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korean food / seoul / Restaurants that open their doors during the Chuseok holiday – 1367

The 2017 Chuseok holiday starts on September 30 and lasts for about 10 days. Chuseok, the month in the middle of autumn and the day in the middle of August, is the most popular holiday of the year. An autumn evening, or even more so, Chuseok, which means that the autumn moonlight is the best night, also has the meaning of a good holiday when the moon is exceptionally bright. Having a delicious meal with the whole family on such a nice day is the happiest time of all. Here are some restaurants that open their doors during the Chuseok holiday so that everyone can spend the long, long holidays not only at home but also at delicious restaurants.

1. Korean beef slaughtered on the same day, 'Wongang' in Nonhyeon-dong

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A Korean beef specialty store that uses Korean beef selected by the owner and slaughtered on the same day, sent directly from Hampyeong (or Naju) in Jeollanam-do every day. It is a place that uses only first-grade Korean beef cows raised in grassland with a good smell of soil, and you can enjoy good quality Korean beef, although it's not cheap. Popular items on the menu are marbled “flower sirloin” and “raw sirloin,” which are often sold out even if you visit a little late. In addition, various cuts such as pork sashimi, swallow meat, ribs, and tenderloin are also prepared, and “radish rice,” which is made straight from rice, is also a delicacy.

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*Source: Shikigami Contents Team

â–²Location: 16, Hakdong-ro 6-gil, Gangnam-gu â–²Opening hours: 11:30 to 23:00 every day, open all year round â–²Price: Raw sirloin (200g) 54,000 won, radish rice 11,000 won â–²Testimonial (Chef Yamae, the Chef of Shikigami): An old store exterior that is hard to see in Gangnam region. Unlike the gorgeous surroundings that have gone through so many restaurants, Wongang is a restaurant that has been kept consistent, so the atmosphere would be strange for today's generation? hehe

2. 'Zhonghua Fuchun' in Yeonnam-dong, calling for good fortune

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A Chinese restaurant opened by Chef Nam Chun-bok, who has returned from many years of experience in China, starting with a Chinese restaurant at a famous hotel in Korea. The most popular item on the menu is “Cotton Wadding Cream (Kansho) Shrimp.” The characteristic of the fluffy batter is that the outside is crispy and the inside is elastic and chewy. The Suzhou-style “dongpa-yuk” steamed with lotus leaves is another popular menu item, where tender pork ribs are served with crunchy bok choy and savory walnuts. Thanks to steaming it for more than 2 hours with herbal medicine, you can enjoy tender lean meat without any residue. Closed on Chuseok Day.

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*Source: Zhonghua Fuchun's official Instagram

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*Source: Zhonghua Fuchun's official Instagram

â–²Location: 152-11 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu â–²Opening hours: 12:00 to 23:00 every day (Monday to Friday break time 15:00 to 17:00) â–²Price: Cotton cotton creamed shrimp (medium), 36,000 won â–²Review (Where is my friend's house): Chinese restaurant that became the restaurant of my life with kansho shrimp. Champon is also a must-try menu. I made good use of the flavor of Chinese food without feeling the whole thing.

3. 'Manghyang Bibimguksu' in Gwangjin-gu, spiciness that enhances the palate

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“Manghyang Bibimguksu” became famous for its bibimguksu at Yeoncheon Samgai since 1968. Currently, chain stores can be found in various regions, including the main branch in Yeoncheon. The signature menu is “bibimguksu,” which has a richer and thicker sauce than other bibimguksu. As a garnish, it is topped with crispy onions and ripe white kimchi, and the sour and refreshing white kimchi captures the spicy flavor of the sauce. One recommended method is to eat it with freshly steamed king dumplings. Please note that noodles are prepared separately for children.

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â–²Location: 694 Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin-gu â–²Opening hours: 10:30 to 22:30 every day, closed on Chuseok day â–²Price range: Bibimguksu 6,000, baby noodles 2,000 won â–²Review (Lewis Nam, the god of food): Highly recommended for bibimguksu. If you brought a baby, don't order baby noodles; share the feast noodles.

4. American-style smoked barbecue, Itaewon 'Liners Barbeque'

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An American-style smoked barbecue restaurant located at Noksapyeong Station. The signature menu is the “pulled pork platter,” which offers tender pork shoulder that has been smoked for a long time, mini burger buns full of butter flavor, French fries, and coleslaw to soothe your senses. The “platter for two,” where you can enjoy pulled pork and brisket, the brisket, which is the brisket of a cow, is also popular. Meat can also be added separately when ordering a platter. In addition, baby back ribs, spare ribs, sandwiches, and a variety of side dishes are also available. Please check the official social media for information on whether they are open on Chuseok Day.

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â–²Location: 136-13 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:30 every day (last order 9:45) â–²Price range: Pulled pork platter 15,000 won, platter for 2 people 31,000 won â–²Review (Hwang Sun-wook, the god of food): If you think about 20,000 won per person, you can enjoy a good meal. The beef barbecue seems a bit salty, but if you eat it as a burger with vegetables on bread, the seasoning is perfect. We offer two types of sauce, and you can choose whatever you like. The interior atmosphere and location of the store are also close to Noksapyeong Station, making it easy to get there.

5. Italian home-cooked meal, 'Osteria Cotto' in Apgujeong

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“Osteria Cotto”, located in Apgujeong, presents dishes that make use of various ideas and the characteristics of each ingredient based on Italian home-cooked meals. Pasta uses dried noodles or raw noodles that go well with each menu, so you can enjoy the fresh yet chewy texture. The cost-effective lunch course, where you enjoy bread and Italian snacks as appetizers before the meal, and then finish with pasta, dessert, and coffee (or tea) of your choice is popular. Among pastas, porcini pesto cream pasta is popular, which has the crunchy texture of linguine noodles, the aroma of wild mushrooms, and the rich flavor of the cream sauce.

1506651163484963 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

*Source: Osteria Cotto's official Instagram

1506651171261930 jpg Korean Food September 25th, 2023

*Source: Osteria Cotto's official Instagram

â–²Location: 835 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu â–²Opening hours: 11:30 to 22:00 every day (break time 15:00-17:00) â–²Price: Porcini pesto cream pasta 24,000 won, Iberian sirloin grill 43,000 won â–²Review (Vienna with a line of food): There's a place like this in Apgujeong-dong!! It is a restaurant that uses the entire building. The terrace space is very nice. I think it would be great to eat on the terrace when the weather gets warmer. The price-quality ratio is very good.



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