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At the end of the year, we will introduce the “2018 Seoul BEST 50 Restaurants” selected by Shikigami users, which received the most popularity during 2017. Let's fill the year with delicious times next year by referring to the taste map classified by region (reference image 1) and the top 50 listed by ranking (reference image 2).

1513735366302186 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

[Reference image 1] Map of the top 50 best restaurants in Seoul selected by Shikigami users

The 2018 Best 50 restaurants in Seoul featured everything from high-end restaurants to long-established restaurants loved by all generations, from Chef Lim Jeong-sik's “Jeong Diner”, who pioneered a new era of modern Korean fine dining, to “Mingles” by Chef Kang Min-gu, and “Swaniye,” which recently expressed food from Korea's high school cookbook in a modern way, to “Eulmildae,” which has established itself as a strong feeling in Mapo.

Modern Korean fine dining, such as “Jeong Diner (1st),” “Mingles (2nd),” and “Swaniye (3rd),” swept through the top ranks, and many long-established businesses that maintain their reputation for consistent flavors, such as “Eulmildae,” “Pyongyang Myeonok,” “Hadonggwan,” “Dawn House,” “Woo Rae Ok,” and “Daedo Restaurant” were selected at the top. Meanwhile, Gyeongridan-gil and Yeonnam-dong in Itaewon are emerging as hot spots, and “Jang Jin Woo Restaurant,” “Rich Pizza,” “Soi Yeonnam,” and “Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai” remained popular.

If you look at Seoul's Best 50 restaurants this time, you can see the changing gastronomic trends in Korea. Unlike previous years, when Western and Japanese food had a high proportion, restaurants with Korean menus such as modern Korean food, Korean beef, and Pyongyang cold noodles are the main ones. In particular, Pyongyang cold noodles are loved by enthusiasts regardless of the season for their cool and light broth and unique texture that seems to break. “Eulmildae,” “Pyongyang Myeonok,” “Woo Rae Ok,” and “Pildong Myeonok” are particularly famous. In addition to Korean beef restaurants such as “Dawn Restaurant,” “Daido Restaurant,” “Wongang,” “Bongpiyang,” and “Byeokje ribs,” “Kwon Sook Soo (modern Korean food)” and “Samcheonggak (limited food)” have also made a name for themselves.

1513736076140192 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

[Reference image 2] Top 50 Best Restaurants in Seoul

French restaurants such as Edward Kwon's “Lab 24”, Pierre Garnier Seoul, Chef Ryu Tae-hwan's “Lounique”, authentic French “Palais de Gaumont” and “Tok Tok Tok”, “Mipiace” by Chef Sam Kim, Italian restaurants such as “Bonacera” by Chef Sam Kim, “Ristoranteeo”, and “Melting Shop”, “GOOSTK733 (steak)” were selected. “Stay”, which received 3 Michelin (Michelin) stars in France, opened on the 81st floor of the Lotte Tower Signiel Hotel in April of this year and was selected as the Best 50 due to its wonderful view and taste.

As sushi restaurants, places loved by sushi enthusiasts were selected, such as “Sushi Jo” at Westin Chosun Hotel, “Sushi Hyo” by Chef Ahn Hyo-joo, who appeared in the Korean edition of Mr. Sushi King, “Sushi Athlete” by Chef Choi Jae-hoon who went to a famous sushi restaurant, “Sushi Koji” famous for mackerel bong sushi, and “Ariake” at Shilla Hotel. As Chinese restaurants, “Palseon” at Shilla Hotel, which is consistently popular, “Magnolia” by Chef Lee Yeon-bok, “Ilil Hyang” by Apgujeong, and “Song Chef” in Sinsa-dong, which has recently become terribly popular, were newly selected as the Best 50.

In addition, long-established Korean food brands that continue to be loved include pig's feet (ribuk-jip, seongsukubal), samgyetang (local village, lake samgyetang), soy sauce crab (delicacy restaurant), dumpling soup (jahason dumpling), stir-fried chicken soup (mokpo jip), kongguksu (jinju jip), kalguksu (Myeongdong gyoza), and sujebi (samcheong-dong sujebi).



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