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korean food / seoul / The sea loved by the artist, an emerging gourmet powerhouse in Tongyeong filled with the scent of the sea – 1664

“Tongyeong ” is a popular tourist destination in the South Sea, known as the Naples of Korea, and a beautiful place made up of many islands. Tongyeong is also well known as the hometown of the famous novelist Park Gyung-ri. Meet the lives of writers who loved Tongyeong, including Park Gyung-ri, the famous flower poets Kim Chun-soo , Baek Seok, Yu-hwan, Jeong Ji-yong, and Kim Sang-ok It's there .

The taste of Tongyeong, which is as fascinating as the artists' literary spirit, is a thrill not to be missed. “Tongyeong” is a food city rich in fresh seasonal seafood. There are various types, such as anchovies with a silvery luster , dolmi, known as a famous seaweed, and oysters grown in pristine waters. . Seafood ingredients, which have been abundant since ancient times, gave birth to Tongyeong's food culture, “Dachi.” “Dachi” is a Tongyeong-style bar that comes with snacks when you drink alcohol, and has delicious snacks such as various seafood and sashimi It's a pop painting commonly seen on affluent beaches .

Restaurants in Tongyeong include Wonjo-mil Restaurant, Bunso Diner, Wonjo Shirakguk, Fat Grandma Gimbap, Hangnamucha, Tongyeong Chambok , the famous Three Grandmothers Gimbap, Sujung Restaurant, Yurak Sashimi Restaurant, Omisa Honey Bread, Manseong Bok Restaurant, Ulsan Dachi, Daepunggwan, Mulboradachi , Donggwang Restaurant, Korean and Japanese Gimbap, Donam Restaurant, Old Chungmukkoji Gimbap, Hodong Restaurant , Terminal Diner, Honey Complex, Mystique, Sanyang Restaurant, and Sanyangsan Eel are famous. Meet an up-and-coming restaurant powerhouse in Tongyeong that has captivated not only tourists but also the tastes of locals with its many restaurants

1. Tongyeong-style grilled eel , “themed charcoal grilled eel ”

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“Themed charcoal grilled eel” is an eel specialty store located in Jungang-ro, Tongyeong. It is a favorite restaurant not only for tourists but also for locals looking for healthy food. If you order “grilled eel, ” which is the signature menu, you will receive fresh abalone, shrimp, and petrified fish along with sprout ginseng. The characteristic of “grilled eel” is that it is grilled over charcoal to bring out the flavor and flavor of eel. You can enjoy the natural light and soft flavor of eel. The savory “eel shirakguk ” served as a meal menu uses 12 hours of carefully prepared eel bones using miso and soy sauce Note that it is a homemade delicacy that can only be eaten at this store .

â–² Location: 12-1, Jungang-ro, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

▲ Business hours: 11:00 — 22:00 every day

â–² Price: Grilled Eel Sitga, Eel Shiraku Soup 8,000 won

â–² Testimonial (drink close to eating): An eel that is proud of its white flesh. It's light and light. If you want to feel the unique inner flesh of an eel, try it without any condiments! The eel itself is fresh and delicious 🙂 I think it's because it's grilled on charcoal.

2. 'Myeongchon Restaurant', the best value for money grilled fish

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“Myeongchon Restaurant” is a grilled fish specialty store located near Tongyeong Passenger Terminal. It's a popular place popular among locals because you can enjoy a hearty meal at a reasonable price. The signature menu is “grilled fish,” which is served with white rice. Fresh fish, such as flounder , mackerel, and hay fever, are carefully grilled and prepared. Finely chopped green onions and a special soy sauce sauce are placed on top of the browned fish. It is characterized by the fact that the fish is grilled on a grill and has a fiery flavor that does not have a fishy flavor. The seasoning flavor is not irritating and makes use of its rich flavor, and it's nice to feel the unique moist yet soft texture of fish. Please note that a snack will be served after the meal .

â–² Location: 237, Tongyeong-haean-ro, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

▲ Business hours: 12:00 — 21:00 every day, break time 14:00 — 17:00

â–² Price: 7,000 won for grilled fish

â–² Testimonial (don't eat meat): The fish were, needless to say, rice thieves. The soy sauce on top is truly divine. If you eat fish meat that has been well boned and slightly seasoned with rice, you will lose all the air in the rice in an instant. Later, I ran out of that seasoning, so I asked for more, so I ate it. It's so delicious!!!

3. A nice restaurant with the smell of the sea and full of seafood, 'Fishing Village Fresh Hoehaemutang '

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“Fishing Village Singsing Hoehaemutang” is a seafood soup specialty store located on the seashore with a panoramic view of Tongyeong Sea. The signature menu is “seafood soup,” which is full of fresh seafood such as octopus, abalone, blue crab, and various clams. Live seafood, seafood, etc. are prepared by the staff themselves in a size that is easy to eat during the cooking process, so you can eat comfortably. . The soup, which may feel fresh at first, has a deeper flavor as the seafood soup is boiled. It is characterized by maximizing the umami flavor of the seafood itself. Note that “sea bream bibimbap,” which has a sweet and rich flavor full of the smell of the sea, is a delicacy.

â–² Location: No. 116, Dongwon Napoli Building Shopping District, 1008 Docheon-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

▲ Opening hours: 10:30 — 21:00 every day, closed on Tuesdays

â–² Price: Seafood soup (small) 40,000 won

â–² Testimonial (Princess Shalala, the god of food): Everyone in the group who visited together praised it as a great place! An honest restaurant that doesn't get ripped off by tourists .

4. Todari mugwort soup , a must-eat in spring, ' Hansanseom Restaurant '

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“Hansam Island Restaurant” is a spicy soup specialty store that is bustling with customers looking for a refreshing taste of soup every mealtime. This place is famous for its spicy soup dishes using seasonal seasonal fish. A popular spring menu is the “Todari Mugwort Soup,” which is freshly boiled with plump, fleshy dodari and fragrant mugwort. The soup, which has a deep yet refreshing flavor, is perfect as an accompaniment to a glass of sake or as a Haejang dish. Another popular menu is a dish using “rockfish ,” which can be enjoyed all year round. “Grilled rockfish,” which is eaten by dipping it in anchovy sauce, and “rockfish spicy soup,” which is cooked in a cool way, are the chewy meat unique to rockfish It's nice to feel the savory flavor .

â–² Location: 58, Jeong-dong 4-gil, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

▲ Opening hours: 08:00 — 20:30 every day, closed on holidays

â–² Price: Todari mugwort soup (spring) 15,000 won, rockfish stew 13,000 won, grilled rockfish (small) 40,000 won

â–² Testimonial (eating crazy pork): This is the most delicious spicy soup I've ever eaten since I was born, and I didn't eat anything fishy.

5. Chungmu gimbap popular with the locals , “Punghwa Gimbap '

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“Poonghwa Gimbap” is a gimbap specialty store in Chungmu located near Tongyeong Seoho Traditional Market. It is a place where not only tourists but also locals continue to order packaging due to its addictive taste. The single menu “Chungmu Gimbap” can be ordered for 2 or more servings. Along with rolled gimbap , it is served with miso soup, mixed paste, and a spicy and sweet seasoning of squid mixed with red sauce. The secret to this restaurant's popularity is the mixture that goes well with gimbap. It's cooked just enough not to be too soft, and its crunchy, refreshing flavor cleans the mouth.

â–² Location: 233-1, Tongyeong-haean-ro, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

â–² Business hours: 05:00 – 21:00 every day

â–² Price: Chungmu gimbap 5,000 won

â–² Testimonial (sweet and sweet): I was able to eat it so deliciously that I was in a flash in less than 5 minutes!

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