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“A day with happy people”

“I see as much as I know.” As I learn more and more, I feel joy in seeing a wider world, and for a while, I feel unknowingly uncomfortable when it comes to food.

In a cloudy sky, the beginning of the morning always begins with checking the concentration of fine dust. You can't go outside freely these days, and you always have to bring a mask. I feel sorry when I see couples only looking for indoor date spots or children who stay at home instead of playing around in nature to their heart's content.

May is known as Family Month. Starting with Workers' Day, Children's Day, Mother's Day, and Teacher's Day, it's a month full of days to express gratitude and love. However, now with the development of the mobile commerce market, there are more ways to communicate feelings without meeting each other.

Everyone can easily present anything from their favorite chicken of truth to sweets filled with a sweet heart. If so, how about dining vouchers from proven restaurants this time around?

In May, when there were many Golden Week holidays and events, I met people who had a great time with their family and friends using dining cards. I'll tell you the story of two people who were so happy with a hearty gift and a delicious meal!

“Thank you for coming to the wedding!”

From Seoul to Pohang, 'Vanyong-yoon' bought a dining card for friends who came one step further to celebrate their wedding.

I usually like what I eat, and I can't stand being hungry, so when I meet up with my friends, I always go to places to eat. It's important to have a good lunch, especially when you're at work, right?

However, as I ate irritating outside food every day, I gradually began to prefer spicy and non-salty foods, and I found a place where I felt comfortable even after eating at home. I think I've probably been looking for white rice houses since then. There are many hidden restaurants in the white rice house in particular, and thanks to the mothers who always kindly greet me and give me a hearty meal, even if it's a small place with a shabby exterior, I felt at ease after eating!

After getting married a while ago, I came down to Pohang to live, and even though I wanted to buy delicious food for my friends who came all the way for the wedding, I decided that it wasn't easy to go up to Seoul because it was a street. I was thinking about buying it as a gift, but I came across a dining card on the recommendation of a friend.

It was made up of restaurants recommended by the restaurant app, so it was even more reliable because it was like a membership. It wasn't a physical card, and it was convenient to be able to use it as a gift online! The payment is easy, and there are slight differences, but there are discounts at each store, so I'm satisfied.

1500608345353046 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

The interior of Wolhyang Gwanghwamun branch with a modern interior

Thanks to that, I got gifts for my friends separately, bought them, and visited Wolhyang in Gwanghwamun together. Since I've always had a lot of love for Korean food and alcohol, I was really curious that they even specialize in traditional sake. I don't usually like spicy flavors, but the food was delicious, so it was just right and the atmosphere was great.

In fact, on special anniversaries and good days, I often look for foreign food rather than Korean food. Of course, pasta and steak are good, but I thought it would be nice if more people knew the value of a bowl of anchovy noodles that took care of the broth. In that respect, Wolhyang seemed like a restaurant that knew its value and realized it.

If there's one last thing I hope for, I think it would be great if customers who use dining cards can interact with each other, recommend restaurants they've visited, and create a community where they can leave reviews. The owner can also watch it, so you can exchange and receive feedback!

“A healthy meal you can enjoy”

“Kim Hyung Jin” found a dining card to enjoy eating out comfortably with her young son

In fact, I think going out to eat with my kids these days is another challenge. Asking young children to sit still isn't easy, but letting them walk around harms other customers. I think it's been quite a while since I didn't eat out because of those concerns.

Then, after a long time, I received a dining card from a friend and went out with the whole family after a long time to have a meal at a nice place with my wife.

1500608514579055 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Kids having fun in Lejiu

The atmosphere is important, but above all else, I visited Lejiu when I was looking for a good store to visit with my kids. I also liked the fact that they offer a variety of courses, and it was nice to be able to get an additional 10% discount when visiting with a dining card.

I heard that the 3rd floor opened a while ago, but I was able to use the space more privately. The food I ordered didn't have an overly pungent flavor, but I felt the natural flavors of the ingredients, so I don't think it was burdensome to feed the child.

1500608568039047 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Le Jiu's appetizer, caprese salad

Unlike before, when I had children, when I went out to eat with my family, I looked for reliable restaurants that used healthier or seasonal ingredients.

Nowadays, I usually go to Korean restaurants in Yongin that focus on herbs. It may not be easy, but I hope the market for healthy food that can be enjoyed without feeling sorry for the body rather than just filling a meal will flourish. Also, as Korea's traditional food market grows, I hope that the day will come when children will naturally blend into it.

In this episode, I met customers who directly use dining cards and heard their honest stories. I was able to see that the demand for healthy food is particularly high among consumers these days.

In the next part, I'd like to talk about proper food. From platforms that connect farmers and consumers to ways to meet healthy restaurants! Let's meet healthy next week, we!



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