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These days, the fickle summer weather continues, where it's hot, and then it's raining all over the place. As my mouth passed by, it seemed to cool slightly, and soon the hot sun was shining again. When I walk down the street, I think I'll melt away in the heat, so I'm thinking all about how good it would be to have air conditioning on the street. Now, a little over half of August, it's still dangerous outside the house! It's really, really dangerous.

Nevertheless, summer is also a time when fruits and crops sown in spring grow profusely. Rice is probably growing with their heads bowed down more and more in the hot sun. The August seasonal ingredients introduced this time are also crops that have grown strong and stored nutrients since spring. I think there are probably many people who will be happy to hear it as soon as they hear it, but of course I am included.

August steelmaking materials


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There's nothing like a true potato. Along with wheat, barley, and corn, potatoes are known as the four major crops in the world. A rich crop that fills the stomach with a silky, soft, and strong feeling. It was a crop that was always with the common people even in times when they were ruined by war and had nothing to eat. Potatoes are delicious no matter how you cook them, whether they are boiled, baked, sautéed, or fried. It's a steelmaking material that I personally want the editor to stay with for a long time.

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Kim Dong-in's' Potato 'cover

“Potato” by Kim Dong-in is something that anyone who has seen Sueong in Korea has probably heard of at least once. In this work, potatoes appear as a means of livelihood. “Lucky Girl,” who was struggling to eat and live, got caught secretly picking potatoes from a field in “Wang Seobang” and became a spy, and she likes it because she can earn a living with her husband with that money. In “Camellia Flower” by Kim Yu-jung, Jeong Soon-i is a sign of affection and says, “There's nothing like this in Neogi, right?” They also hand over potatoes.

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Potatoes of various colors and shapes

Did you know that potatoes come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes other than the potatoes we eat? It is said that there are over 4,000 varieties of potatoes alone around the world. Potatoes can be classified by color and shape; depending on color, they are divided into white potatoes, red potatoes, and purple potatoes. If you go to a supermarket in the US, which has a large area, you can find various types of potatoes produced in each region. With the exception of varieties that grow well in any climate, potatoes suited to the climate and conditions of each country have been developed and produced, and the potatoes used vary according to the cooking method.

Since potatoes are native to the Andes in South America, they are considered one of the representative vitamin crops of both East and West. Potatoes have significantly more “vitamin C” than other vegetables, and unlike fruits that lose their vitamins when heated, they have fewer vitamins that decrease when heated, and are rich in other nutrients, so they are also called “apples in the field.”

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Pork potatoes

Haji potatoes account for the majority in Korea, but they are called haji potatoes because potatoes are planted from the end of March to the end of April and harvested from the end of June to the end of August, which is the time of the summer solstice. Haji-mochi potatoes are widely known for their fluffy texture. This is because potatoes that have stored nutrients in the warm spring sun send those nutrients to their roots at night when there are large shifts. Then, you can see that the potatoes harvested around this time are extremely busy because they have a lot of fat.

A “pork potato” called a “purple potato” is a thin potato with a purplish skin. It is resistant to insects and natural disasters and is characterized by not falling apart even when cooked. Thanks to their unique sweet flavor, pork potatoes can be dried well and enjoyed as tea, but it is said that many people are looking for them as their benefits to help with dieting have recently become known.

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If you want to buy healthy potatoes, you should choose those that have a smooth surface with few scratches. Heavy and hard ones are good for long-term storage. Avoid sprouting or greenish potatoes, as these are likely old potatoes.

Potatoes turn brown when they come into contact with air, so we recommend cutting them just before cooking. Peeled potatoes should be soaked in cold water to drain the water, then wrapped in a plastic bag or plastic wrap and refrigerated. Potatoes do not sprout during a dormant period until 3 months after harvesting, but if they sprout after that, they contain solanine, which is a toxin, so the shoots must be cut off and used with a knife. If you cut off the shoots, they can be eaten, but since nutrients are lost, it is recommended to eat them within the expiration date.

It is best to store potatoes in a cool, well-ventilated place for about a week with soil on them, but it is said that storing potatoes and apples together can delay germination due to a component called ethylene.

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Wait here for a moment! Is the potato in Gamjatang the right one we know? I thought the gamjatang I ate with my parents when I was a kid was gamjatang because of course it contained a lot of fluffy potatoes. Until I learned that there is a part called a “potato” in the pork bone part. Nevertheless, there are two theories about why it is called gamjatang. There is a part of the vertebrae called the so-called “potato bone” in the bone bone area, and the theory is that they started adding potatoes to make the most of the saltiness and thickness of the soup. In conclusion, it's not clear exactly why gamjatang is gamjatang. But there's no better day than putting a cup of soju on a steaming potato soup of any potato, right?

The weather is very hot. If it's hot, if you're only under the air conditioner, your head hurts and you may get air conditioning sickness, but when you go outside, the hot, humid air that surrounds your body isn't easy. At that time, why not just go out to a cool mountain with steaming potatoes and fresh kimchi? The bright sunlight and overgrown trees and valleys will be a source of strength for difficult summers.

Next time, I'll look for places that use potatoes to cook deliciously. Please stay cool.



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