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If you spent last February with sweet and bitter chocolate, start March with sweets that are more colorful and beautifully designed. Why don't you take the courage to share your hidden feelings as you prepare to sprout even those buds that have shrunk little by little due to the smell of spring that has shrunk little by little? Sweet gifts that will win her (or her) heart are prepared, from cakes to cookies.

1. “Anniversary Project,” a cake that changes every month
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“Anniversary Project” is a small cake shop with a clean interior. A new cake is introduced every month to attract people's attention. It is characterized by being able to enjoy a different flavor with a combination of fresh ingredients that cannot be found anywhere else. March's monthly cake “Bamcha” is a rich green tea cake made of soft and sweet red bean cream, boni chai, and fresh cream, so you can enjoy it softly and sweetly.

1489109012556747 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1489109021075748 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

â–²Location: 123 Bomun-ro 29-gil, Seongbuk-gu â–²Business hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 to 20:00 â–²Price: Night tea: 6,000 won, green tea forest cupcake 5,500 won â–²Review (Weingying the food): There are so many people that they do more packaging, but it's a place I love because I can feel the boss's warm heart. You can also reserve a slice of cake for the day after 12:30.

2. Authentic American-style cookie, 'Create Cookie'

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“Create Cookie”, located on Gyeongridan-gil, creates authentic American-style cookies by maturing recipe dough from New York. Using organic flour, Belgian chocolate, and 100% pure milk butter, the popular menu is “peanut butter cookie.” Peanut butter melts into the cookie dough and is characterized by its chewy texture and rich aroma. You can enjoy it even more if you order milk together and eat cookies dipped in soft milk foam. Note that you can also order a courier by calling the store.

1489109061704834 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1489109079820749 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

â–²Location: 1st floor, 36 Hoenamu, Yongsan-gu â–²Opening hours: 13:00 to 21:00 every day â–²Price: Cookies 2,000-2,500 won, foam milk 1,800 won â–²Review (Shikigami Pokari's Fairy): I recommend eating cookies with milk foam hehe

3. 'Patisserie by garuharu', a pastry shop specializing in eclairs

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“Eclair by Garuharu”, a popular eclair specialty store in Itaewon, opened a new confectionary shop at Yeoksam Station. You can find a wider variety of desserts than Itaewon. It is said that it is only open for 3 days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and is used as a place for baking classes on other days. A variety of cakes are available, such as “Coco,” which combines soft, acidic tropical fruits with coconut flavors, and “Frezier,” which combines two types of cheese and seasonal strawberries.

1489109262322835 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1489109278360750 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

â–²Location: 670-17 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu â–²Business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11:30 to 19:30 â–²Price: Coco 7,500 won, Prezie 8,500 won â–²Review (Kimhaya Kim): Garuharu Gangnam Branch opened at the end of February. Unlike Itaewon, which is far away, it's so nice to be able to see them up close ~ ^^ Eat powder with confidence! The eclairs were also very tasty, but the cake was different and tastier!

4. 'Heymy Macaroon', a macaroon with sophisticated colors

“Heymi Macaroon”, located at Eonju Station, is a macaroon specialty store that only opens on certain days of the month. The skewers are thin and the filling is thick, so you can enjoy the soft taste of macaroons. The popular macaroon is “Oreo cream cheese,” which captures both flavor and texture by adding sweet Oreos to sour cream cheese. Delivery orders are also accepted on fixed days of the week, so you can enjoy macaroons regardless of location. Please check the official Instagram page for details.

1489109428670836 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1489109439498751 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

â–²Location: Yeongil Building, 37, Bongeunsa-ro 33-gil, Gangnam-gu â–²Business hours: March 13, 14, 24 11:00-20:00 â–²Price range: 15,000 won for 6pcs, 25,000 won for 10pcs â–²Review (Shikigami Yogaia): Nice to receive Seoul macaroons at home!!


“Hay Cake Shop” is located in the shrine. The pastel-colored cake catches people's attention. The popular menu is the light pink “Lovely Strawberry,” which contains savory fresh cream and fresh strawberries between moist sheets. “Blue Yogurt,” which combines whole blueberries with sweet and sour yogurt cream, is another popular menu item. A lettering service with the desired text is also available when making a reservation in advance.

1489109560805837 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

1489109572210752 jpg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

â–²Location: 69 Bangbaecheon-ro 2an-gil, Seocho-gu â–²Business hours: 12:00 to 20:00, closed on Mondays â–²Price range: Blue Yogurt 6,500 won, Lovely Strawberry 6,500 won â–²Review (After the Night's Night Hill): I ordered a slightly more special cake for my anniversary with my boyfriend, but I was very satisfied because it was so beautiful. It tasted much better than I expected, and I felt so healthy!



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