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korean food / seoul / Glad to hear that Strawberry has arrived, save all the people! The 10 Best Strawberry Dessert Restaurants in Japan – 1139

The whole time I walk through the streets is full of the desire to get into a warm futon, but there's a reason why I'm looking forward to winter. This is because it is the season for strawberries, which exude a sweet and aromatic scent! Seasonal fruits come out every season, but are there any fruits that excite our hearts as much as strawberries? From the red and coveted visuals to the sweet taste that you can feel when you take a bite, and the unique fresh and aromatic smell.

Here are a variety of dessert versions of strawberries that you can enjoy as pure strawberries themselves, but you can also enjoy them aged and enjoyed as fruit, or you can boil them and eat them as jam! Strawberry latte mixed with savory milk, strawberry whipped cream cake with soft cream and moist sheet, strawberry tart with crunchy pastries, custard cream, and even strawberry mont-blanc and strawberry macaroons! We will introduce various “strawberry dessert restaurants” that can be made with strawberries all over the country.

1. 'Special Thank You' in Busan, a rooftop cafe with an exotic atmosphere

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Located in Yeonji-dong, Busan, 'Special Thanks 2' is a rooftop cafe famous for its exotic atmosphere. The clean white-toned interior, green plants scattered all over the place, and even the scenery you can see from the window. It's also a great place to take pictures with an emotional atmosphere. Note that it is located in a residential area in Yeonji-dong, so first-time visitors may find it difficult to find it.

This place's signature menu is “Today's Bread.” The bakery that the owner bakes himself every day, such as pound cake and crumble with a variety of flavors such as green tea, chocolate, and figs, is popular. As a rule, they order 1 drink per person, and if you enjoy coffee on the rooftop, they serve it in a take-out glass. It uses beans roasted by Ann in Bean Roasters, and coffee is provided with 2 shots as a standard. TWG products are used for various types of tea. You can also find the sweet and sour “Fresh Strawberry Latte,” which was recently newly released and made with fresh strawberries.

At night, the light bulbs on the terrace light up, so you can enjoy the night view of Busan even more beautifully. They say they can also rent for Christmas and year-end parties, so if you're planning a party, it's a good idea to call the store to check. Please note that currently it is not possible to enjoy drinks and bread on the roof for the time being due to complaints.

1489114009427848 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Special Thanks Too official Instagram (cafe_special_thanks_to)

1489114094887850 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: dam_hee's Instagram

▲Location: 2nd floor, 3 Seongji-ro 46beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan ▲Opening hours: 12:00-21:00 every day, closed on Mondays ▲Price: Americano 4,000 won, green tea apocato 6,500 won, today's bread 3,000-6,000 won ▲Review (Eating peanuts): This is a place with really good lighting. The rooftop visuals and lighting are really great!! Also, if you go here, be sure to try the milkshake! If you like Häagen-Dazs ice cream, I recommend it even more!

2. A meaningful space and dessert, 'Cafe Me' in Hongdae

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“Cafe Imi” is located just off the center of Hongdae. It's a meaningful space created by siblings, where you can find your own blended and roasted coffee and homemade sweets. The menu that is usually prepared includes two types of shaved ice cream, cake, and pound cake made at the store.

The most popular menu items are “Strawberry Mont Blanc” and “Strawberry Short.” If you visit when strawberries are in season, you can even find strawberry shaved ice and strawberry yuzu tea. Strawberry Mont Blanc has fresh strawberries wrapped in soft cream and fresh strawberry cream on a hard tart paper. It has a less heavy flavor than traditional Montblanc and can be enjoyed lightly. Strawberry short, which is accented with savory fresh cream, is also one of the items that continue to be sold. “OchiPong,” baked with cheese mousse and orange filling inside an orange, is also popular.

Please note that the menu prepared changes little by little depending on the season. There is also a pound cake specialty store “Square Imi” just a short distance from Cafe Imi, so if you want a variety of pound cakes, I recommend stopping by.

1489114330189763 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: blossombloom821's Instagram

1489114363388851 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: seeyou_hj's Instagram

â–²Location: 201-10, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu â–²Opening hours: 11:00-23:00 every day, irregular holidays â–²Price: Americano 4,000 won, Strawberry Mont Blanc 5,500 won, Strawberry Short 5,000 won â–²Review (Okuru-ogul): A New World of Desserts!!! I'm really going to eat this unique and high-quality dessert!!

3. Eye-catching visuals, Gwangmyeong 'Shororong'

“Shororong” is a macaroon studio located in Gwangmyeong. At first, it started with macaroons and gradually expanded its field, and now it is a place that offers a variety of sweets at a high level. Since it's a workshop, it's only open 4 days a week from Wednesday to Saturday. Desserts with colorful and eye-catching visuals have gone viral, and there are many menus that are sold out as soon as they open.

In line with the opening day, the lineup for that day is uploaded to the official Instagram, and today's macaroons, cake, and dessert menus are posted. Currently, for the strawberry season, they are offering a variety of dessert menus using strawberries, such as “Strawberry Shortcake,” “Strawberry Mont Blanc,” and “Strawberry Mille-Feuille,” which are catching the attention of customers. Strawberry Mont Blanc, in particular, combines rich cheese, fresh and soft strawberry cream, and crunchy tart paper to fill your mouth with a rich flavor. Satisfaction is high among customers who have generously used ingredients in all of their desserts.

Business days tend to change flexibly depending on the situation, so it's a good idea to check the official account when visiting. Desserts that are sold out are announced on Instagram, so if you're planning to visit late, check them out. Macaroons can also be ordered by courier, and orders are accepted on the blog every Friday.

1489114532769853 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: ryokoko__'s Instagram

1489114733387857 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: hongyeonju_0's Instagram

â–²Location: 2nd floor, 73 Saseong-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Business hours: Wednesday to Saturday 13:00-21:00 â–²Price: Macaroons 2,000 won â–²Review (Shikigami Aritaum 12): This is truly a mecca for macaroons, hehe, thank you for making it possible to find so many types of macaroons

4. 'Lance Cafe' in Tongyeong, a collection of strawberry cakes

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“Lance Cafe” in Tongyeong adds to the atmosphere with dried flowers and vintage interior accessories scattered all over the store. Unlike the first floor, which is neatly arranged, the second floor of the cafe is decorated as an attic. It's a space where you can sit huddled together at one table and feel cozy, and competition for seats is intense.

The most popular menu item at Lance Café is definitely cake. The menu changes slightly every time, but cakes using strawberries, such as “fresh cream cake,” “strawberry crepe,” and “strawberry tart,” which come back in the strawberry season, are always very popular. Strawberry crepes, in particular, are said to be one of the popular dishes that are quickly sold out in requests for delivery from all over the country, as there are lots of soft cream and strawberries placed between the sheets. The savory “pompon latte” topped with cooking pong is particularly popular among those who can't drink coffee.

During the Christmas season, you can order both cookies and whole cakes, and you can also order mixed cakes composed of desired slices of cake. They say baked goods and group orders are also available, so call the store to inquire.

1489115085254764 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Lance Café's official Instagram (kbi5612)

1489115181633859 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: by.hahaha's Instagram

â–²Location: 852-20 Mujeon-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do â–²Business hours: 10:00-22:00 every day, closed on the second and fourth Mondays â–²Price range: Pompon latte 5,500 won, strawberry crepe cake 7,500 won â–²Review (No nickname): I went to the attic, but there were already customers.

5. Sensational plating, Gimhae 'Table J

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“Table J” is a cafe in Gimhae famous for its beautifully visual drinks and clean, white-toned interior. The warm sunlight coming in through the glass window and the sensuous arrangement of props add to the atmosphere. At Table J, you can find different seasonal menus depending on the season, and the menu that changes every month is announced on the official Instagram.

Popular items on the menu are vanilla cappuccino “gumuccino” and “roasted sweet potato pie” with rich milk foam. Also, “Berry Yogurt” was newly released not long ago. The combination of homemade yogurt, sweet strawberry compote, and fresh strawberries seen through a transparent glass is also the hottest menu on social media because of its beautiful taste and color. Note that the roasted sweet potato jam toast and roasted sweet potato pie, which are made from roasted sweet potatoes and served with roasted sweet potato jam, are only available in December. “Meringcino,” which is topped with meringue cookies, and “Vienna Coffee,” which has fresh cream on top of rich Americano, are also popular drinks.

Household items such as crockery, plates, and cutlery are also sold in one corner of the store, and can also be purchased. Please note that they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays when visiting.

1489115465566766 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: h___rumi's Instagram 1489115518079767 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: __haebin's Instagram

â–²Location: 1075-3, Gwandong-dong, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do â–²Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12:00-21:00, Sunday 12:00-19:00 â–²Price range: Roasted sweet potato jam toast 3,500 won, berry yogurt 7,500 won, cloud cino 5,000 won â–²Review (Let's eat another meal): A beautiful cafe like this in Gimhae~~ The boss's senses are so beautiful. The coffee is delicious too ^^*

6. A different harmony! Handmade dessert, Busan 'Kongstang'

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'Constang' is a cafe located at the back gate of Bukyongdae in Busan. Constance, which means “consistent” in French, is a cafe created by remodeling an ordinary house. Plants, dried flowers, and cute interior accessories scattered all over the place add to the atmosphere, and the interior, where sunlight comes in, creates a fresh and comfortable feeling.

Popular menus are “Verrivian” and “Evergreen.” Berivian is a drink made by mixing sour Schisandra extract with strawberry juice, and you can enjoy it refreshingly. Strawberry juice, lemon, and rosemary are added to the carbonated water for a sweet and sour finish that is good for quenching thirst. Evergreen is a dessert menu made by cutting fresh strawberries into strawberry yogurt and topping it with rich green tea ice cream fondant. At first, you can eat it by scooping it with a cutlery, and at the end you can pick it up like a drink and drink it. Strawberry cake covered with rich strawberry cream cheese is also one of the popular dishes.

The cafe is located in the back alley, so it can be difficult for first-time visitors to find it. Since the owner makes the drink himself, it may take some time for the menu to come out after ordering, so it's a good idea to keep in mind.

1489115768308861 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: very__zvely's Instagram

1489115813250862 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: 76_yura's Instagram

â–²Location: 21-7, Yongso-ro 21beon-gil, Nam-gu, Busan â–²Business hours: 10:00-23:00 every day â–²Price range: Verrivian 7,000 won, Evergreen 7,000 won â–²Review (I'm a god of food): Here's the seasonal menu strawberry!!!! The menu made with strawberries has the best visuals! The taste is great too!

7. Trendy warehouse-type cafe, 'Einspenner' in Namyangju

'Einspenner' is located in Namyangju, just outside the city center. The factory warehouse was renovated and is popular for its trendy and vintage interior. The white-painted factory exterior, small pink doors, and lights illuminated over handwritten English letters. This is Einstein's photo zone.

The signature menu of Einspenner, who makes all the desserts himself at the store, is “Einspener,” which is the same name as the cafe. The menu is made with soft and chewy homemade fresh cream, and the combination of bitter coffee and sweet cream is excellent. The “Strawberry Shortcake,” which is made by piling strawberry milk cream and strawberries on a moist matcha sheet, is also a popular dessert menu, and the matcha scented sheet is impressive. The “authentic Italian tiramisu,” which is made by putting mascarpone cheese and fresh cream on top of finely crushed Savoy Ardi cookies, is also popular. Valrhona cocoa powder is sprinkled and served immediately upon order.

Please note that photography for commercial purposes is prohibited inside the cafe. Whole Cakes cannot be ordered separately.

1489116038098864 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Skygarden.yoon's Instagram

1489116077437768 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: bsmliy93's Instagram

â–²Location: 87-69, Nokchon-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Business hours: 12:00-22:00 every day, closed on Mondays â–²Price range: Einspener 6,000 won, strawberry shortcake 5,500 won, authentic Italian tiramisu 6,000 won â–²Review (After eating the strawberry shortcake): Strawberry shortcake tastes as good as it looks. It's a perfect combination with real coffee.

8. Yeosu's 'Honey Flang', a feast of homemade sweets

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“Honey Plan” is a handmade macaroon dessert specialty store located in Yeosu. Note that the studio is operated together, and the interior is not spacious, so there aren't many prepared seats. A different flavor of macaroons is prepared every day, and the list can be found on the official Instagram.

The most popular menu item is the “Strawberry Cream Cheese Tart.” Rich cream cheese placed thick in a firm tart paper, soft strawberry cream, and even fresh strawberries topped on top. It is one of the dishes that sells out the fastest because the rich cream cheese blends with the butter-flavored tart paper, the light-textured strawberry cream, and sweet and sour strawberries. The “Matcha Chocolat” and “Earl Grey Chocolat” tarts are also popular for their rich flavors that make good use of their natural flavors. Macaroons, which are crispy on the outside and have a chewy filling on the inside, are also popular, and are available in a variety of flavors, such as “lemon curd” with a fresh lemon filling, “pavé chocolate” with a rich chocolate flavor, and “purple sweet potato.”

Macaroons can be packaged in 7 balls and 16 balls. Note that matcha chocolate, Earl Grey chocolate tarts, and macaroons can be delivered, except for fruit tarts. Orders are received through the official Instagram and blog, and they are sent out in batches every Thursday.

1489116196708769 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Honeyplan's official Instagram (honey_flan)

1489116275814770 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Honeyplan's official Instagram (honey_flan)

â–²Location: 48-1 Hwasan 2-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do â–²Opening hours: 18:00-02:00 every day â–²Price range: Handmade macaroons 2,000 won, homemade tarts 3,500 won to 5,000 won â–²Review (Flower pattern honey jar): Macarons are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and more sunny than I thought!

9. 'Tua&Moor' in Suncheon, a dessert you can enjoy at a flower shop

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'Tua&Moor' in Suncheon is a dessert cafe and flower atelier. It's a warm space meaning “you and me” in French. They sell homemade cakes and macaroons every day, and as a general rule, cakes are sold the same day they are produced. A variety of drinks are also available, and if you drink black tea, you can choose the teacup of your choice.

The popular menu is “Strawberry Frezier.” It's a mild vanilla-scented cream that doesn't feel like regular fresh cream, and is popular among the elderly because it doesn't feel like it. The dessert menu uses French Elle & Beer gourmet butter and Seoul milk butter, and is said to use fresh and good ingredients such as sea salt, California almonds, and Calibout chocolate. The store doesn't always have a variety of carved cakes, so it's a good idea to call to confirm before visiting. In addition to cakes, other dessert menus such as macaroons and shaved ice are also available.

Flower Ateliero mini bouquets can be packed at any time, and other bouquets can also be ordered. Please note that when ordering whole cakes, you must make a reservation at least 2 days in advance. They say they only accept orders of 100 Christmas cakes, so it's a good idea to call the store or use your KakaoTalk ID to inquire.

1489116409934866 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: Tua&Moore's official Instagram (_toi_and_moi)

1489116444591867 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: eunjoo_hh's Instagram

â–²Location: Suncheon Real Estate, 119, Chunghyo-ro, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do â–²Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 every day, closed on the first and third Monday of every month â–²Price range: Strawberry Frezie (No. 1) 30,000 won, homemade macarons 2,000 won â–²Review (Shikishin Jodong-ri Club): I actually didn't enjoy drinking black tea once or twice, but I think I ordered it once or twice and ate it in a pretty cup, and now I think it's about half past midnight for black tea hehehe

10. Regular updates of cakes, Gwangju 'Salted Mering'
“Salted Meringue”, located in Dongmyeong-dong, Gwangju, is a cafe that sells homemade sweets such as macaroons, cakes, and tarts. The space is spacious, and the tables are widely spaced, so you can enjoy a leisurely dessert. All over the store are decorated in a cute way with dried flowers.

Salted meringue's signature menu is “chocolate strawberry cake.” The chocolate-coated cake is filled with large strawberries and fresh cream between the thick, thick sheets of chocolate. The point is the compatibility between sweet and sour strawberries and chocolate. In addition, many sweets using strawberries are also available, such as “Strawberry Mont Blanc” and “Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake.” Macaroons are big compared to the price and have a lot of filling, so it's easy to see people packing a lot.

Christmas cakes can be ordered until the 20th, and assorted cakes made of carved cakes can also be purchased when visiting on the same day. The official Instagram page announces the menu that is prepared every day, so it's a good idea to check it out when you visit. There may be sold out cakes in the evening.

1489120422281869 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: hyundyu's Instagram

1489120459740771 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

*Source: amanda_leesj's Instagram

â–²Location: 143-27 Dongmyeong-dong, Gwangju â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 every day, closed on Tuesdays â–²Price range: chocolate strawberry cake 6,000 won, macaroons 2,000 won â–²Review (Minbly*.*): Big here is the tiramisu cake is delicious hehe the price range is about 6,000 won



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