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korean food / seoul / [Michelin Guide 2017] Meat Restaurants in Seoul – 1247

In the 1970s, miners in Taebaek thought that eating three layers of pork would release coal dust that filled their respiratory system. Beginning with this, I went to a yakiniku restaurant instead of a hospital or home when I felt a rough throat, and after continuing this for nearly half a hundred years, it became a folk remedy. With chili oil as an ointment and soju as a disinfectant, we used to end the day by soothing our throats and hearts after being tired at work.

In fact, sales of meat, including pork belly, rise every spring. However, at first glance, it is said that the oil in meat helps the body absorb harmful substances and worsens them. In fact, we may have known this already. Because if meat really cleansed my throat, I wouldn't have caught even that common cold. Nevertheless, it's about making a plan. I want to eat meat.

Even if a mask is a better option, I'm going to eat a piece of meat today! For those who do, here are some yakiniku restaurants introduced in the Michelin Guide.

1. Seocho's “Willow House” has preserved its place and taste for many years

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Once upon a time, when Gangnam was developed in earnest, the fashion brand “Bang Bang” entered Seocho. Time has passed, and now they have hidden their tracks, leaving only the name Bang Bang Intersection. However, the quaint signboard “Willow House,” which has kept its place and taste from that time until now, is still located there.

Passing through a quaint signboard, you can enter a spacious 400-seat “willow house” that uses the entire four-story building. This place, which has been famous since 1977, sold only cast trucks in the early days, but now they also offer beef ribs and special parts. It uses only Korean beef imported from contracted farms in Pyeongchang and Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, and boasts the tender meat quality and savory flavor unique to ribs with minimal liver. The rib soup, which is served in limited quantities only for lunch, is particularly famous. The bowl is full of ribs and the rich flavor of the broth, which is enough to serve a separate bowl for bones.

Even though the opening time is 11:00, you can see people standing in line before to eat rib soup. Please note that you must go at least around 11:00 to get a waiting list for rib soup.

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â–²Location: 1340-5, Seocho 2-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 11:00 – 22:00 every day â–²Price: Beef gukbap 12,000 won, rib soup set meal 39,000 won, yukhoe 48,000 won, marinated ribs 59,000 won â–²Review (Food Explorer): As a lunch menu, they only sell 100 bowls of rib soup, but there's a lot of ribs. Of course, there's a lot of tuna mixed in, but you have to go fast because there might not be a place to eat before 12:00

2. “Ichiryu” in Hongdae , the first Sapporo style grilled sheep specialty store in Korea

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“Ichiryu” means “first-class” in Japanese. It was the first in Japan to introduce the Sapporo way of roasting sheep, and as the name suggests, it also boasts first-class flavors.

In addition to being selected for the Michelin Guide, Ichiryu, who appeared on the TV the other day, is said to have such an unpleasant smell unique to lamb that it is nicknamed “the healing of lamb trauma.” The secret is Sapporo style jingisukan, which uses young lamb from Australia under one year old and grilling vegetables with the oil flowing out in a cast iron pan. Thanks to this, even those who are new to lamb can feel free to visit, and experienced staff cook the meat themselves, so they can have a comfortable meal. You can enjoy Ichiryu lamb even more deliciously if you eat it uncooked like beef and dip it in this place's special sauce.

You can't make a reservation even in Hongdae, which is bustling with many people, and it's a good idea to note that they only sell about 90 servings per day.

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* Source: miniyeong_'s Instagram

â–²Location: 395-124, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: Weekdays 17:00-22:00, (L.O) Sundays and holidays 17:00-21:00 (L.O) â–²Price: Raw pork ribs 23,000 won, premium lamb ribs 27,000 won, raw sirloin 22,000 won, Genghis Khan 20,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Curry Anpanman): I only ate lamb on skewers, but it's amazing that I tasted it with ribs on it; The lamb was smelly, but it didn't burn at all It was as soft and melts in my mouth~~~!! I want to go again~~!!!!

3. Cheongdam 'Uga', a new attempt at Korean beef

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On the first page of Uga's menu, the phrase “Designing aging” fills a large white background. Aging and design. The catchphrase here clearly shows the aged Korean beef you see when you enter the store and the stylish interior of the dining room.

Uga, which started in Hoengseong and settled in Cheongdam 2 years ago, is a place that pursues new experiments and changes in Korean beef along with over 50 years of traditional flavors. “Active aging,” which was created by appropriately combining dry aging and wet aging in Uga's unique method, is a typical example of this place's unique aging philosophy. Meat that has been aged for 60 days or more is grilled in weldon rather than medium, yet it is soft and rich in flavor without being tough. The meal menu, Tojang Jjigae, has a deep and savory flavor and is so popular that it's perfect to be served as a single item.

Also, in Uga, each room has a chef who specializes in roasting, so you can enjoy meat grilled with skill and listen to meticulous and kind explanations about the meat.

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â–²Location: 653-20 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 12:00 – 22:00 every day, closed on holidays â–²Price: Sirloin (based on 1++ luxury grade 100g) 38,000 won Marbled (based on 1++ luxury grade 100g) 20,000 won â–²Review (I'll give you shikigin gyoza): Satisfied no matter when I go there, and now it's a comfortable place, Suwaniye, which is a comfortable place, hehe, I always feel satisfied and satisfied because of the staff who treat me so well after a long time and the delicious food. ^0^ ♥ It's close to my house and it's my hot spot hehehe

4. Samseong-dong's “Full Moon” captures the health of Jeju Island's black beef

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Like a local Korean beef village, Gangnam's “Full Moon Soo” offers fresh and affordable Korean beef through direct sales. Since Jeju Island's black beef is brought in directly by air from the farm operated directly by the restaurant, you can feel as proud as the Korean Beef Village.

Full cow is a combination of wind () and iron (cow), which are dialects of Jeju Island, meaning a cow raised by the wind, that is, a healthy cow raised in nature. In fact, it is said that black beef contains much lower cholesterol than imported beef. The signature menu here is “Special Sale” and “Special Eye Window.” Marbled lean meat has a savory flavor rather than its unique feel, and you won't get tired of it. It has a thick, chewy texture that is as thick as a steak, and its texture is also excellent. The tenderloin is also quite thick, but it's not tough, and the meat is full of juice, so you can enjoy the unique flavor of fillets. Meal menus such as cold noodles and miso soup are also available, and after the meal, you can finish your mouth with a fragrant green tangerine tea.

Raw meat and sashimi are served as appetizers, and lunch reservations on weekdays are not possible.

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*Source: limpandagood's Instagram

â–²Location: 155-5 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 every day â–²Price range: sirloin platter 39,000 won, special sale price 70,000 won, special seat 50,000 won, special portion 50,000 won â–²Review (wild male tiger): Black cow I learned about when I went to Jeju is a cow that only grows in Jeju. It's a Japanese black beef specialty store, and the meat flavor was a good match for my taste.

5. Many steps from around the world, Gangnam 'Bamboo House'

Bamboo House looks like a gallery between straight bamboo gardens. Prime Minister Koizumi, Clinton, and President Bush visited this place, which is particularly good for hosting foreigners.
The reason Bamboo House is a great place to entertain foreigners is that they serve not only meat but also exquisite authentic Korean food. The signature menu is “cognac sirloin,” which is sprinkled with French cognac and cognac, which has a unique flavor, and “pumpkin pie,” made by applying glutinous rice flour to finely grated yellow-green pumpkins. Being able to enjoy high quality meat and a variety of dishes together is the greatest strength of this place. Korean food is a course meal, so you can enjoy it even more if you eat it with meat. There's even an outdoor garden, so you can enjoy a quiet walk in the middle of Gangnam in the middle of the city.
Bamboo House is also famous as a place where house weddings are possible, and there is a banquet hall, which is a great place to host year-end gatherings and parties.

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* Source: Bamboo House official website provided

â–²Location: 658-10 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 11:30-22:30, 14:00 – 17:30 Break time, closed on Sundays â–²Price: fillets (120g) 66,000 won, sirloin (150g) 74,400 won, raw ribs (200g) 87,600 won, grilled flowers 68,400 won â–²Review (Lee Soo-kyung, Shikigami): Really tasty and juicy, should it be called the yakiniku restaurant of life? If you order yukhoe bibimbap here, they'll also give you wakame soup, but if you want to feel the meat, eat a bite of yukhoe bibimbap and slurp the wakame soup. If you finally eat cider, be sure to go to number 1



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