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Have you heard about “YOLO”, which is rapidly emerging as a consumption trend in 2017? It is an abbreviation taken from the first letter of YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, which refers to the current attitude of spending with one's own happiness as the most important thing. The line “A person only lives once” appeared in Goethe's plays in the 18th century, so it's actually a natural realization.

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“Rather than saving money for the future, it means doing something that makes me happy now. However, this does not mean indiscriminate consumption. It's about spending “what makes me happy now”, such as hobbies or self-development, without hesitation or fear. It's an act of wisely pursuing happiness in life from the best that I can. “Let's not put off eating chicken today until tomorrow!” As the saying goes!

The travel, fashion, and culture industries have also been marketing using this word for a long time. I read books, go on trips, and buy clothes for myself. It also means giving a moment of relaxation during stressful days of studying, at work, and preparing for employment. “Starting cost,” which is a popular word on social media these days, also has a similar context in that it pursues happiness. It is an expense spent without hesitation in an area that was usually hesitant due to stress.


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The popular #먹스타그램 tag on social media

YOLO consumption trends are most prominent in “food (food)” culture. We repeat the act of eating every day in order to survive. People's desire for “tasty things” is both universal and extremely appealing. It's also the culture we can most easily access in the “one million hundred thousand hundred thousand” era where it is difficult to get a job even after leaving college. This is because I can choose what I eat from a relatively wide range at the lowest cost, and I feel a great sense of satisfaction.
The popularity of #먹스타그램, where people upload what they have eaten on social media, and #온더테이블, which shares food they have cooked, has now become a culture. Adding a gourmet experience to the time you meet someone can create new value. This is because who and where you eat it is also an important factor in determining the taste of food.
It's even better if you can spend time in a beautiful interior. If it's a food with a visual that makes people “wow” on my social media, it would be great. When we try to make reasonable consumption by considering these overall things, we keep looking for pretty cafes.
There was even a new competition among so-called hot Twitterians and power Instagrammers to go to places with good vibes and upload them first. It has become a way to show off that I eat better in a good place.
We… eat and live

In someone's eyes, the mentality of people who pay for such a small dessert or a cup of coffee for a meal is simply a luxury. The feeling that new cafes are constantly popping up around us is probably not mistaken.
But do popular cafes really do business well? Everyone has thought , “Ki Seung Jeon – I wish I could beat up a chicken house or company and set up a cafe,” right?
Starting a cafe in a so-called hot place, from rent to interior
However, once you open a cafe in a hot neighborhood, you can meet more bosses than you might think who keep increasing their debts and ask them not to do business when they do the monthly rent and even the interior decoration. I started with the romance of starting my own hideout, and I even sighed that I was doing business by digging the ground.
The situation is not much different between a chicken house and a franchise. A while ago, the article about how the closing rate of franchise restaurants soared to the highest level ever due to the economic recession made us all sigh. It's because I think it's difficult to eat and live anywhere. The extent of economic contraction in cafeterias, chicken houses, and confectionery businesses was significant.
There are many analyses that the uneasy domestic political situation, the unstable economy, and the so-called “Kim Young-ran Act”, an anti-solicitation corporation implemented on September 28 of last year, also had an impact on the overall economic downturn in the restaurant business. Consumers and bosses are all upset by expensive ingredients, high rents, and various taxes. It's a very difficult life for students, job-seekers, office workers, and the self-employed.
Does everyone go out to eat? No, do you pack a good meal when you go out and eat?

In the next episode, I'll introduce Shikisen's efforts to cheer for our difficult lives, and I'd like to meet and hear about one of them, the business owner who shares a dining card.
Until then, keep up the good work, you!



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