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korean food / seoul / Dad and daughter having fun together! 7th Street Pizza’s new menu “Papa & Na” – 1442

“It's dangerous outside the futon!” I don't want to go outside the house in the winter because the days are
so cold
. I'm hungry, I don't want
to go out of the futon, fiddle with my phone, and end up ordering food on my phone these days
. Winter, when the weather is cold, is also a season where an unusually large number of new menus come out. The unique combination of food made the editor's knees cringe! Introducing “Papa Anna,” a new menu item from “7th Street Pizza.”

1513732744517170 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Poster for the new “Papa & Na” menu offered by 7th Street Pizza

A picture that will dazzle everyone when it comes to cheese! There are a whopping three types of cheese sprinkled on this new menu. It features snowflake cheese, which is nicely placed on pizza, and ricotta cheese, which is not often seen on pizza. It's the soft ricotta cheese on 7th Street Pizza, which is already rumored to be clever. I was really curious to know what ricotta cheese, which is usually eaten as a salad, would taste on pizza. Add snowflake cheese to it, which captures both visual and flavour, and you're done. If you order it to be delivered, snowflake cheese is included separately, so you can sprinkle it on top of the pizza according to your preferences. It's as fun as snow on pizza!

It's also true that people think about what to eat and what flavor to eat in the futon. After eating
one plate alone, I keep eating the same flavor, and I often get tired of it at the end. However, Papa & Na's Pizza itself consists of two flavors, so there's no need to think about whether to eat bulgur ribs or ricotta pizza. Chili sauce
+ spareribs! The combination of sweetness and saltiness that never fails was already guaranteed by the softness and aroma of the shower cream sprinkled on top of ricotta cheese, so I was even more excited for that harmony.

1513734444218179 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Front view of “Papa & Anna” pizza

I paid attention to the unique combination of ingredients such as tandoori chicken and
green tea-flavored shower cream.
It's not just ham, it's not yakiniku, it's
tandoori chicken
. I loved the flavored tandoori chicken dipped in curry, so
it was the main key to the map tasting, where the unique flavor blended effortlessly with the pizza
. And oh my gosh. It's a green tea-flavored shower cream. A slightly sweet and refreshing shower cream and green tea powder? Will the smells go together? I was curious about that thought.

And Papa & Na's Pizza is the perfect answer to these questions!

1513734495519181 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Browned pizza, chicken sampler, and pasta with cornichurie

First of all, the visuals
were the same as the ones I saw on the leaflet, so I passed
! Black soybeans, which make you feel healthy just by looking at them, relieve the guilt of being high in calories.

1513734509989180 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

A slice of “Chili Bulgugalbi” pizza!!!

First, let's start with dad's pizza “Chili Bulgur Ribs.” Bulgur ribs topped with sweet and spicy chili sauce, and
jalapeno, which has a refreshing aftertaste
. Sweet pepper and onion are evenly topped. The visuals before eating are similar to
yakiniku pizza

1513734544863182 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

A piece of “snowflake pizza”!!!

Daughter pizza for the second time! Onions and ham are included as standard, and
ricotta cheese, which has the appearance of a mountain covered with snow
. The yellow powder on top of that is snowflake cheese.
The pizza that comes out right away looks like this, but after a while, the snowflake cheese melts on top of the ricotta cheese
. Also, the green
lines are green tea shower cream
. I hear it's green on pizza. It's no secret that it was fresh, so I
secretly dipped it and ate it

1513734584351182 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Bulgogi pizza with lots of cheese

Dad's pizza is a chili bulgur rib pizza that has been loved on 7th Street for a long time. The sweet and spicy chili sauce blends with the chewiness
of the spareribs, and at the end, the jalapeno captures the bitterness of the pizza, so you can enjoy it without getting tired
. In particular, it contained plenty of spareribs, so I was so happy that the meat was
chewed every time I took a bite of the pizza

1513734600985183 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

A triple cheese like snowflake cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella! Snowflake pizza by

Maybe it's because the parents were filled with the desire to feed their daughter something good. It was a pizza that
everyone would love, regardless of whether they liked it or
not. Snow Flower Pizza, a “daughter pizza” containing soft ricotta cheese, was new. First of all, the
ricotta cheese was luxurious, but the rich milk flavor was savory and soft to adorn the first bite
. After sipping over the chewy, flavored
tandoori chicken, a splash of green tea comes in, and a clean slice of pizza is finished

I feel like I can start all over again after eating a slice of gently savory daughter pizza and
a slice of sweet and spicy chili spareribs pizza
The snowflake pizza, which is particularly soft and savory, and has a feast of sarre cheese in the mouth, is a pizza not to be missed this year or next

1513734668627183 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Chicken sampler made from a collection of popular chicken

If you want to enjoy it with your family, I also recommend the “Chicken Sampler,” which
has only popular side dishes from 7th Street
A sampler that combines hot wings , chicken oven tenders, whole rice chicken, and
plump shrimp rings
! If you're tired of the chicken you eat all the time, you can enjoy a variety of tastes, from deep-fried plump shrimp rings to crunchy whole rice chicken coated with rice
flour, light chicken oven tenders baked
in the oven, and
hot wings.

1513734687646185 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

Congillier pasta eaten with meat sauce and noodles

If you've tried both pizza and chicken, I also recommend Dark Horse “Congillière Pasta” on 7th Street. The
cone-shaped pasta, which contains plenty of ingredients such as sweet pepper, meat sauce, and hot chicken, is also great to enjoy with a spoon.
The mozzarella cheese, which has an even more savory flavor when pressed into the oven, blends elegantly with the meat sauce.

1513734782262186 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

As if you were opening a present! Chicken sampler!

1513734792621187 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food November 29th, 2023

“Papa Anna” is heartwarming just looking at it

Coming back this weekend! Let's overcome the cold with sweet dad's pizza and soft, savory pizza by cuddling in a futon!



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