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Noodle dishes are loved by people of all ages due to the variety of recipes and the advantage of being able to easily cook a meal. Among them, “tantan-myeon,” which has a spicy, savory, and dual appeal, is attracting attention from noodle lovers. “Dantan-myeon” is a typical dish from the Sichuan region. It is a noodle dish that uses broth made from pork bones or chicken, and is eaten by grating crushed peanuts, sesame sauce, bok choy, and stir-fried pork into a homemade broth. Although it is a Chinese-style dish, it is well known in Korea for its Japanese ramen style “tantanmen.” From authentic “tantan noodles ” to Japanese “tantan noodles,” we will
introduce the best 5 restaurants
that are both
spicy and savory

1. Dandan noodles made with rich broth, Seongsu-dong's “Moon Under the Moon, noodles”

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specialty store “Dalshita, noodles” is located near Seongsu Station. The small entrance and cute exterior make you feel like you've visited a ramen shop in Japan. The signature menu for over 20 hours is “Seongsu-dong tantan-myeon,” a Szechuan-style Japanese ramen that uses broth made from pork bones and chicken bones. It is
seasoned and stir-fried pork soboro, served with tender arongsas, and savory noodles made by grinding nuts
yourself. It is famous for its rich flavor like “tonkotsu ramen” because the color of the soup is light compared to “tantan noodles” specialty stores. It's sharp and savory, and the aroma is soft and melts in the mouth. All noodle dishes include
a small amount of cooked rice, so you can have a hearty meal. “Sobamaki,” where soba is rolled in seaweed and cut into pieces, is one of the popular side dishes. It's a combination similar to regular soba noodles, but keep in mind that the rich flavor of the soba noodles in one bite
and the cool, rich broth make it a good
side to eat between eating “tantan noodles.”

56 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: Weekdays 11:30 – 21:30, Saturday 11:00-21:00, closed on Sundays â–²Price: Seongsu-dong tantan-myeon 8,000 won, Nagoya majesoba 8,000 won, tebasaki gyoza 1P 2,500 won, soba maki
under the moon 4,000 won â–²Review (My
dream is Vijay): It was nice that the soup was so rich and savory! I
think it's the beef bone flavor that makes you think of rice. There's a reason every noodle dish comes with a small amount of rice!

2. Dantan noodles restaurant without soup , “Geumsan Noodle Factory” in Hoehyeon-dong

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“Geumsan Noodle Shop” run by Chef Jeong Chang-wook, who is known for “Take Care of the Fridge” and
“Fill the Bistro.”
As the
name of the store is
“noodle shop,” they use noodles made directly. The store, which has all 8 bar-shaped seats,
feels like a Japanese late-night restaurant. Although it is small, it is a place that boasts a fast turnover rate due to the nature of the menu. “Dantan noodles” is a single menu item. There are instructions on how to eat
tantan noodles on the menu, so even people who are
unfamiliar with “tantan noodles” can enjoy it according to their taste.
Add Japanese pepper, red pepper powder, black vinegar, and
dripping chili oil, and eat it like bibim-myeon in a tantan-style style with no broth. The noodles are chewy, just like noodles made by hand. If you add toppings such as hot spring
eggs , seasoned zasai, shredded green onions, fried onions, white rice, and mara, you can enjoy it in a variety of ways
. Please note that the business will close when the noodles are sold out.

â–²Location: 13, Sogong-ro 6-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: Weekdays
Saturday 11:00-20:00, closed on Sundays â–²Price: 12,000 won for tantanmen â–²Tantanmen (
tomatomato): Visit in the afternoon to avoid a break. Again, as
famous as it was, it was delicious. The price range isn't cheap, but
I think I had to put a lot of effort into getting this flavor. I ate it deliciously.

3. Tantan noodles, dim sum, unique honbap, and “Jeremy 20” in Sinsa-dong

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“Jeremy 20” is perfect for a single meal with vending machines, self-service, and a main
bar table with
a straight line.
It is a place that
collaborates with chefs from famous dim sum chains to create local flavors,
and is operated based on over a year's
experience of local exploration and training in China and Hong Kong
for menu development.
Jeremy's signature noodle dish “tantanmien” is topped with sesame seeds, peanut paste, and meat garnish. The spicy flavor is mild, and the peanut flavor is strong, and the soup is thick, which
is attractive
. The flavor of sesame and peanut paste blends with chili oil, making it a
highly addictive flavor
. Exotic accessories and a simple, blue-colored interior
make you enjoy a unique meal
. Note that you can enjoy juicy and moist dim sum at a reasonable price.

â–²Location: 19, Gangnam-daero 160-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul â–²Opening hours: 11:30 – 21:30 every day, break time 15:00-17:00 â–²Price: Dim sum 3,500 won, Seongji Enpao 3,900 won, Tantanmien 5,900 won
(Sixxby): Attracted by the blue exterior and interior It
was a gourmet restaurant I went
to. I tried “Tantan Mien ” and “Dim Sum,” and it was the best value for money! I remember the convenience of being able to hang clothes on the back of the bar table.

4. Jaje-myeon Dantan-myeon next to Geumgang Botanical Garden, Jangjeon-dong “Shorim Restaurant”

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“Surim Restaurant” is a homemade noodle specialty store that makes its own noodles. It has an old-fashioned exterior, and it's a place that
stands out when you go up to the Geumgang Botanical Garden
. The white-toned interior with wood, neatly
arranged porcelain dishes and accessories, and neatly arranged cotton spoons and chopsticks make
it possible to eat in a calm atmosphere
. If you want to enjoy a hotter soup with it, you can order “cream tantan-myeon,” which is made using concentrated paprika mousse, crushed peanuts, sesame sauce, and broth made from pork bones and chicken, which is the signature menu, and if you want to enjoy a
hotter soup with
it, you can order
“soup tantan-myeon
The savory scent is stronger than the incense scent. It's savory but spicy, and it's a taste that makes you fall in love with it
. Depending on your taste, you can enjoy a variety of flavors by adding mara , Japanese pepper, and black vinegar little by little. As a side dish, “
eggplant gyoza,” made by filling eggplant with dumpling filling and deep-frying
, is popular. You can enjoy juicy, crispy, and moist dumplings. Please note that parking is available at
nearby Beopseongsa Temple when visiting

â–²Location :
7 Geumsaem-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan â–²Opening hours: 11:00-20:00, break
closed on Mondays â–²Price: Cream
8,500 won, Dantan-myeon with broth 8,500 won, beef soup noodles 7,500 won, eggplant dumpling 8,000 won, pork

shoulder loin 4,000 won â–²Review (Give me a shikigin tie puller): I ordered both tantan noodles, beef soup noodles, and fried eggplant
, and I liked the chewy noodles because they were homemade!

Eggplant gyoza is a must-try item; it's crispy and moist, so it's a flavor that sticks in your mouth over and over again ^^ The location is on the botanical garden side, so it was easy to find it~

5. Dantan-myeon restaurant in Daeyeon-dong, a heart-filled college district called “Akaren”

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1517805903111084 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

*Source: Shikigin Seolji

1517805955009085 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

*Source: Shikigami Chun-ri

A small Japanese ramen shop located between Kyungseongdae and Bukyongdae. You can enjoy
rich meat broth and ramen that makes use of the flavors of mainland Japan.
It is famous for its moderately spicy and light soup and
chewy, chewy noodles
. The characteristic is that chives other than bok choy are used as garnish. The fragrant scent of chives allows you to eat refreshingly without feeling it. You can enjoy only “tantan noodles” as a single item, but you can also order a set menu where you can
eat “pork cutlet” or “fried shrimp” together at a reasonable price
Another popular dish called
“maze udon,” which is a Japanese style bibimbap
udon, is also a popular menu.

Udon noodles garnished with chives , green onions, and Taiwanese minchi are mixed with special soy sauce and soft-boiled yolk and grated
Note that the delicacy is to grate the rice with the leftover sauce after
eating the noodles

â–²Location : 56, Suyeong-ro
, Nam-gu, Busan
â–²Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:00 every day, break time 15:30 – 17:00 â–²Price: Tantanmen 6,900 won, Tantanmen + Japanese sirloin pork cutlet 9,800 won, Tantanmen + 2 extra fried shrimp 11,900
Won, tantanmen (including soft-boiled egg)
won, maze udon 7,900 won â–²Review (shikigin jibak
): Akaren where you can eat the unusual menu Tantanmen and Maze Udon!
Maze udon contains plenty of minced beef, and it's eaten with a soy sauce-based sauce. The chewy udon noodles are firm, and the tantan noodles have a cool broth flavor



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