drinks with unique visuals featuring edible roses began to gain popularity on social media, and recognition soared. A beam projector is used to create a cozy atmosphere even at night.

Popular items on the menu are “Rune Latte,” which is decorated with edible roses, and “Sully Latte,” which contains plenty of fresh berries in milk. Lune latte is one of Luneich's signature dishes, characterized by the rich aroma and flavor of roses. Sully latte is also popular because it can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages in a soft and sweet way. The new menu “Standing Berry” is one of the most popular menus these days. The point is that lime and lemon are added to the strawberry-based aid, so you can feel the freshness that pops in. Apple mint is added, so you can enjoy the refreshing feeling as well. Among the dessert menus, the cream cheesecake “Bellarune,” which contains raspberry and blueberry jam, is popular. You can enjoy the rich, moist flavor of cream cheese.

The menu comes with a picture along with a description of the menu, so it's a good idea to refer to when ordering. A variety of menus are available, from basic coffee menus to signature menus that can only be found at LUNH H, as well as aid, mojito, and black tea. Please note that bringing in food from outside is prohibited, and ordering one menu per person is mandatory. Payment is prepaid.

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's Instagram

â–²Location: 129, Daedeok-daero, Seo-gu, Daejeon â–² Business hours: 12:00-23:00 on weekdays, 11:00-23:00 on weekends â–² Price: Lune latte 6,500 won, sully latte 6,500 won, standing berry 6,000 won â–² Review (Shikigami (I really like lattes with fresh roses on top): I really like lattes with fresh roses on top. I saw them on social media, but this is the first time I've never had any regrets! It was also great to go on a trip to Daejeon~

3. When I spoke her name, she came to me
and fell a flower,
Tongyeong 'Casa Verde '

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“Casa Verde”, located in Tongyeong, is a flower cafe where you can enjoy drinks with fragrant flowers. In Spanish, casaverde means a green house, which refers to a gardening (flower garden) located next to a cafe. Bouquets made of fresh flowers are placed on one side of the store, and the sunlight coming in through the entrance of the glass blends with flowers everywhere, adding a warm atmosphere.

The signature menu is “Americano,” which uses beans from 'Coffee Libre', a roast cafe in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul. Korea's first Q grader (quality inspector) is famous for managing and producing green beans from purchase to storage, roasting, and extraction. 100% fresh fruit and vegetable juice extracted directly from the store is also one of the most popular drinks among customers. Like a flower cafe, you can also find teas made with flowers and herbs, such as golden guk tea, chrysanthemum tea, safflower flower tea, and plum blossom tea. Please note that a variety of desserts such as pancakes, cakes, and macaroons are also available.

Dried flowers, which are sold in vases with dried roses and sunflowers, are popular as gifts. Those who want to buy flowers should visit the small flower garden located next to the cafe. A flower lesson is also offered, so be sure to check it out.

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's Instagram

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's Instagram

â–²Location: 48 Mujeon 7-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do â–² Business hours: 11:00-21:30 every day, closed on holidays â–² Price: Americano 3,800 won, flower tea 5,000 won â–² Review (Let's enjoy eating): On the wedding anniversary A place I visited when I went on a trip to Tongyeong with my husband! There were so many flowers that I really felt like I was on a date~~ It was a moment, but I felt like I was in a relationship hehehe

4. 'J's Flower Bouqu' in Cheonan , a flower shop where rice is cooked

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Cheonan's “J's Flower Bouquet” catches the eye and mouth with its colorful colors and various side dishes. The interior using flowers based on the concept of a flower stand for cooking rice, Japanese home-cooked meals, and drink menus are impressive. Brunch menus that can be eaten at cafes are offered in a “kaiseki” format adapted to suit Korean tastes. It has the advantage of being able to enjoy a variety of meal menus, brunch, wine, drinks, etc. all at once.

Popular menus are “Flower Pong” and “Karaake Teishoku.” Flower pong is a drink made by putting cooking pong on a cookie and cream shake. Edible flowers and rosemary are also topped, so you can enjoy the sweetness with a subtle floral scent. Karaake teishoku is a meal menu made with tender deep-fried chicken thighs flavored with homemade teriyaki sauce, and can be enjoyed even more deliciously when served with a variety of side dishes. Since all home-cooked meals that can be tasted by the boss are prepared immediately after ordering, it may take some time, and may be finished early if the ingredients prepared on the same day are exhausted. Recommended for those who want to enjoy a cute meal at a pretty cafe.

If you order home-cooked meals, they will offer Americano, grapefruit juice, orange juice, apple juice, cola, or cider for 2,000 won. Please note that there is a space for 4 cars in front of the cafe, and reservations are not accepted.

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's Instagram

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's Instagram

â–² Location: 21, Food 3-gil, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do â–² Business hours: 11:00-22:00 every day (Japanese home-cooked meals start at 12:00) â–² Price range: Flower foam 6,000 won, Flower Aid 6,500 won, karaake set meal 14,800 won , Tonkatsu set meal 14,800 won â–² Review (Shikigami, Moon, Hwa, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday): It wasn't very cheap, but the atmosphere was good, and it was delicious and well eaten I'm here

5. Flower cafe in Gaehwa Art Park, Boryeong 'Lilith Cafe'

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Cafe “Cafe Lilith” is located between Gaehwa Art Park in Boryeong. It's a sentimental flower shop where the phrase “you are like a flower” stands out. Gaehwa Art Park is located on the 12th side of the map, furthest from the entrance side, so be sure to take a map if you plan to visit the park. The colorful dried flowers hanging from the ceiling create a dreamy atmosphere.

The popular menu is “Fresh Cream Pancake.” The soft texture of the pancake, the sweet whipped cream on top, and the fresh fruit are in harmony. Another popular menu item is the sweet “sweet bread,” which is great for replenishing the stamina lost while taking a walk in Kaehwa Art Park. From coffee to homemade tea, herbal tea, aid, and frappe, there are a variety of drinks that can be enjoyed with desserts.

The inside of the cafe sells a variety of products using flowers, such as flower-scented candles decorated with dried flowers and decorative items filled with flowers in glass bottles, so be sure to check them out when purchasing.

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's Instagram

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's Instagram

â–²Location: 177-2 Gaehwa-ri, Seongju-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do â–² Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 (March to October), 09:30-17:00 (November to February) â–² Price: Americano 4,000 won, fresh cream pancake 12,000 won â–² Review (Shikigin (CherryBebe): The combination of the light bulb and the dried flowers coming down from the ceiling is amazing



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