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korean food / seoul Busan food – Hot Springs Taste Map – 1219







Busan- Hot Springs Taste Map - 1219




My whole body feels stuffy due to fine dust. Just because the weather was just right and I didn’t shed a drop of sweat

When I get home, I feel so mischievous that I start by taking a shower. / seoul Busan food

A sharp throat that cannot be stopped by drinking water

By this point, I had become like Sara Sai’s sickness.



Still, spring is spring. I wonder if I can’t soak my intestines because I’m afraid of maggots,

I can’t give up my family memories because of fine dust.

Busan is a perfect place to visit at this time of year with warm sunshine and
cool sea

Get rid of your worries about fine dust
with Busan’s hot springs and health food

How about leaving unforgettable memories with your family? / seoul Busan food


1494824330248411 Korean Food September 23rd, 2023Name





Hot spring name

Gourmet shop


Geumcheon Park Hot Spring Heo Shim Cheong

Bae Jong-gwan’s Dongnae Samgyetang

Original octopus


Park Dal-jip



Hot spring name

Gourmet shop


Shinsegae SpaLand+Shinsegae Trinity Spa

Subi Garden (grilled duck)

Grand Hotel

Heart-wrenching cod soup

Haeundae Hot Spring Center

Geumsu Bokguk Main Store

The famous beef rib restaurant in Haeundae

Haeundae Hot Spring Hotel

The famous Gijang-san eel

Hyundai BeneCity

Ant house (stir-fried octopus giblets)

Pungwon Seaweed National Dinner

Chosun Hotel Busan

Ireok (Korean beef gomguk soup)

Paradise Hotel

Yes now (limited meal)

Novotel Busan

Udamaru (abalone porridge)

Hill spa

Halmaejipwon Jo Bok Guk

Giant ribs

Haeundae Mipo Dip (grilled eel)



Hot spring name

Gourmet shop


Hotel Aqua Palace

Halmae soup

Goma cod soup



Hot spring name

Gourmet shop


Taejongdae Hot Spring

Jeju bok soup

Old-fashioned chuertang










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