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The last-minute holiday season continues until the Liberation Day Genggeundari holiday, and travelers continue to visit vacation spots all over the country, and the summer heat is raging. If you're looking for a real restaurant to cool off the heat, why not check out Shikishin's “2017 Vacation Destination Food Map.”

On the 2017 holiday destination restaurant map, which analyzed big data based on reviews and evaluations from 2.5 million users across the country from July 2016 to July 2017, 115 restaurants with good reviews and ratings were selected from the east coast, west coast, and south coast regions. In addition to the name of the restaurant, the map includes representative menus, so you can choose and visit restaurants according to your preferences.

The main restaurants selected were “Manseok Chicken Gangjeong” in Sokcho, “Gangneung Champon Sundu Fubuhwa Garden” in Gangneung, “Naedang Korean Beef” in Hongseong, and “Naedang Korean Beef” in Hongseong, as well as eel soup from Samcheok “Sashimi Sea Restaurant”, soy sauce crab white rice from Yeosu's “Wonang Restaurant”, and anchovy sambap from “Woori Restaurant” in Namhae. In addition, popular snack menus have also made a name for themselves along with cafes with a good atmosphere, such as “Bonbread” in Sokcho, “Cafe Bohemian” in Gangneung, “Seosan Ginger Korean Food” in Seosan, “Hwawoldang” in Suncheon, and “Cultural Confectionery” in Samcheok.

1502174054328004 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

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[West coast]





Keumaeul nutritious oyster rice

Hanaji crab shop

Naedang Korean beef

Sujung Restaurant

Blue sambap

Hwa Eul

Yedang big house


Sansupa kimchi eel



Sun Moon Oyster Kalguksu

Seosan ginger Korean food

Mandaekai Fisheries

Eugene Restaurant

Two-legged sashimi collection

Samgi Restaurant

Chollipo sashimi shop

Samsambok House

Oyangson Kalguksu

Simple meal

Ilsong Crab White Rice

Ilmiok Bulgogi

Kimganesa-bone marrow swallow

Anheung Ilpum Crab Market

[South coast]






Geonbong gukbap

Wonang Restaurant

Our restaurant

Fat girl gimbap

Geoje oyster grill

Daewon Restaurant Suncheon

Dada Hanteishoku

Mizo Restaurant


Yangji Rock Sashimi Shop

Golden castle

Kyungdo Scenery Sashimi Collection

Samdado Seafood Restaurant

Fishing village fresh seafood soup

Original seafood country

Gangbyeon Eel Grill

Dongbaek Hall

Baigane anchovy sambap

Bunso Diner

Peace sashimi shop

Wrapped Wrapped Wrapped Blue

Yaksu chicken house

Roasted eel in the middle of the moon

The three most popular gimbap gimbap

Cheonhwawon Geoje Branch

Jogyesan barley rice shop

7 Gongju Diner

Treasure Island Namhae Korean Beef Plaza

Wonjomil Restaurant


Kyungdo Hall

Sunshine Bokjip

Tongyeong Chambok

Daesung Restaurant

Original Shirakkuk

Rotary cafeteria

Korean-Japanese gimbap

Sujung Restaurant

Manseong Bokjip

[East coast]







Manseok Dakgangjeong Jungang Market Branch

Cafe Bohemian

Hwangtae Hall

Sea Sashimi Samcheok Branch

Ongshim Ikalguksu

Eonyanggi Wajip Bulgogi

Bongpo mermaid house

Grandma Chodang Sundubu

Hometown story

Meeting restaurant

Dongshim Restaurant

Cultivating house

88Grilled Fish

Grandma Kofungok Sundubu

Flat restaurant

Buil Makguksu

Jukbyeon Breakwater Festival Center No. 7 Sashimi Shop

Miso giblets

Grandma Kim Young-Ae's sundubu

Gyo-dong branch

Jin Taewon

Jeongla sashimi shop

Song Hak-myeon-ok

Rib cramp

Persimmon tree house

Seoji-cho Garden

Yongpyong Hall

Cultural confectionery

Jeong Seong Branch

Dodong Sanbang

Man's house

Seaside Makguksu

Doam Restaurant

Whale meat collection

Original Hamheung Makguksu

Gangneung Potato Ongshim


Ungchon Meat Restaurant

Bon bread

Fairy Tale Garden

Pyeongchang Trout Farm (Trout House)

Wonter Garden

Yeongok Hichogutang

Pyeongchang trout sashimi shop

Gyeongju Sonkalguksu

Gilson Restaurant

Café de Paris

Cha Hyun-hee Sundubu Cheong Gukjang


Samgyori Dongchimi Makguksu

Brother Kalguksu



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