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Good day, good person

I thought it would be a perfect spring day, but I think summer is already here. I put the spring clothes I had taken out because of the rapidly rising temperature back into the closet and cried out, “I think spring is gone.” Nevertheless, when you walk down the street, you will encounter the sparkling sunshine and gentle wind. The shaking green leaves make you laugh as if it had happened.

For this reason, the Gyeongbok Palace and Gwanghwamun area are full of people wearing hanbok these days. The sight of a foreigner wearing a colorful hanbok and enjoying a date is a perfect match for Gung. It is said that the palace is free for those wearing hanbok, so it's perfect for enjoying a unique date in a quiet palace. Why don't you enjoy relaxing in the warm weather while taking beautiful pictures with a different appearance than usual?

After visiting the spacious palace, I'll introduce some restaurants to satisfy your hunger. From small sushi restaurants with a cute, cafe-like atmosphere to classy Chinese restaurants, and pork cutlet specialty restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Japanese pork cutlets. For a delicious meal with your favorite person. Let's try to eat properly.

Jajangmyeon, a must-have course for family dining
At Kyobo Library located in Gwanghwamun, choose books to read with children, and spend a private time just for the couple at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, where cultural and artistic performances such as musicals and classical music are held. Gwanghwamun is a great place to spend quality time with the whole family or alone. Here are some Chinese restaurants that are great for families to visit.
“Chinni” is a Chinese restaurant located right below Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Chinni is a Chinese restaurant that combines authentic Chinese cuisine with fusion Chinese cuisine, and it is also a place where people who watch shows on weekends never stop.

1498008462831107 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Chinese restaurant 'Chinni' located at the bottom of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Gwanghwamun

It is said that it is often used by nearby office workers as a place for lunch and business meetings during the week, so you can feel that it continues to be popular. Chinney's popular menu is “menbosha,” a dish made by putting minced shrimp meat between slices of bread and deep-frying them to a crisp. When you bite off the crunchy bread, the moist, chewy shrimp meat fills your mouth, and its unique umami is appealing to the palate. There are reviews that it tastes similar to a shrimp burger, but it's also popular among children because they don't like it or dislike it.
“Kanpung beef,” made by deep-frying thinly sliced beef with a chewy sticky rice batter, is stir-fried in chili oil and has a slightly spicy sauce that goes well with beer. Another signature dish, the Cantonese rice bowl, is topped with a soft sauce like crab soup, and is particularly popular among men due to the flavor and spiciness of finely chopped seafood. “Szechuan-style tray jajangmyeon,” which boasts a hearty portion, is also one of the most ordered meal menus.

1498008483853082 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

“Menbosha” with chewy, crunchy shrimp

In addition to the menu introduced above, a variety of Chinese dishes are also available, but the price is low, so it's a good idea to pack a hearty meal with your family.
After you've finished your meal, why not stop by Gyeongbok Palace right in front of you? It's a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely walk while pounding on a boat in a quiet palace. You can take a commemorative photo with the palace in the background, or visit the Palace Museum and National Folk Museum located inside Gyeongbok Palace.

A bite of moist and thick pork cutlet

This time, I'd like to introduce some good restaurants to visit after visiting Deoksugung Palace. Deoksugung Palace, which can be found in the middle of downtown Seoul next to the green grass and city hall square, is beautiful even in the fall when leaves fall, but it is also very attractive during the season that passes from spring to summer. The walking course leading to City Hall, Deoksugung Palace, and Cheonggyecheon, and the romantic Deoksugung Palace stone wall path are great for a relaxing walk with a cup of coffee in hand.

1498008524493108 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Authentic Japanese pork cutlet “Anzu”

Walking in the warm sunshine, I arrived at “Anzu” in Euljiro, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese pork cutlets. The head office is located in Fukuoka, Japan, and it is a place where all ingredients other than meat and vegetables are shipped from Japan and used.

The cabbage salad served before the meal can be enjoyed with two flavors: a fragrant shiso sauce made from mayonnaise and Japanese sesame leaves, and a fresh yuzu sauce. Anzu's signature menu is the “tenderloin pork cutlet,” which has a tender meat that spreads in the mouth and has an excellent crunchy texture, and “sirloin pork cutlet,” which has been aged for 7 days. You may feel that the batter is less crispy than the pork cutlets you usually enjoy, but the bread crumbs themselves are soft, and the meat itself has just the right amount of fat, so you can't believe that it's pork.

1498008655167083 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Anzu's signature menu “Tenderloin pork cutlet”

Euljiro returned to Euljiro with a strong body and mind after eating a pork cutlet that was ideal, even though it was thick. I walk around half of Seoul in a relaxed manner. When I'm out again, I head to an alley full of street food in Myeongdong. I think this is the real thrill of boogie. Sometimes the energy of the noisy people is a source of strength!

A sushi cafe located at the end of Seochon

I think 'Seochon', with Gwanghwamun on the left and Tongin-dong on the right, is the so-called center of an outing. There are lots of things to see and do nearby, so it's also a very crowded place when the weather is nice. In particular, many atmospheric cafes have sprung up in the streets of Seochon these days, and the number of visitors in their 20s is also increasing.

1498008857749084 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

'Park Kwang-il Sushi Cafe' located in Seochon

After passing through cafes with a quiet atmosphere unique to Seochon and shops with old-fashioned signs, you'll come across a small 'Park Kwang-il Sushi Cafe' in the shape of a neat hanok house. A sushi restaurant with an open kitchen in a cute and compact space like a cafe. At the special lunch, you can enjoy high-quality sushi for 9,900 won, which is popular not only among local office workers but also among students.

The fish meat, which has been cut so long that you can't see the rice, is thick and has a satisfying texture even when you chew it. The popular dinner menu “Sushi Set (2 people)” consists of 8 different types of sushi, including flounder, salmon, shrimp, and eggs, so you can enjoy a variety of things. The couple set, where you can enjoy hot pot udon seasoned with homemade tsuyu stock without seasoning and cool summer soba, is also a popular menu for real couples.

After eating sushi, you can take a leisurely walk up the slightly steep Sajik-dong or go on a sweet dessert tour through the pretty streets of Seochon. A day will pass by as you explore the many alleyways, from a small bakery with a pleasant smell of bread to a game room with a unique concept, a quiet book cafe, a makgeolli shop, and an art museum!

The warm summer that seems to have already arrived is a bit strange, but how about enjoying the sunshine shining through the green leaves to your heart's content? Watch out for the unusually big day break, and we'll see you safely in the next episode!



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