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korean food / seoul / Episode 6. Be sure to chew it. Eat right. – 1316

“What to eat”

I received news that Channel A's “Food X File” program, which became an issue with every broadcast and caused controversy, would end in June. It's only been about 5 years since I started with the ambition of conveying the hidden truth and backstory about “food” to consumers, criticizing false food culture, and seeking alternatives.

There were good aspects, such as raising awareness about “the right food” among many consumers, but on the other hand, it was a broadcast that left a sense of regret because it was caught up in the rhetoric of exaggerated broadcasts and manipulated broadcasts. Unsavory events have also been repeated, such as many shopkeepers being harmed and filing lawsuits due to the transmission of information without proper confirmation. This is because “eating” is more than just an act to resolve hunger; it acts as a culture.

We spend more time than we think thinking about “what to eat.” Some people adjust their diet because of their diet, and others run around on their own to find hidden restaurants that others don't know. Others strictly choose food for the sake of their health, and others choose food based on their religion or values.

1502415265342101 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Urban Farmer Market Marche Participants 'Root on the Plate'

“How to eat”

As an individual who loves food, I'm happy to see this change. This is because I believe that everyone's interest will create healthier and better food, just like a small amount of attention can make a difference. As life expectancy increases unlike before, we are also paying a lot of attention to life after retirement. However, 1 out of 4 adults over the age of 30 in Korea have high blood pressure, 1.2 out of 10 have diabetes, and children are no exception. As life expectancy increases, we must also pay more attention to our health. In particular, diet management is important for high blood pressure and diabetes, which are chronic diseases. Above all else, “living a healthy life” has become a homework.

Above all else, I looked at the ingredient label at the supermarket I always went to because I was determined to eat properly, but it was full of terms I didn't understand. Whether it's low pesticide, pesticide-free, or organic. There are more and more things to consider and look at, such as whether GMOs, preservatives, and emulsifiers are added. Eating the right food is an important concern for both adults and children, but for parents of children struggling with atopic dermatitis, it is an issue that cannot be ignored.

As there were plenty of places to eat, the range of “food” that could be “eaten” increased, but there were also more things to “choose from.” To what extent should processed foods be accepted, including the origin of raw materials and farming methods, and by what criteria should restaurants that serve finished food be selected?

We were confronted with the overall concern about the so-called “right food.” If it only comes with a pesticide-free certificate, is it the right food? Or is it just a vegetarian diet that excludes meat that is harmful to health? Or they say they use seasonal ingredients? The reality is that nothing has been properly defined yet.

1502415446937110 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

A Marche company that sells apples, apple juice, and dried apples

“The right food”

Various platforms have also sprung up in response to consumer needs. “Market College” sells carefully selected ingredients; “Farming Fund” where you can directly invest in farmers; and “Shikigami”, which finds the right restaurants. Various local food stores are popping up one after another, including “Marche,” an urban farmers' market that opens once a month.

Good restaurants, healthy restaurants, seasonal ingredients, MSG free, eco-friendly organic restaurants, etc. In fact, Shikigin is currently in the process of trying to define Shikishin's own definition of proper food. In order to find a restaurant you can trust, to become a proper food evangelist for the people, and for a healthy and enjoyable meal, we will continue to work hard to find a restaurant you can visit with confidence.

These days, a cool breeze blows little by little after my lips have passed. Are you spending pleasant days in the fading heat and clear skies? In the next installment, I'm going to a restaurant in Seorae Village that will make you feel excited in your daily life. Until then, have a delicious day!



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