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korean food / seoul / Bibigo with the left hand, rubbing with the right hand, the 5 best bibimguksu restaurants in the country – 1326

Her flabby head is raised and she grabs well-boiled noodles in a spicy sauce made to your liking. Finally, add a cool cucumber to complete the dish. A sweet and sour bibimguksu that will cheer up your taste buds when you have no appetite or when cooking is bothersome. For those of you who are lying in bed like a dog tired from the heat, here are some good value bibim-noodle restaurants around the country. The price is also cheap, so you only need a few tickets worth 1,000 won in your pocket. Let's take a walk out and explore the surrounding area. Wouldn't it be nice to relax a little bit of the remaining heat with a bowl of noodles?

1. Jeonju, 'Lee Yeon Guksu'

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“Lee Yeon” is a noodle specialty store that has been loved by Jeonju people for a long time. If you order noodles, kimchi, soy sauce, and red pepper are served as basic dishes. The chewy noodles of the noodles are the main attraction of this restaurant chosen by regulars. “Feast noodles” and “bibimguksu” are both signature dishes and are sought after by many people. Feast noodles are delicious when eaten with sour fresh kimchi in a rich broth. Bibimguksu, which is topped with only sauce and sliced cucumber, is added to the sauce with anchovy broth to add umami. Note that if you don't have enough sari, you can add one at no extra cost.

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â–²Location: 1529-19, Inhu-dong 2-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do â–²Opening hours: 12:00-21:30 every day, 7 days a week â–²Price: Feast noodles 3,000 won, bibimguksu 3,000 won â–²Review (~*): Afterwork snack?? Also, I want to eat my first meal!!! I'm going to eat well today~ it's delicious no matter when I come!!!

2. Sankakuji, “Old-fashioned noodles”

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It is a noodle shop located in a triangular area of Seoul, and they make noodles in the old way they have been stubbornly adhering to for 35 years since 1981. The broth flavored with anchovies and kelp from Yeosu is stewed over a long period of time on a soft briquette fire and has a very deep flavor. In summer, “bibimguksu,” which combines crunchy bean sprouts, savory sesame seeds, and a moderately concentrated sauce, is a popular menu. Gimbap, which seems to be slightly bland, can be enjoyed even more deliciously when eaten with warm anchovy broth and sweet and sour bibimguk.

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* Source: Demand Food Party

â–²Location: 231-23, Hangang-ro 1-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 06:00-21:00 every day â–²Price range: Onguksu 3,000 won, bibimguksu 3,500 won, homemade fee 3,500 won â–²Review (Shikigin Sombly): Bibimguksu 3500 won, Onguksu 3000 won, Kalguksu 4000 won, is there any other place that can be eaten more delicious and at a lower price in the modern age of old prices?? By the way, I had the bibimguksu the best~~^^

3. Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi, 'Manghyang Bibimguksu'

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“Manghyang Bibimguksu” became famous for its bibimguksu at Yeoncheon Samgai since 1968. The Recruit Training University is located right next door, so it gradually began to spread word of mouth. There are no other businesses nearby, but many people are only looking for bibimguksu. It features a richer and thicker seasoning than other bibimguksu. As a garnish, it is topped with crispy onions and ripe white kimchi, and the sour and refreshing white kimchi captures the spicy flavor of the sauce. One recommended method is to eat it with freshly steamed king dumplings. Please note that noodles are prepared separately for children. You can also find chain stores other than the main store.

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* Source: Shikigami Contents Team

â–²Location: 231-2, Gungpyeong-ri, Cheongsan-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do â–²Opening hours: 10:00-20:30 every day, 7 days a week â–²Price range: Bibimguksu 5,000, baby noodles 1,000 won â–²Review (Find Nemo the food): This is the most famous restaurant in Yeoncheon for bibimguk. Since it's a medium noodle, it had just the right amount of texture and was very filling, which was nice. The sauce had a spicy yet sweet flavor, so I kept eating it. If you're bored of eating only bibimguksu, order Wangdu as well. It's perfect to eat with bibimguksu.

4. Ilsan, 'Jinbatguksu'

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“Jinbatguksu” in Ilsan is located in a quiet town with few people coming and going. “Feast noodles” are based on a rich anchovy broth, and are characterized by a refreshing flavor that doesn't smell fishy when grated radish is mixed with makgeolli concentrate. “Bibimguksu,” which has a sweet finish, is also one of the popular dishes. The flavor of radish kimchi placed as a garnish on top of bibimguksu enhances the taste buds. As a side dish with noodles, “makjeon,” which includes pumpkin, carrots, leeks, and onions, is also a delicacy. You can enjoy it warm and crispy right out of the box as soon as you order it.

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*Source: ok1014's Instagram

â–²Location: 601-3 Seongseok-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Business hours: 11:00-20:00 on weekdays, 11:00-17:00 on weekends â–²Price range: Hot radish cold noodles 4,000 won, feast noodles 4,000 won, bibimguksu 4,000 won â–²Review (Black Peanuts in Shikigin): I was curious when I came to Master of Life, but I stopped by because the schedule was right on the way by! Good value for money. In particular, the amount was large, so it didn't decrease whether I ate it or not…

5. Haengju Mountain, 'Original Country Collection'

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The “Original Noodle Collection” is popular among riders visiting Haengju Mountain. At first, it started by cooking noodles for hungry riders at supermarkets, and now it has become a restaurant visited from all over the country. The “feast noodles” here have a rich aroma and freshness of anchovies, and above all, the amount full of hospitality is impressive. Bibimguksu, which is topped with plenty of lettuce and seaweed powder in a red sauce, can also be enjoyed refreshingly along with the tangy flavor of ripe kimchi. Homemade, filling gyoza is also great to eat with noodles.

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*Source: jiy00oon's Instagram

â–²Location: 138-3 Haengjunae-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do â–²Opening hours: Every day from 10:00 to 22:00, closed on Mondays â–²Price: 4,500 won for bibimguksu, 4,000 won for feast noodles â–²Review (food god boobooBoo): After visiting Haengju Mountain, I stopped by to see a famous noodle shop nearby. The store wasn't as big as I thought, but the parking attendants were divided according to how many customers there were. The amount of noodles was also really loud, and when I saw that customers who asked for more noodles were given more noodles at no additional charge. The anchovy broth was also refreshing and very tasty.

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