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It was raining so steadily that I thought it was Southeast Asia, and a cool wind blew in the blue and high sky that made me wonder when it was hot. In particular, the air that you can feel in the morning and evening seems to contain a lot of fall and fall, so I'm really happy. For reasons such as being afraid of fine dust in spring or being too hot in summer, make sure to close the door and stay at home is the best! If you shout, why don't you lift up your body, which is so heavy now, and welcome the fall? Autumn just feels so short. I hope you enjoy this year to the fullest. Leave it up to Shikigami to decide where to go and what to eat!


“Sokcho” is a place where you can see the sea so blue that you can't tell whether it's the sky or the sea by touching the blue sky. Thanks to the expressway that was opened not long ago, you can get there in just 1 hour from Seoul. If you visit to escape the heat in the summer and enjoy activities in the winter, this is a place where you can enjoy a different kind of fun every season. Sokcho in the fall is fun to enjoy seasonal fall seafood along with the colorful autumn leaves from the surrounding mountains. After driving, I stopped by Abai Village and ate a bite of sundae with gari gukbap to relax. Sokcho Central Market, which is located on the opposite side, is a place to visit on a tidal boat drawn by people. Buy the famous chicken gangjeong in one hand!

1. Eating Abai Sundae at Abai Village, Sokcho's “Shindashin”

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'Abai Village' was settled by groups of displaced people from Hamgyung-do who came down in the Korean War in 1950. It is a place that has been making and selling abai sundae, which was enjoyed in the Hamgyong region, for 50 years. Among them, “Shinda-shin,” where many people are waiting in line, is famous not only for abai sundae, but also for garigokubap and squid sundae. Gari Gukbap, a traditional food from Hamgyong Province, is a gukbap based on beef bone broth and can only be enjoyed in Sinda-shin. Squid sundae, which contains various types of beef in squid, is also one of the traditional foods. The light and crisp “abai sundae” is also one of the popular dishes. The store is divided into seated and standing tables, and there may be waitings on weekends or during the holiday season.

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â–²Location: 838 Cheongho-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do â–²Business hours: 09:00-21:00 every day, 7 days a week â–²Price: Gari Gukbab 8,000 won, Abai Sundae (small) 12,000 won â–²Review (I had a sundae and gari gukbap): I ordered assorted sundae and gari gukbap. They also kindly explained how to eat when I was relaxing, so I enjoyed it even more. Sundae was delicious, but I think gari gukbap would have been better. The taste is delicious, but it's a place where the lady's kindness leaves a better memory

[Great Wall]

It's a place that comes to mind when you're tired of everyday life and want to take a good rest. Chukryeongsan Mountain in Jangseong, called the Forest of Healing, has a cypress forest that is said to be good for recovering from fatigue, and is a place where many people visit for forest bathing. Cypress, which produces a lot of phytoncides, is said to help stabilize the mind and body and strengthen cardiopulmonary function. Many families visit Chukryeongsan Mountain, which is a great place to walk with children because the hills are not too steep. How about walking through a cypress forest along a mountain ridge this fall while feeling the sun shining through the leaves? If you walk along a refreshing mountain path while feeling the autumn breeze, you will be able to feel the relief of a week's fatigue.

2. Have you heard of maple tofu? Jangseong “Maple Tofu”

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“Maple Tofu” is a traditional sundubu specialty store made from maple tree sap. The popular menu is the “Maple Tofu Happy Meal,” which comes with “Maple Chubu Chaeban Bossam” and Maple Tofu Mushroom Hot Pot. Maple tofu mushroom hot pot contains maple tofu, parsley, various types of mushrooms, and dumplings, and thanks to the gyoza made with vegetables and soy meat, you can enjoy a light flavor without being burdensome. The maple tofu homemade here has a soft crushing texture and a subtle sweetness that you can feel at the end. There are many repeat visitors because they don't forget the refreshing and refreshing taste of the soup because it doesn't use any condiments. Bossam, which boasts moisture in an appropriate ratio of fat and lean meat, can be enjoyed even more deliciously by adding various kinds of herbs marinated directly from the store.

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â–²Location: 232-6, Yaksu-ri, Buk-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do â–²Business hours: 08:00-21:30 on weekdays, 08:00-22:00 on weekends (winter) â–²Price range: Maple Tofu Happy Meal 40,000 won â–²Review (Shikigin Schwitt): My dad took me there during training! I felt healthier because I ate it with the green trees next to it, and I was proud that the owner explained each herb by himself. A company of returning visitors 100%


“Glory” is a place where the vast plains meet fresh seafood from the West Sea. Beopseongpo is a place that has become more famous than the area due to Gulbi. The surrounding area is Hampyeong-gun and Gochang-gun, which are famous for their food, and are popular among people who enjoy food trips. Gochang, in particular, has many good places to take care of yourself, such as pufferfish and eel, so it's a great place to make up for lost energy. Eat well and take a deep breath while watching the expansive plains with a refreshed body and mind. Once you shout in the open sea, you'll probably be able to relieve the stress that lies deep within your heart.

3. After all, the restaurant is Jeolla-do! Yeonggwang “A House of Abundance”

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A “rich house” where you can enjoy famous oysters and crab in Yeonggwang at the same time. It's a place where you can quickly empty a bowl of rice without a main menu, with plenty of side dishes prepared with delicious flavors made by hand from Jeolla-do. The popular menu is the “oyster+soy sauce crab set meal,” where you can enjoy salty grilled oysters, oyster stew, and soy sauce crab at the same time. Soy sauce crab full of eggs doesn't have a strong fishy flavor, so people who don't usually enjoy soy sauce crab can feel free to enjoy it. The rice is served as stone-grilled rice, so you can enjoy it by pouring hot water over it. Please note that there may be large crowds waiting on weekends.

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â–²Location: 1141-5, Beopseong-ri, Beopseong-myeon, Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do â–²Opening hours: 11:30-20:30 every day, 7 days a week â–²Price: Gulbi+soy sauce crab set meal 20,000 won per person â–²Testimonial (I also Benedict the meal): I enjoyed soy sauce crab and oysters at the same time, but the amount on the receipt wasn't high ~ LOL I think five people enjoyed it for 4 to 50,000 won? The size of an oyster is plump and the crab is full of eggs ^^ Great. Satisfied!!


Gongju is home to the Baekje Historic Site, which was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it was the capital of Baekje, it has many historical relics and museums, making it a great place for a historical trip. After climbing Gongsan Castle, which consists of not a high ascent, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Gongju City and the Geumgang River, so you can enjoy a refreshing sense of relaxation. The quiet yet secluded atmosphere makes it a great place to go with grandma and grandpa. Gongju Sanseong Market hosts a night market where you can drink at night, so it's a good idea to check it out when you visit.

4. Fried Chicken Soup of Life, Princess 'Yangdal Garden'

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“Yangdal Garden” cooks with home-raised chicken. The most popular menu item is “lacquer chicken,” which uses free-range chicken. You can enjoy the chewy yet soft lean meat even more if you eat it with the green onions that come with it. The deep, refreshing soup of chicken broth from lacquer chicken is delicious even if you add porridge at the end. For those who can't eat lacquered chicken, there are “momnamu duck” and “fried chicken soup,” and the fried chicken soup is particularly delicious. If you eat well-seasoned lean meat with rich potatoes and mushrooms, you can enjoy it even more. When an order comes in, they catch the chicken and start cooking, so it's a good idea to order in advance over the phone. Please note that rooms must be booked in advance. Due to its location, it is difficult to get there by public transportation, so there are many customers who use their own cars, and there is a separate parking lot.

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â–²Location: 103 Docheon-ri, Wooseong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do â–²Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 every day â–²Price range: 48,000 won for lacquerware chicken, 43,000 won â–²Review (Shikigami Stingray 2): A great place to take care of yourself. If you can't eat lacquer chicken, you can try umamu chicken or fried chicken soup. The chicken is free-range chicken, so it's really big.


Chuncheon can be reached in just over an hour by ITX from Seoul. There are many visitors regardless of the season due to convenient transportation and many things to see. In particular, Nami Island, known as the Republic of Naminara, is a popular destination for couples because there are walking paths through long rows of trees, and you can enjoy the different beauty of each season. Don't miss Chuncheon's signature dish, dak-galbi, and it's a popular menu that can be enjoyed casually by people of all ages. Furthermore, it is said that many cafes with a stylish atmosphere have sprung up in Chuncheon these days, so why not go out holding hands with your loved ones?

5. Still, if you go to Chuncheon, you have to eat Dak-galbi, Chuncheon “Woosung Dak-galbi”

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“Woosung Dak-galbi” is popular among Chuncheon locals. It is located some distance from Chuncheon Dak-galbi Alley. The signature dish is “dak-galbi,” which is fried directly on an iron plate. The flavor of the combination of tender lean meat and various vegetables in a sauce with a unique umami flavor is excellent. Adding a puffy udon sari is also a delicacy. You can add fried rice after you've finished eating. If the sauce doesn't suit you, you can ask for condiments separately, and it's not as spicy as it looks, so it's easy to find customers visiting as a family. There are 4 branches in Chuncheon, and separate packaging and delivery are also available.

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â–²Location: 801-11, Hupyeong 3-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do â–²Opening hours: 10:30-22:30 every day, closed on holidays â–²Price: Dak-galbi 11,000 won, fried rice 2,000 won â–²Testimonial (Shikigin Sombly): Dak-galbi was served at the popular dinner party. I was surprised. But after all, they treated Chuncheon as the center. If that wasn't the case, they said they wouldn't go to the popular gourmet party again. Heh, I think to some extent that they picked the right restaurants because they covered 3 delicious restaurants in the Chuncheon section.



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