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korean food / seoul / A hidden izakaya restaurant with a great cooking expert in the middle of the alley – 1527

The beginning of “izakaya (izakaya)” dates back to the Edo period in Japan. At the time, customers who bought sake at places that made and sold sake were introduced to good sake, and in the
process of choosing, the owner of the store offered a small cup of sake if they wanted
to taste it. The customers who came to the shop selling sake one by one began eating with the glasses that the
owner gave them
, and the meaning of “they eat alcohol while in the store” ['() =' () = sake () = sake '+' ya () = shop'] phonetically changed from “izakaya” to “izakaya”. At first, I stood without a table or chair and ate along with a glass of sake that I bought, so they say “I simply eat
alcohol while standing still,” and it is described as a “tavern” in Korean.
With the advent of snacks served along with alcohol, it became the
shape of today's izakaya

With the image of clean and clean Japanese food, from Japanese home-cooked meals to omakase based on sushi,
Japanese food is a favorite with no dislikes or dislikes
. “Izakaya” is also very popular
because you can enjoy a private meal and drink at the same time in a small but private space
. From the exterior to the interior, the “izakaya
” makes you feel as if you are on a trip to Japan
. Dorando is an alley where you can unravel stories while having a drink, and meet “izakaya restaurants” with hidden cooking experts.

1. “Odoru” in Nonhyeon-dong, a hidden izakaya with delicious omakase

Store information Barogi ▶

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*Source: InstagramID_1.st_jy

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*Source: InstagramID_evan.choy

“Odoru” is an izakaya
located in Nonhyeon-dong Furniture Street
. The compact
interior, which does not fit ten seats, is made of wood, and you can feel the atmosphere of a Japanese izakaya
. There are various types of sake available, so you can
choose according to your preferences
. Chef Hwang Woo-seop, famous as a master of “mackerel sushi,” cooks it himself. Odoru's signature “mackerel sushi” is based on rice cooked with radish , dried pufferfish fins, etc
., and is characterized by using egg white foam and ginger to capture the fishy smell unique to mackerel
. The signature menu is “omakase,”
a special course where you can enjoy new dishes every day according to the season and the chef's preparation, along with the hearty “mackerel sushi
.” It is popular among local office workers due to its fresh ingredients and high quality workmanship.

▲Location: 14, Hakdong-ro 12-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ▲Opening hours: 18:00 to 24:00 every day, closed on Sundays ▲Price: Omakase (1 person) 150,000 won
(classic meal): I think it was great An izakaya located at the
back of Nonhyeon-dong Furniture Street, a place with few tables, but high quality food is soaring
in popularity.

2. Japanese tapas bar, “Higashino” in Samseong-dong

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*Source: Instagram ID_JinMairan

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*Source: Instagram ID_JinMairan

“Higashino” is located in a quiet alley in a residential area in Samseong-dong,
behind Seonjeong Mausoleum
. There are only small metal signs, and there are no special signs, so it's easy to
pass by, so it's like a hideout
. It is a one-person restaurant run by the chef, who aims to be tapas (or). You can enjoy tapas-style cuisine that is affordable and consists mainly of à la carte dishes. It is popular for its basic
dishes, such as “oden, mackerel, clams, herring,” etc., on a menu where only the names of the ingredients are simply written down
It is open mainly on weekdays, and it is said that business hours
change frequently, so be sure to check in advance when visiting on weekends

▲Location: 33, Teheran-ro 79-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ▲Opening hours: Weekdays 10:30
– 24:00
▲Price: Tuna belly fat 16,000 won , mackerel 10,000 won, hangjeong meat 18,000 won ▲Testimonial (Food Girl): I tried several
tapas dishes, and I think they all tasted great
. There are a
variety of foods that really go well with sake and highballs, so it's perfect to casually enjoy.
I recommend it. Please check the opening hours on weekends before going.

3. “Uminoi” in Cheongdam-dong, an izakaya you'll want to visit again

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*Source: InstagramID_happy_min__

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*Source: InstagramID_happy_min__

“Umanoi” in Cheongdam-dong boasts a high
return rate
. Located
in front of the JYP office building in Cheongdam-dong, it is a popular restaurant loved by many celebrities
. The fact that you can find a menu that changes every time is popular. The main chef travels to every corner of Japan several times a year, researching various ingredients and menus and presenting them to customers. The signature menu, the “sashimi course,” allows you to enjoy a variety of fish and seasonal seafood all at once. In addition to being fresh, you can also experience new ingredients. It is a place full of long-time regular customers thanks to the witty and attentive
chef who lettering with flounder
and puts raw abalone in the mouths of customers by hand.

▲Location: 12 Dosan-daero 89-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ▲Opening hours: 18:00 – 03:00 on weekdays ▲Price: Assorted sashimi 150,000 won, unitaco
40,000 won ▲Review (Food Explorer): A house that has been researching
Japanese cuisine for a long time
. When the boss and executive chef runs out of ingredients or food ideas, they
go to Japan and travel for a long time to research and find new foods
. They are proud of their superb
craftsmanship when it comes to cooking seafood.
It is only open in the evening, has a course meal that costs 100,000 won,
and operates like an izakaya in the late hours.

4. One sara of meat, one salad of seafood, 'two sala' in Nonhyeon-dong

Store information Barogi ▶

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*Source: InstagramID_smh3085

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*Source: InstagramID_tteurak_jk

“Dusara” is a place where you can enjoy fresh
seasonal seafood and various
cuts of 1++ Korean beef at the same time
. It's a perfect open kitchen with no walls between the kitchen and the kitchen, where you can check out
every step of how food is made.
Dishes using fresh
sea urchin, such as “sea urchin,
,” which comes with sea urchin roe, snow crab meat, and snow crab entrails, which are served only every day, are popular menus. Also, grilled beef
using 1++ Korean
beef is grilled in a Japanese brazier, and you can
enjoy it
cleanly without a smell with a system that absorbs smoke directly. The well-aged meat is cut into thick cubes, so you can enjoy the rich, juicy flavor. It's a modern and private space, and it's also a popular meeting place. They say it's often full
if you don't make a reservation, so it's a good idea to make a reservation

▲Location: 12, Nonhyeon-ro 146-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ▲Opening hours: 18:00
– 01:00 every day,
closed on Sundays ▲Price: Sashimi (1 person) 29,000 won, grilled sirloin
36,000 won, gyukaisendong 25,000 won, unicani 37,000 won ▲Review (
Margherita Shikigami): The main store is a shrine called Doosa, and the second branch is Nonhyeon. The Sinsa branch always offers a certain menu, but the Nonhyeon branch's menu is constantly changing, which always makes me excited. The high quality course meals that are great value for money are excellent. It's a great place to have
a drink and get together
. The quality of the fish is particularly good. The sea
urchin is very nice

5. A cozy hideout for yourself, Banpo-dong 'Fury'

Store information Barogi ▶

1517818656959158 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

*Source: The official Facebook page of Fury

1517815387093151 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024


It's a
Japanese restaurant run by two people who were a Japanese restaurant chef at Shilla Hotel and a private Japanese restaurant chef in Cheongdam-dong
. It is a Japanese-style izakaya located in a
quiet residential area a little far from Sinnonhyeon. It has 12 types of Japanese soju made from 11 types of sake
, sweet potatoes, and barley
, and is very popular among lovers.
The signature menu is “steamed pork shabu,” which is served as is in a large
wooden steamed pot
. It is eaten with a special sauce that comes with a steamed dish that combines a variety of mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, eggplant, and thin pork. The light and mild flavor soothes the hearts of customers who usually drink a drink.
It is a place with many regular customers who enjoy intimate meals in a small but cozy space and atmosphere. Please note that
the number of seats is small, so it is difficult to make a reservation, and the waiting line is long

▲Location: 8 Juheung 3-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul ▲Opening hours: Weekdays
18:00 – 01:00, Saturday 18:00 – 24:00, closed on Sundays ▲Price: Steamed pork shabu 25,000 won, fried burdock 10,000 won , steamed abalone shabu
35,000 won, grilled wagyu beef 24.000 One ▲Review (Shikigami Everybody): It was a bit hard to find, but as I heard, the food was really clean and



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