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korean food / seoul / A map of tteokbokki from around the country that diners have gone to on their own – 1445

There are foods I want to eat even if I eat them every day. From the spicy, sweet, and timeless seasoning to the chewy texture. “Tteokbokki” looks plain at first glance, but each restaurant has different characteristics, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors without getting tired of it. Especially nowadays, mochi and rice cake have different charms, and the range of tteokbokki that can be enjoyed with various toppings that can be added to tteokbokki that can be cooked and eaten on the spot has increased. You can even find all kinds of fusion tteokbokki, such as cream and jajang, so it's truly a world of tteokbokki lovers.

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Here are some tteokbokki restaurants from all over the country that Shikigami reviewers have visited and recommended for themselves throughout the year. It included all major cities such as Seoul and Incheon, as well as Chungbuk, Daejeon, Daegu, and Busan. There are stores all over the country, so it's a good idea to go on a tteokbokki tour while feeling the beauty of the country in 2018.

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Shinto Buddha Tteokbokki

Apple house

Mom's hand tteokbokki

Nanumi tteokbokki


Dukjane Mill

Delicious food

Mabukrim tteokbokki

Mapo Wonjo Tteokbokki

Barbara's Kitchen

Food Bistro Tukmochi

Yeongcheon Market Original Tteokbokki

Oshio tteokbokki

Eunhye instant tteokbokki

Elephant meal


It's Hyunseon


Mother and daughter tteokbokki

Alle Colle Tteokbokki


Yoon Ok-yeon's Halmae Tteokbokki

Joongang Tteokbokki

Sincheongungjeon Tteokbokki

Daredevil meal


Dalgo tteokbokki


Goseong-dong tteokbokki

Banyawol Dumpling Restaurant




Igane tteokbokki

Wonjo Beomil Dongmae Mochi

Namcheon-dong Halmae Tteokbokki

Kimgane tteokbokki

It's Sangguk

Exclusive dining room


Suyeong Paldo Halmae Tteokbokki


Sinan-gol distribution (Jochiwon)

Palpaldakmochi bok

Angel Meal


Mochi class

Barlog book

Brother Tteokbokki


Santa Tteokbokki (Gwangju)

Angela Bunsik (Gunsan)

Old-fashioned polka dots and deep-fried chicken (Jeonju)


Panda House (Chuncheon)

Gourd (Sokcho)

Topokiya (Gapyeong)


Good tempura


Panpo Bunsik

Pyeongdae snacks

Cheerful snacks



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