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As the number of single-person households increased, more and more people welcomed dogs as companions to live with. As people who want to spend time with their dogs in their spare time appear, the number of cafes and restaurants where dogs can enter
is increasing
. A large space where dogs can play and even delicious food. Satisfies not
only people but also dogs
! On the occasion of Golden Catty
in 2018, here are 5 of the
best dog-friendly restaurants in the country that you can visit with your lovely dog.

1. Fresh brunch cafe, 'Apsan Veranda' in Daegu

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'Apsan Veranda' in Daegu, where you can see adorable cats and dogs.
Various plants are placed all over the store, making it feel like you are in a botanical garden. “Lemon Myrtle
Milk Tea
” is a popular signature dish that combines the taste of milk tea with a fresh lemon flavor and soft milk foam. The “Avocado
Egg Open Sandwich,” made by crushing avocado and potatoes and putting the egg
on top of crispy baked bread
, is a popular brunch menu with a light and savory flavor.
You can
also buy “dried fruits, flowers, and plants separately” directly at the store.

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â–²Dogs/cubs allowed â–²Location: 5-4 Anjirang-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu â–² Business hours: 11:00-18:00 on weekdays,
11:00-21:00 on weekends, 15:30-17:30 â–² Price: Chop Chop juice 6,000 won, lemon myrtle milk tea
6,000 won, granola fruit yogurt
6,500 won, avocado egg open
Sandwich 8,500 won â–² Review (Food Panheyu): I ate an open
avocado and egg sandwich on the apsan veranda
^_^* There was plenty of avocado and egg on top of the crispy toast ~ I think it's easy to eat casually because it's not irritating and full of healthy flavors.

2. Cafe Shiba in Gwangju, a cafe with cute shiba dogs

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“Cafe Shiba” is located in Gwangju, where you can meet cute Shiba dogs “Karu ” and “Curry.” You can feel the owner's love
for Shiba Inu in the interior decorated with Shiba Inu magazines and books.
The signature menu is “Kiwi Punch,” which has a sweet and sour kiwi flesh and a tangy, refreshing feeling. “Tiramisu,” which has the shape of a cute
dog's foot
, is also popular among customers due to
the sweetness of soft mascarpone cheese
There are general instructions written on the front door of the cafe, so it's a good
idea to read them before entering

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â–²Dogs/cubs are allowed â–²Location: 11 Jangdong-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju â–² Opening hours: 11:00-22:00 every day â–² Price: Einspener 6,000 won, chaquerato 6,000 won, matcha latte 5,500 won, kiwi punch 6,000 won, tiramisu 5,500 won , Egg Tart 2,500 won â–² Review (Shikigami Dooly) There
really is a Shiba Inu in the cafe
!! Shiba dogs are cute tooThe tiramisu that comes out in the shape of a
dog's foot is so cute, hehe, the cake was sweet, so it was delicious
! It was great that the vibrating bell and cup holder also had a shiba dog, and the magazines, blankets, etc. were all related to the Shiba dog! I ate kiwi punch as a drink, and it was refreshing and had a lot of whole kiwis in it, so it was nice to chew it!

3. 'Darts
in Hannam-dong, where you
can find a variety of Asian cuisines

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“Datsu”, located in Hannam-dong, is a place where you can enjoy modern Asian cuisine made by imitating Hong Kong cuisine that Chef Hyun Sang-wook
learned through a world trip
. The high ceilings and round lights create a luxurious atmosphere. The signature menu is
which has a thick pork cutlet placed between soft bread
It is very popular among customers because you can enjoy the
chewy texture and crispy texture of pork loin
. “Dazibao,” which is shaped like a Xiaolongbao , is a popular dessert menu for its combination of the flavors of crispy biscuits and sweet
vanilla mousse
Note that katsusando is a brunch menu, so you can't order it
at dinner time

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â–²Dogs and graves are
allowed â–²Location 6, Itaewon-ro 55, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
â–² Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-22:00, Friday 11:00-23:00, Saturday 11:00-23:00, Sunday 11:00-19:00 â–² Price: Flat White 5,000 won, Fungrisu Macaron
2,000 won, Dazbao
8,000 won, Katsusan also 16,000 won â–² Review (I wanted to eat a meal called Mapo noodles): When I went in the evening, I was puzzled because there was no brunch menu. The dinner menu is a bit pricey, but everything was delicious. It was nice
that the chicken was very tender, and
the shrimp was light and easy to eat. However
, the sweet sour pork ribs were too sweet, which was a bit disappointing
. The atmosphere is good even in the evening

4. If you eat seafood while feeling the sea breeze, Jeju 'Norman'

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“Norman” is located in Aewol, where you can eat ramen while watching the sea of Jeju Island. It is a place where you can feel the relaxed atmosphere of Jeju Island, such as the stone wall made of basalt stone walls
and the wetsuits hanging on it
. “Seafood ramen,” which is cooked with homemade seafood, is a single menu item.
It is not a red soup, but is
an intermediate flavor between Nagasaki champon and sari gomguk soup, and is popular among people who like light flavors. The chewy flavor
of plump shrimp, mussels, and blue crab and the refreshing, rich broth are added, making
it great for seafood. It's a place where
you can enjoy a meal in a long-established atmosphere, and
there are times when seats are scarce , so it's a good idea to
take note

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allowed ▲Location: 24, Aewol-ro 1-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do ▲ Opening hours: 10:00 — 16:00 every day, when supplies run out, closed on Tuesdays ▲ Price: Seafood ramen 6,000 won ▲ Review (My neighbor's dog): I got a waiting ticket and wandered around nearby even though I was diligently going early in the morning. Waiting for 1 hour was basic for eating ramen, haha, the food didn
't come out quickly
. Still, the taste is good, and it's worth buying for money!

5. “Komichi” in Yeonhui-dong, a simple yet friendly home-cooked meal

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“Komichi” is a restaurant that sells Japanese home-cooked meals in an alley in Yeonhui-dong. The interior has clean white accessories that give it a simple and cute feel. The “tomato cream rice” served in a long
oval bowl
is a signature dish where you can enjoy the aroma of ripe tomatoes and cheese that melts into the
savory cream flavor
. The popular menu “Ricotta Cheese Salad” has plenty of fresh ingredients
such as apples, tangerines
, and paprika. A yuzu dressing that enhances the flavor of ricotta cheese is available
Smaller sizes are also available for those who don't feel comfortable with large salads.

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allowed â–²Location 41 Yeonhui-ro 11-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul â–² Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-20:30 â–² Price: Home-style curry 7,000 won , tomato cream rice 7,500 won, Komichi cream curry
7,500 won, ricotta cheese salad 8,000 won, Homemade tiramisu 5,700 won â–² Review (Gobble): Komichi, a healthy curry specialty store! There are also types of brunch and coffee, but the curry from this place, which was delicious like tomato curry and mushroom cream curry, didn't contain any meat, but it's
healthy and light, so you can eat it refreshingly, and I also recommend the homemade ricotta cheese salad

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