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korean food / seoul / Enjoy a unique date course at Seongsu-dong Café – 1470

Seongsu-dong is famous for its cafe district! From small, quiet neighborhood cafes to cafes that are
hot spots with colorful interiors and diverse menus
! We will introduce BEST5, a cafe in Seongsu-dong that is full of individuality and is great to
as a date course

1. “Mild ”, a local cafe that only I want to know

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“Mild” is an unsigned shop located in a residential alley in Jayang-dong. The exterior looks a bit clunky, but the interior has a cozy wooden interior. The signature menu is “cream cappuccino,” which is topped with plenty of cream and fragrant cinnamon powder. People love the cream because of its chewy texture and savory, sweet flavor. To protect the environment, handkerchiefs are provided instead of disposable napkins , and handkerchiefs can be collected privately. Please note that the inside of the store is small, so you can wait .

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â–²Location: 21, Ttukseom-ro 24-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul â–² Business hours:
11:00 — 21:30 every day ▲
Price: Cream cappuccino 5,500, Americano 4,000 won, milk tea 6,000 won, cheesecake 5,000 won â–² Review (Shikigami EH): A great place to drink coffee alone, Mild , I'm quiet at my favorite cafe 10 It's a table with no dogs, the
space is small, and the interior is simple, and the white cloth and brown furniture are arranged in harmony. Also, the lamp placed on the floor is a stylish signature menu, which many
people drink. It's sweet and delicious because it's full of chewy cream. Milk tea is not rich, but it has a mild flavor, and the cheesecake is small but chewy.
If I had to pick one regrettable point, accessibility.
Konkuk University Station and the Tukfiberwon area are closer than Seongsu Station, and there are buses, so I think it's a good idea to check it out

2. 'Shared Table', a pink cafe that attacked a girl's heart

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“Shared Table” in Seongsu-dong is a great place for a date, where you can enjoy a cafe, meal, and beer in one place.
The colorful interior, including pink artificial mullies, neon signs, and sculptures, catches the eye. The signature menu is “pink mocha,” which is topped with strawberry cream and has a fresh flavor. You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste, so even people who don't enjoy coffee are
not averse
to it . “Tiramisu” is popular because you can enjoy fluffy mascarpone cream cheese and rich chocolate flavors.
The entire cafe may be rented out, so it is recommended that you check in advance

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▲Location: 47 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul▲ Opening hours: Café
09:00 — 23:00 Meals 11:00-21:30 Open all year round ▲ Price: Americano 4,000 won, pink mocha
6,500 won, daughter cream cake 7,500 won, milk crepe 7,500 won
â–² Review (Jiwani the god of food): It's worth going,
another Hot place
, shared table in Seongsu-dong! Seongsu-dong amazes me
every time I go.

3. 'Mellower Korea', where you can find a variety of unique menus

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'Mellower', located in Seongsu-dong, is famous for its unique, rainbow-colored doors. The cafes located in Seongsu-dong are quite large, so you can visit them relatively leisurely. “Melting Rose,” which offers black coffee and flower-shaped cotton candy, is a popular menu because you can enjoy sweet cotton candy and bitter Americano at the same time. In addition, they also sell unique drinks such as golden coffee with golden sugar icing and affogato, which contains cold espresso to prevent ice cream from melting. “Mugwort Butter” is one of people's favorite dishes because of the combination of the chewy texture of mochi , the sweetness of red beans, and the aroma of mugwort.

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*Source: Reum_taeng's Instagram

â–²Location: 39, Seongsu-ro 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul â–² Business hours:
08:00 — 22:00 on weekdays, 10:00 — 22:00 on weekends and holidays ▲ Price: Melting Rose 6,000 won, Golden Coffee 6,000 won,
6,000 won, Mugwort Butter 4,500 won â–² Review (Chon Joomma Shikigin): I went there
because I was curious about mugwort butter
! The amber was less than I expected, but there were lots of delicious and
cute breads
~ I also liked the strange rainbow-colored doors and clean interior🙂 Seongsu-dong cafes often wait because there are so many people waiting, but I think it's nice to have plenty of space!

4. “Moodwrap Matcha Cha”, a bittersweet yet delicious dessert

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“Moodlab Matcha Tea ” in Seongsu-dong makes a variety of drinks and desserts using “real matcha powder” for all menus. There are plants all over the store, creating a fresh feeling. The signature menu is “Matcha Blanc,” where you can enjoy rich matcha
drinks and cream
. The cream on top of matcha blanc is whipped directly and is characterized by its chewy texture and sweet flavor . “Adzuki bean paste tea,” which
contains red beans and mochi
and can be enjoyed sweetly, is also a popular menu.
Matcha chocolate is sold in collaboration with the Vintuba chocolate specialty store “Pichoco”.
You can buy props and plants in the store, so it's a good idea to check
them out .

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▲Location: 9, Seoulsup 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul ▲ Business hours: Weekdays, Sunday 12:00 — 20:00 Saturday 12:00 — 22:00 Closed on Mondays ▲ Price: Red bean paste tea 6,000 won Pure matcha tea 5,000 won Matcha
6,000 won â–² Review (Eating is eating today) If you like matcha, this is a must-go place! I love matcha, so I was satisfied with all the menus! They all contain matcha, the
store has lots of plants, and the interior is beautiful, so I want to go there again

5. Cafe & Arthur, a cafe with a swimming pool and igloo

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“Cafe & Other” in Seongsu-dong went viral on social media for its unique seasonal interior. You can find a cool swimming pool in the summer and a warm igloo shaped space in the winter. The signature menu is “Blue Cream Soda,” where a block of ice cream is placed on top of the blue soda. It is very popular because it looks like a blue sea and has a flavor that recreates sweet soda ice cream. Since there is a swimming pool, it's called Nokie's Zone for safety reasons, so it's a good idea to note.

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▲Location 40-10, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul ▲ Opening hours: 09:30 — 23:00 every day ▲ Price: Blue Cream Soda 6,000 won Watermelon Juice 6,000 won Melon Cream Soda 6,500 won ▲ Review (Shikigin
Barit ): I've been to many cafes, but it's a pool! It was so pretty, and I thought the outside was beautiful, as if the
idea was amazing, but the inside was also beautiful. The boss was so kind, so it was nice to open this place early
When I actually saw it, it was even more beautiful, so I didn't feel like it was a real cafe for a while; it seemed like they were changing the water every day. Do not use the pool on rainy days! I drank the flat-white coffee, but the acidity was a
bit strong, but the more I ate it, the sweeter it tasted, and the finish was different from the first one. I was surprised that the pool was open right after arriving here
I don't even order them separately, and I don't think they'll know if anyone comes to play, haha, it's too wasteful to do the interiorAnyway, this is a real cafe in Seongsu-dong, and the interior one of the places I've been to seems to be the best lol



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