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Just as people have birthdays, there are vegetables, fruits, and seafood that only grow during that season. Nowadays, various facilities have been developed, and you can get them when you want to eat them regardless of the season, but agricultural products grown when they are not in season are less nutritious and fresh than in season. This is because seasonal agricultural products receive plenty of sunlight and are at their best in flavor and nutrition. There is also a saying to eat seasonal produce properly instead of supplements.

In our busy daily lives, there are times when it is difficult to buy, cook, and eat seasonal produce at that time. How good would it be if a restaurant that “cooked” healthily with seasonal ingredients appeared right in front of you? Don't forget to eat something delicious today too! Today is a day where I think again about eating delicious food from time to time and living a healthy life to the fullest with a strong body and mind.

Steelmaking materials in July and August


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Source: Agricultural Fund

White or yellowish skin. When it comes to summer, watermelon is the first fruit that comes to mind. Personally, it's also the editor's favorite fruit. It's just a good feeling to just sit back and watch the plump, but if you bite into the delicious flesh and bite your mouth full of peaches, it's like there's no paradise on earth. When I sit still watching the juice flowing down, I'm just happy to see the sticky summer as sweat drips down.

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“Dowon Yuyi ()” means a righteous promise made under a peach tree, and it is a word that refers to the scene in “Three Kingdoms” where Yubi, Guan Yu, and Equipment form brothers. It means that like-minded people act together to achieve a single goal. It is said that a radiant flower bloomed behind the three people making an appointment. There were probably peach fruits growing all over the flowers. What did the peach that the three of them kept their promise taste like?

Peaches also often appear in mythology. It is also known as a fruit eaten fresh from heaven. It has also been passed down as the secret to staying young for a long time and living a long life. In particular, due to the myth that eating peaches at night makes you beautiful, it is said that our ancestors enjoyed eating them at night. Also, in many storybooks, a peach is used to describe sobare-sein. White, immaculate skin and bright pink cheeks. The song “Peach” by the singer “IU” also features the lyrics “White Skin.”

Peaches have been close to us for a long time. Peaches are perfect for getting through the hot summer!

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Peaches are also called peaches, and their flavor is sweet, sour, and warm. The flesh is divided into a white white color and a yellow ecliptic. White peaches are juicy and soft, while the ecliptic is relatively hard. Fruits are heavily influenced by sunshine and precipitation, but peaches are said to be one of the most sensitive. If the sunlight is too strong, the branches will dry and die, and if there is a lot of precipitation, diseases will easily occur.

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Agricultural Fund's guide to peach varieties by season

Depending on the growing area, the amount of sunshine, and the variety of peaches also changes depending on the time of day.

At the end of July, white peaches, which are relatively large, soft and juicy, and Yongtaek Gold, which is soft and juicy, and has a strong aroma of the zodiacal color, are shipped. In early August, they are one of the representative varieties of Madokawa white peaches that are hard and squishy, and are very soft and white. In the middle of the year, Aecheon Jungdo, which is a soft white peach with high sweetness and low acidity, will be released. At the end of the year, the soft Cheonjung-do, which is one of the representative varieties of white peaches, and the sweet-scented Tankindo will be released. At the end of summer, in September, a hard white peach with milky white skin and flesh comes out, and when the soft ecliptic appears in mid-September, the summer peach season comes to an end.

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If there's also a seasonal fruit you must try in Europe, it's the Flat Peach (Flat Peach). It's mainly produced in Spain. Unlike ordinary peaches, it is a fruit derived from the appearance of being pressed flat; it is also a type that can only be enjoyed together in the hot summer from mid-June. It is said that the unique aroma of peaches is more intense than that of ordinary peaches, and the sugar content adorns almost all summer fruits.

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It is said that peaches taste best when they are kept at 0 to 1 degrees. If you eat them too cold, the sugar content will drop, so you can enjoy the most delicious peaches if you serve them at room temperature an hour or two before eating. When storing in the refrigerator, peaches may spoil if the peel of peaches comes into direct contact with cold air, so it is recommended to protect the peaches by wrapping them in paper or a kitchen towel before storing them. You can eat it after washing it off with running water two or three times to prevent hair from getting on it.

There are also people who are allergic to the itchy fluff on the surface of peaches. It is an allergy that occurs when you touch the fluff on the surface of a peach or when you eat a peach. Symptoms may occur if the area becomes itchy and red when you touch the cotton wool, so it is recommended that you take it with care.

I hear it's summer! This is news that all of the peach lovers must shout. Not just the zodiac/white star! Picking carefully so that you can conquer all kinds of peaches! Let's try it out! In the next post, I'm going to meet with CEO Park Jong-beom of the Agricultural Fund, who eats the most delicious peaches. Let's meet the CEO's thoughts on agricultural products together.

This post is accompanied by a crowdfunding farming fund that invests in the national restaurant application Shikigami X Farmer.



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