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korean food / seoul / Cherish your meal! First Food Presidential Election – 1194

We are always at the crossroads of choice. From simply waking up in the morning from what position to life related choices. Each responsibility has a different weight, but choices influence what comes next and sometimes change my life. Choices are important. This is especially true if it is related to life (life). Which university will you go to? What kind of clothes should I wear during an interview, and how should I confess to my favorite lover?

and.. What are you going to eat today?

This important choice comes to me three times a day. (It depends on the person) Rice that provides energy for the day and makes me live! What kind of food should I eat? , and what kind of restaurants should I go to? Just eating anything? The afternoon, night, and even a good night's sleep can depend on what kind of mealtime you spend! There are so many delicious things in the world that I don't know my heart. For those of you. Here are some food candidates to cheer for your difficult day. Read carefully, weigh the ingredients, and make a wise choice.

symbol number 1. sweet potato

Isn't it the same
thing as sweet potato
or '9' madden

1493021881640095 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Two tops of the pebble crop world along with potatoes. The soft, sweet filling without the clunky skin is excellent. A “sweet potato ” that crosses the boundaries between Korean and Western food and is
loved by men and women of all ages, and is suitable even when eaten by tearing kimchi on a steamed sweet potato or putting it on a pizza dough full of

However, everyone must have felt the “sweet potato bottleneck” in their throat when they frantically ate sweet potatoes at least once. No matter how soft and sweet the filling is, what's the point if it doesn't get over. It's just frustrating. In the port, wouldn't Pyongyang cold noodles with fresh soup be better than stuffy sweet potatoes? But that's fine. Don't worry In case this happens, isn't there a sweet potato's friend, cider!

[A list of sweet potato restaurants recommended by Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin]

[Yeongju-si, Gyeongbuk] A bakery specializing in sweet potato bread, 'Misomer Bank'

sweet potato wafers , sweet potato cookies , They sell sweets made only from sweet potatoes, such as sweet potato pie.

â–²Business hours: Every day 09:00-21:00, open all year round
â–²Price: Sweet potato pie 1,300 won, sweet potato cream wafers
â–²Review (Shikigami
): A place I stopped
by when I went on a summer backpacking tripIt contains sweet potatoes.. It was so delicious.. Haha, I was on a backpacking trip, so it was a pity that I couldn't buy a lotHmm

Learn more about Misomer Safes â–¶

[Jongno-gu, Seoul] The rich flavor of sweet potatoes remains the same ~, 'Cafe Bora'

1493022213163118 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: eunjeongjo's Instagram

A Korean-style dessert specialty store that sells shaved water and ice cream made using purple sweet potatoes from Boryeong
raised in the sea
purple sweet potato chips and purple shaved ice of purple sweet potatoes are popular menus

â–²Business hours: Every day 09:00-21:00, open all year round
: Bora shaved ice cream 6,500 won, purple ice cream
3,500 won
â–²Review (Little
panda bear
The purple color is too good ^^*
I ate ice cream and shaved ice cream My ice cream friend is that shaved ice cream tastes better ^^

Take a closer look at Cafe Bora â–¶

[Jung-gu, Busan] Real sweet potato fries cut and
deep-fried right in front of your eyes
, 'Nampo-dong sweet potato fries'

1493022539977120 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Review photo of Shikigami “Viviansu”

Since 30 years ago, they have been making and selling only one type of sweet potato tempura, which has been on the menu, and you can enjoy a different flavor from regular sweet potato fries deep-fried using very large, fresh sweet potatoes.

â–²Business hours: Open all year round
: Sweet potato fries (small) 3,000 won
â–²Review (shikigin
kimnyan): An artisan who has only been frying sweet potato in one place for 30 years (??) Busan sweet gummy tempura with a touch of hahaha~ I think it's better than shrimp because it's crunchy lol

Read more about Nampo-dong sweet potato fries â–¶

symbol number 2. Redfish

Our “main menu” is samgō

1493022921922096 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

It looked pretty cute in a way . They usually don't have eyebrows, but there are also cases where they have unknown reasons. Redfish has a strong unique flavor . As soon as I put it in my mouth, the tip of my nose frowned, my tears burst into tears, and I lost my mind . Some people fall in love with the tangy flavor of this redfish and only look for redfish sashimi, but others often start with the smell that comes out before they put it in their mouths.

The faint smell of redfish sashimi comes from bacteria grown in the fermentation process that spewed ammonia . It is said that in order to make shredded redfish, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly , remove the entrails and go through a 15-day aging period in a low-temperature aging room, just as if it were in and out of a washing machine. Most women tend to avoid it.

[A list of redfish restaurants
recommended by Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin

[Naju-si, Jeollanam-do] A street known only to those in the know, 'Hongeo No. 1'

It is a restaurant specializing in red fish dishes with a 30-year tradition in Sunchang Hongeogai Street in Yeongsando, famous for its six-step red fish meal.

â–²Business hours: 12:00-22:00 every day, closed on Mondays
: 6 levels of redfish 50,000 to 60,000 won
â–²Review (Lulu the shikigin
): I went to the house of a red fish master with a 30-year tradition, and it was really delicious! For those who don't eat redfish, it's really delicious! I really think this is a place you must stop by on the way… hahahaha, I only ate without saying a word the whole time I ate the 6-step meal hehehehe

Take a closer look at Hongo No.1 â–¶

[Anyang, Gyeonggi]
'Heuksando Redfish', a hideout for redfish enthusiasts

There is a menu divided into domestic products and imported products . If you place an order, you
can enjoy the boss's “redfish dismantling show” right in front of your eyes

â–²Business hours: Every day from 14:00-24:00, open all year round
Three sets of domestic redfish: 80,000 won, domestic redfish sashimi 85,000 won
â–²Review (
gimbap with meat on the side):
The owner of the store is very famous as a redfish expert. The redfish here was not just a popular flavor, but it was just the kind of flavor that redfish enthusiasts would love. I've eaten it with pork, redfish, and kimchi, and I
've eaten it with pork, redfish, and kimchi, and I really enjoyed eating it because the more I chew it, the more delicious it is

Take a closer look at Heuksando redfish â–¶

[Gangnam, Seoul] The first step of an exciting redfish explorer: 'Red fish and nigju'

1493023413888097 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Review photo of Shikigami “Lake”

Located in Gangnam, it also sells Jeolla-do dishes such as spicy croaker soup and Yeonpo-tang , which are cooked in a traditional way in Heuksando. I made use of the unique flavor of redfish in a way that has continued the tradition .

â–²Business hours : Weekdays 16:00-05:00, Sundays 17:00-13:00, open all year round
â–²Price : Redfish sashimi (large) 150,000 won , Heuksando
samhab ( Large ) 150,000 won
â–²Review (Shikigin Lake
The quality of the red fish in Heuksan is also very good today! There are few places like this in Seoul.

Learn more about redfish and rice wine â–¶

symbol number 3. Pyongyang cold noodles

Water-cold waves are not uncold waves, they are half-wave

1493023701292098 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

There is a proverb that says, “You have to try it three times to know the taste of Pyongyang cold noodles. ” It's a sentence that is in line with “Koreans are three years old .” There is a reason for the taste of food that you have to eat three times to know even if you only try it once. Pyongyang cold noodles don't seem to have “liver.” There are four flavors on our tongue, but Pyongyang cold noodles don't seem to be subordinated to any one .

The expression for the taste of Pyongyang cold noodles is full of metaphors that are not like food , as if a human being is a robot rather than a human being. Some say that people who don't know the taste of Pyongyang cold noodles and prefer spicy cold noodles are not real gourmets, while others say that such boredom is what kind of food is, and if you eat it at a yakiniku restaurant, the cold noodles that come out within 5 minutes are much better. No matter what , let's respect each other's tastes.

[List of Pyongyang cold noodle restaurants recommended by Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin]

[Jung-gu, Seoul] 'Pildong-myeonok', which has a fixed fan base for a
long time

1493023884327125 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Provided by Shikigami Contents Team

It comes from chili pepper powder, which is the traditional way North Koreans eat, sprinkled on top . Pyongyang-style gyoza and pork that you must eat before eating cold noodles

â–²Business hours: 11:00-21:00 every day,
closed on Sundays
: Naengmyeon 10,000 won, gyoza 10,000 won
â–²Review (Shikigami River): I actually tried Pyongyang cold noodles for the first time. I scooped out a spoonful of soup and ate it, but it wasn't as sour as I thought. That's why I was so
. However, they said that Pyongyang cold noodles can't have a sour, fresh flavor by using meat brothThere aren't any idiots, right? hahahahahahahaha anyway, even though it was my first time eating it,
I was fine, right
? However, Pyongyang Naengmyeon has to be tried many times to understand its taste. So I want to go there again. 2. It was too cold outside, so I ate warm noodles, but
ah, the soup really tasted great! I saw the table next to here, and I ate it with dumpling soup and meat
I'll try the dumpling soup

Read more about Pil-dong Myeon-ok â–¶

[Jung-gu, Seoul] 'Pyongyang
with a gentle scent of

1493024058293102 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Provided by Shikigami Contents Team

Branches are located in Bundang and Nonhyeon-dong, and the head office is in Jangchung-dong . Noodles made in traditional Pyongyang style contain plenty of buckwheat and have a pleasant soba flavor .

â–²Business hours: 11:00-21:30 every day, open all year round
: Cold noodles: 11,000 won
â–²Review (Shikigin Haeundae-dung): The broth is clear, so it looks like noodles rolled up in plain water, but it has a rich, deep flavor. Of course, if you eat it, you'll be surprised.. Just because I'm so tired… If you keep eating it, you'll be addicted to it… It's also good for Haejang… hehe

Read more about Pyongyang Myeonok â–¶

[Jung-gu, Seoul] From 1946 until now, 'Woo Rae Ok'

1493024204090127 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Blogger “The Man Who Reads Food”

It is a Pyongyang cold noodle specialty store that started in 1946 under the name Seobuk Hall after the founder of a restaurant in Pyongyang moved to Vietnam. It is
characterized by using broth made exclusively from beef

â–²Business hours: 11:30-21:30 every day, closed on holidays and Mondays
: Pyongyang cold noodles 13,000 won, bibim-naengmyeon 13,000 won

â–²Testimonial (
Shikigin Haeundaedong): The broth is so clear that it looks like noodles rolled up on a monster, but it has a rich, deep flavor. Of course, if you eat it, you'll be surprised.. Just because I'm so tiredIf you keep eating it, you'll be addicted to itIt's also good for Haejanghehe

Read more about Woo Rae Ok â–¶

Symbol number 4. steaks

If you grill Korean beef, it becomes a steak

1493086136309121 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Maybe it's because of the “shadow of foot-and-mouth disease, ” which was bustling not long ago . Sales of Korean beef are falling more and more. Adding Kim Young-ran's method to this seems to have shrunk the pride of Korean beef, which was powerful . However, even so, Korean beef still has an advantage over imported products and is expensive . To transform this image of Korean beef to the common people, the Korean Beef Funding Management Committee is promoting Korean beef steak under the name “Very Easy Korean Beef Steak ” through culinary researcher Baek Jong-won .

In fact, apart from the high price of Korean beef steak , the bigger problem is that people fall in love with the decoration next to Korean beef rather than Korean beef . Perhaps the colorful decoration, which has a greater presence than Korean beef, makes you forget the main character, Korean beef . I don't buy steak because of the decoration.

[A list of steak/Korean beef restaurants recommended by Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin]

[Muan, Jeollanam-do] Muan Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in

Muan, where Muan Onion Korean Beef began with a 40-year tradition. It is a place where you can enjoy the unique flavors of Korean beef shabu-shabu developed by yourself and flavors such as raw Korean beef. You can enjoy Muan's specialty, sebal octopus, and yeonpo-tang together.

â–²Business hours: Every day 09:00-22:00, open all year round
: Korean beef 40,000 won, Korean beef shabu-shabu 26,000 won
â–²Review (Lulu, the god of food ^^): I knew Muan was famous for its onions… Among the side dishes here, onion kimchi, pickled onion, and fried onion came out, which was amazing. Hahaha, I found onion kimchi very sweet, sour, and delicious.
Read more about Muan Restaurant â–¶ [Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul] If you want to eat
Korean beef sirloin
, ' Daido Restaurant '

1493024690062128 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Review photo of Shikigami “Teddy Bear”

Daido Restaurant uses only first-class Korean beef sirloin from the Majang-dong slaughterhouse. It is eaten with cabbage and shallots by oiling it with beef fat and grilling it on a cast iron plate. The exterior has a common folk atmosphere, but the interior is spacious. Please note that reservations can be made for 8 people or more.

â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:30 every day, closed on holidays
â–²Price: Korean beef sirloin steak (200g) 38,500 won, kakuteki fried rice, 3,000 won
â–²Review (Let's play with your body): Since they only handle Korean beef, there's no need to doubt the quality of the meat~ The boss here said that his pride in meat is quite strong, so there's no need to doubt the quality of the meat. I can only eat it with confidence hehe

Learn more about Daido Restaurant â–¶

[Jung-gu, Seoul] Korean-style steak house
, 'Han Yukgam, '

1493025028038129 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

* Source: Review photo of Shikigami “Lake”

A place where you can enjoy a collaboration between wine and Korean beef. It is a place where Korean beef with a
soft texture is brought out using Korean beef aging and cutting know-how unique to Han Yukgam
. Employees cook the meat to a rare state and help them grill the meat to the desired size and size on a
stone plate placed in front of them

â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 on weekdays,
closed on Sundays
: Korean beef sirloin 38,000 won, Korean beef sirloin 44,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigami Suda): If you go here, the expression that the meat actually melts in your mouth is so delicious I don't even eat
Korean beef once or twice, so why does it only melt here…?
I recommend it!!!

Learn more about Han Yukgam Jongno Restaurant â–¶

symbol number 5. mackerel

Goblins are high alties~

1493025223052106 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

The meal for many families who can't eat Korean beef at a reasonable price is mackerel that has been preserved . In Korea, which has recently been struggling with fine dust, mackerel was erroneously considered the main source of fine dust and was at the center of controversy . However, mackerel is also a thankful food that greased the necks of workers who worked in cement dust .

Like the lyrics “Mackerel marinated by the mother in the refrigerator ” in “Mother and Mackerel,” mackerel also continues with the mother's warmth and affection. In addition, many other stories and songs about mackerel show that mackerel is more relevant to the lives of common people than any other food. But we don't challenge ourselves by eating mackerel out . Even though they know it's delicious, they don't dare to buy it outside . I wonder why , if you look at it, it's delicious and rich in nutrients Mackerel that can't catch your eyes until it's baked is sad.

[A list of mackerel restaurants recommended by Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin]

[Guro-gu, Seoul] 'Seaweed', the source of food for Guro Industrial Complex workers

Guro Industrial Complex's “Haeuri” was changed to Guro Digital Complex's “Seaweed.” It specializes in Namdo cuisine made with ingredients obtained directly from Namdo Sanji, and is famous for various sea dishes, including mackerel.

â–²Business hours: 11:30-22:00 every day
â–²Price : Boiled mackerel 13,500 won, crock-pot abalone 14,000 won
â–²Review (don't get
I didn't know how to eat it, but the staff kindly
explained it to me.
! hahahaha

Take a closer look at seaweed â–¶

[Jeju-si, Jeju-do ] Hansang of proper mackerel ,
Chun-ok's original mackerel sambap'

Mackerel sambap is located on the coastal road of Olle 17 in Jeju Island, and is famous for its mackerel sambap meal that doesn't have a proper fishy smell.

â–²Business hours: 09:00-21:00 every day, closed on Wednesday, last order 20:00
â–²Price: Mackerel sambap 30,000 won for 2 people, simmered silverfish 60,000 won for 2 people

â–²Testimonial (Oh Pedy): The jelly went up so big that I was able to eat it deliciously with the
mackerel 🙂 There was plenty of portion, so the family of four was able to eat it to their heart's content ~ Even if the steamed mackerel was seasoned
, it was even more delicious to just wrap it up. ~

Read more about Lee Chun-ok Wonjo mackerel sambap â–¶

[Buk-gu, Gwangju]
'Demon Village', simmered mackerel with a rich flavor

It's a place where you can eat plenty of fresh kimchi and simmered mackerel
simmered mackerel at a reasonable price
. They also sell gamjatang and steamed ribs, and mackerel simmered in kimchi is
the most popular

â–²Business hours: 00:00-24:00 every day, closed
on holidays
â–²Price : Grilled mackerel 7,000 won, simmered mackerel 10,000 won
â–²Review (Shikigami Gourmet
Tour): After all, I think mackerel is delicious when
it's steamed like jelly, hahaha, so all the fish dishes that are difficult to get home are solved outside the home hahahahahaha

Learn more about Demon Village â–¶

The menu I choose determines my body and mood. You must be careful and careful. However, let's not tackle other people's choices . Everyone's tastes are endless , and sometimes they don't understand .

I just wanted it to taste good, huh !

Shikigami always cheers for your meal.

It is announced that Kookmin Gourmet Shikishin and this post do not express or support any political position.



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