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korean food / seoul / How to enjoy beer more deliciously in the coming season_ Part 3 – 1198

“Books cause pain, but beer entertains us.

The only thing that lasts forever is beer!”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The beer season has just arrived. I wonder if the beer you drink while lying on the Han River shining in the warm sun and drinking while sitting on the terrace watching people walk by is not tasty. It really is honey, honey. Nor is it something you only drink during the day. If a light lager goes well with a bright day, a rich IPA goes well with a hot summer night.

It's also a great day for a date. There are flowers blooming on the street, and it's great to go out for a walk in the cool breeze even at night. Of course, fine dust clogs our eyes and mouths, but it's also a good idea to open a weather app and have a fight.

So today, I'd like to show you how to enjoy a better beer suitable for such a nice day. In addition, we'll also introduce beer festivals you can visit during the upcoming Golden Week holiday, so let's enjoy the golden wave!

A tasty way to drink beer
There is a suitable temperature for drinking beer.

1493169835007204 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

There is a glass that matches the style of beer

1493169908113205 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

Pint glass (Pint glass): This is the most popular and commonly used glass as many pubs specializing in craft beer have sprung up. It is widely known for its 473 ml (16 oz) capacity in Korea, but in fact, the definition of a pint glass differs from country to country in terms of capacity and shape. In the UK, the standard is 568 ml, and in Australia, 140 ml pint glasses are also used. The United States mainly uses 473 ml glasses, but there is no fixed capacity. Also, the shape may vary slightly depending on the type of pint glass. The pint glass we commonly know has a conical style.

Beer Type: Double/Imperial IPA, Double/Imperial Stout, IPA, Brown Ale, Porterstyle

Oversize wine glass (Oversize wine glass): Many people are not familiar with the fact that wine glasses go well with beer. The opening part of the wine glass is large, so you can fully enjoy the aroma. The point is to shake the beer in a circle, just like when drinking wine, because the side of the beer that comes into contact with the air widens, making the flavor and aroma richer.

Beer Type: Belgian Dark Ale, Belgian IPA, Sejong Style

Stange glass (Stange glass): A relatively narrow glass where the opening and bottom of the glass have the same diameter. It is mainly used for German beer, and it is a traditional glass that focuses on preventing the aroma of the beer from being carried away.

Type of beer: Beer containing rye as an auxiliary ingredient, Lambic, Goze, Bok style

Mug glass (Mug glass): The perfect glass for sipping a light, cool beer. It can hold large amounts, and since you don't cover the glass with your hands, you can keep beer cold for a long time. By the way, the word “mug” has the meaning of “face,” and it is said that it comes from drawing a human face on a beer glass in the past.

Beer Type: Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Scottish Ale Style

Tulip glass (Tulip glass): A tulip glass with a wide opening at the opening keeps the foam rich, and the narrowed part prevents the fragrance from inside from being blown away. Therefore, it is a cup that can hold the head well and hold the scent at the same time.

Beer Type: Sejong, Scottish Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Strong Ale

Snifter glass (Snifter glass): A glass mainly used to drink brandy and is used when it is important to capture aroma and flavor. In particular, it is said to be more effective when it is a beer with a strong sweet flavor. Also, like a wine glass, if you shake it in a circle before drinking, the aroma will stay alive even more.

Beer Type: Belgian Dark Ale, Double/Imperial Stout, Double Imperial IPA

Weizen glass (Weizen glass): Commonly called a weizen glass, this glass with a narrow bottom and a slightly wider opening is mainly used for upper beer (wheat beer). It is designed for the head (foam) and volume created from the top beer, and is taller than a pint glass. The usual dose is 500 ml, but in Belgium, 250 ml and 300 ml are also used.

Beer types: Weisen, Upper Ale, Crystal Weisen

Pilsner glass (Pilsner glass): A tall, narrow glass, commonly called a pilsner glass, is suitable for showing carbonic acid and transparent colors, and has good head (foam) persistence. It looks similar to a weizen glass, but it has no curves and stretches straight.

Type of beer: lager, pilsner, bok, blond ale

Follow by tilting it 45 degrees

1493170416630160 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

When pouring beer, the most important thing is how to make a good head. A head refers to the formation of a bubble, which must be followed at a 45-degree inclination at a time. Only then will the 5 to 1 ratio, which is the golden ratio of beer to foam, not be broken.

Now that we've looked at ways to drink beer better, let's take a look at festivals to make the most of the holiday season. Festivals for McDuck are held all over the place, so let's all have a toast. From 'The 3rd The Beer Week Seoul' hosted by The Booth to the 'Seoul Night Market, 'which is already bustling in places such as the Han River, the '8th GREAT KOREAN BEER FESTIVAL', which sparked the first beer festival held from April 28 to May 7 at COEX, and the Gapyeong Craft Beer Festival held from May 12 to 14 with popular DJs in Jarasum. Let's start a pleasant May with our delicious beers during the holidays when you can meet them across the fondant fondant bridge.

1493170670264206 jpg Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The 3rd 'The Beer Week Seoul' is planned and hosted by 'The Funnyist The Booth'. The Booth's The Beer Week, which has already been held for the 3rd time, will also be held at Kondae Common Ground during the May holiday. Currently, the second early-bird ticket is being sold, and a horrible incident occurred where the first one was sold out 20 minutes after it was sold. (The editor who writes also failed while working. Tears) The second early-bird ticket is on sale at Frip/Kangoru, so hurry up and run.

In particular, The Booth thrills the hearts of McDuckers with its lineup of craft beers from overseas, and “Other Half Brewing” and “Evil Twin Brewing”, the best breweries in New York, USA, “Sweet Water Brewing” in the Atlanta area, “Mikkeller” and “To Øl” from Denmark, “Brouwerji Boon” from Belgium, “8 Wired” from New Zealand, and “Great Leap Brewing” from Beijing, China were on the list of participants.

In addition to “Daedonggang Pale Ale,” “LOM IPA,” and “Kookmin IPA,” which are already popular, THE BOOTH will be showcasing new beers produced by The Booth's California Brewery in the US. You can also enjoy beers from top local breweries in Korea, such as Magpie, Amazing Brewing Company, and Goodman Brewery.

2. Seoul Bamdokaebi Night Market

1493170740865207 Korean Food September 14th, 2023

The '2017 Seoul Bamdokaebi Night Market' opened simultaneously at 4 locations including Hangang Park in Yeouido on March 24 of last month. Last year, there were so many people in Yeouido that they had to wait an hour to get food. This year, it will be held every day from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., at Banpo Hangang Park, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and Cheonggyecheon.

There are 362 teams of merchants participating in this year's night market, and it is said that sensible food truck menus are waiting for you. If you miss it, there are many menus that boast amazing pairings with beer, such as chicken feet, rice balls, pasta, etc. It's also a good idea to take this opportunity to look forward to a different pairing of food and beer that you haven't tasted before.

Since the weather is fine during the holidays, a catastrophe may occur where people all flock to the Han River. However, take your time to relax and enjoy the time you wait while enjoying the cool breeze. Don't forget the sense of taking out delicious beer from a nearby craft pub! Ah, of course, any beer would be delicious if you ate it on the Han River.



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