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korean food / seoul / Small Spanish ‘El Cubito (El Cubito) ‘in Gwanghwamun – 1419

'El Cubito'

A traditional Spanish restaurant where chef Pedro Rodriguez from Spain presents his own dishes.

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Chef “PEDRO RODRIGUEZ (PEDRO RODRIGUEZ)” from Catalonia in northern Spain has opened many fine dining restaurants in Spain and Bangkok, in addition to his history of going through a Michelin 2-star restaurant and gaining experience at a 5-star hotel. It allows minimal touches such as fresh olive oil and salt to ingredients from nature, and presents a cooking style that pursues the natural flavors and fresh flavors of the ingredients.

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The exterior of 'El Cubito' located on the first basement floor of Heungkuk Life Insurance Building

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View of the kitchen from the hall

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Place a long-legged chair to create a different atmosphere

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A view of the various seating arrangements

At El Cubito, you can find not only well-known Spanish food such as paella, jamon, and Iberian steak, but also a different kind of mainland Spanish menu. “Grilled piglet” marinated and baked with various herbs is a special menu that can only be enjoyed when pre-ordering. There are also about 15 different tapas menus that you can easily pair with wine, so it's a great place to casually visit even in the late evening.

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'Jamon Salad' with Manchego cheese

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'Fried eggplant' with 5 spices and goat cheese

Typical tapas menus include “jamon salad” with manchego cheese and “eggplant tempura” with 5 spices and goat cheese. In particular, the jamon salad has a unique flavor because it combines jamon, which is the most representative Spanish ingredient, with Spain's representative cheese “Manchego cheese,” made from sheep's milk. Manchego cheese has a rich flavor unique to sheep's milk and has a sour, tangy, and salty flavor, so I recommend eating it with rich red wine from Spain.

The characteristic of deep-fried eggplant is that eggplant marinated in milk is deep-fried, and the outside is crispy and the inside is moist. Five spices (cinnamon powder, clove, star anise, pepper, and fennel) and goat cheese are added to it, so it goes well not only with wine but also with Spanish Estella-Damme Inédit beer.

“Esttella Damm Inedit draft beer” is an attractive beer with soft foam like clouds and subtle fruit and flower aromas, and can be found as fresh draft beer in El Cubito. Other products include “Estrella Damm Lemon,” which has a refreshing feel like lemonade, and “Estrella Bokdam,” which has an excellent savory flavor with a dark stout beer, so you can choose according to your preferences.

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Aerial shot of 'Egg with chorizo and potatoes'

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Side shot of 'Egg with chorizo and potatoes'

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“Spanish omelette” only available for lunch

“Egg with chorizo and potato,” which is made by putting eggs, fried potatoes, and grilled Spanish chorizo in a well-heated pan and baked in the oven one more time, is also a popular menu, and the advantage is that you can enjoy it warmly from the tapas menu. Note that the Spanish-style omelette with ratatouille in the photo is an omelette made from potatoes, onions, and eggs topped with ratatouille made with paprika, pumpkin, eggplant, tomato, thyme, and bay leaves, and can only be ordered at lunch.

The menu structure for lunch and dinner is different, so we recommend checking the official website for detailed menus and courses. Note that the store has separate private rooms in addition to hall seats, making it easy for various seminars and business meetings, and it is also possible to organize separate menus depending on the type of meeting.

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Tapas with wine

1511345703453147 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023This is a small Spain in Gwanghwamun!

[Shikigami's Tip]
â–²Address: 68 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul Heungkuk Life Insurance Building 1st basement floor.
â–²Business hours: Monday-Friday lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00 (last order 14:00), dinner 17:30 ~ 22:00 (last order 21:00), Saturday 11:30 ~ 22:00 (last order 21:00), Sunday 12:00 ~ 21:00 (last order 20:00)
â–²Price: JAMON SALAD Jamon Salad 18,000, FRIED EGG PLANT Fried Eggplant 9,000, EGG CHORIZO Egg with Chorizo and Potato 10,000, SPANISH OMELET Spanish Omelette 13,000
â–²Testimonial (I only ate this): It was worth going. Along with authentic Spanish cuisine, you can eat a variety of wines, Spanish beers, etc. In particular, wine is reasonably priced, so it's easy to eat.



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