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korean food / seoul / A restaurant in Huam-ro, 2nd Garosu-gil, with a stylish old-fashioned atmosphere – 1665

“Huam-dong” is located on the road from the entrance of Sookdae to Namsan Mountain. “Huam-dong” was a village where rich Japanese people lived during the period of Japanese domination in the past, and where displaced people lived together after the Korean War. As a result of this influence , there are still more than 300 cultural houses in Huam-dong, each with its own unique elegance. Recently, Huam-dong began to receive attention due to the influence of celebrities from Gyeongridan-gil and Haebangchon. “Huam Road”, which runs from Yongsan High School Street to Huam Samgai Street, is known as the second tree-lined street because it is lined with trees on both sides. Recently , a new unique cafe and workshop district has sprung up around “Huamro.” Let's take a look at the 5 best restaurants in Huamro, where you can enjoy the quaint atmosphere and modern style.

1. “Shandong dumplings ” in Huam-dong , where you can enjoy the moist juiciness

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Source: _phila_p's Instagram

1525227067574726 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food March 5th, 2024

Source: _phila_p's Instagram

“Shandong Dumpling” , located near Huam Market, is made by a Chinese owner himself, from the dumpling skin to the cow. You can find grilled dumplings and steamed dumplings made with chives, kimchi, shrimp, and vegetables. The signature menu, “Shrimp Gyoza,” contains a whole shrimp and has a chewy texture. The bottom of the gyoza is cooked by grilling the bottom and steaming the top, so you can enjoy the rich juiciness when you take a bite. . “Steamed vegetable meat dumplings,” which are Chinese home-style dumplings with poached Chinese cabbage, is also a popular menu item. The mild sweetness of pork and Chinese cabbage goes well together. The interior is small, so I recommend packing it .

▲ Location: 7, Huam-ro 28-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 10:30 to 21:30 every day, closed on Mondays

▲ Price: Steamed vegetable meat dumplings 5,000 won, shrimp grilled dumplings 7000 won

▲ Testimonial (I grow moss for eating): The lady is kind and the dumplings are delicious, so I often visit. I pack when I don't have a seat, but even so The juice inside is moist, so it's so nice to be alive!

2. 'Changsurin' in Huam-dong , just like the local taste of Thailand

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“Chang Surin” is a small Thai restaurant located at the intersection of Yongsan High School. The Thai-style frames and statues placed all over the store create an exotic atmosphere. The signature menu is “Khao Phat Gapao,” which is holy basil and various vegetables stir-fried with rice. The tangy grains of rice and the fresh scent of basil are attractive. “Pad thai,” where rice noodles are stir-fried in a sweet and sour sauce and eaten with crunchy bean sprouts, is also a popular menu. “Thai-style iced tea,” which is enjoyed sweetly by adding condensed milk and milk to aromatic black tea, is a great dessert.

▲ Location: 55, Dutubba-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:00 to 22:00 every day, 15:30 to 16:30 B.T., closed on Mondays

▲ Price: Chum Yang Kung 11,000 won, Kao Pad 9,000 won, Pad Thai 11,000 won

▲ Review (Meow Meow Meow 1): A place that's not very expensive and all the food is delicious

3. A soup that shows 50 years of tradition , the originator of Huam-dong Gamjatang Ilmijip ”

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Source: doo_ni_ on Instagram

1525225276081717 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food March 5th, 2024

Source: doo_ni_ on Instagram

“Original Gamjatang Ilmijip” is a place boasting 50 years of tradition. Neighborhood residents and university students are always on their way because they can enjoy a rich meal at a reasonable price. The signature menu, “Gamjatang,” is flavored only with pork bones, potatoes, green onions, and clear broth, so the soup is refreshing without being thick. The softly separated lean meat and rich potatoes add to the chewy flavor. “Fried rice,” made by adding seaweed powder and rice to the leftover soup and stir-frying it in a savory way, is also a delicacy. “Gamjatang white rice ” for a single person meal A menu is also available. Please note that we also accept courier orders .

▲ Location: 1-1 Huam-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:00 to 21:30 every day

▲ Price: Gamjatang white rice 7,000 won, Gamjatang (small) 15,000 won

▲ Review (Shikigami School type): A house where you can feel the force of time from the signboard ~ Gamjatang is delicious just like a potato. 10 out of 10 lol

4. Meal and alcohol all at once ! 'Dodongjibu' in Huam-dong

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Source: Shikigami Contents Team

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Source: Shikigami Contents Team

“Dodong Restaurant,” named after “Do-dong,” which is one of the old names of Huam-dong, and meals that can serve a hearty meal They sell snacks that are great for a drink. The signature menu is “Dodongtang noodles,” which is a rich broth made from anchovies and beef topped with plenty of vegetables and beef. The flavor of the fresh, chewy noodles made with a refreshing yet light broth is excellent. “Yakiniku chazen,” which is yakiniku seasoned with soy sauce and grilled crispy with green onions, is also a popular menu. Even though it's sweet and spicy, it contains red pepper to catch the feeling, so you can eat it without getting bitten. The wait is long, so I recommend visiting early.

▲ Location: 80 Huam-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:30 to 22:30 on weekdays, 16:30 to 17:30 B.T., 11:30 to 22:00 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays

▲ Price: Dodongtang noodles 7,000 won, yakiniku chazen 15,000 won, Dodongbi noodles 7,000 won

▲ Review (Shikigin Koni): If you get off at Seoul Station and walk for about 5 minutes, have a drink with Dodongtang noodles and yakiniku chazen, and have a drink with Tsingtao It's a fantastic taste, and they serve something that crosses the middle between unkind and coolness hehe has a simple atmosphere A great place to have a drink at home! It's not too noisy and has just the right amount of noise and atmosphere, making it the perfect place for a sentimental bar! 200% of doctors who will return

5. Impressive visuals , 'Abecquel ' in Huam-dong

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Source: Instagram id_yoniyo__

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Source: Instagram id_hyungsoon0410

“Abecquel” is a dessert cafe that also operates a selection shop. Every season, we offer a limited dessert menu using seasonal fruits. The signature menu is “Ringo Latte,” where mini apples are placed on top of fluffy milk foam, making you feel dainty. It is especially popular among female customers because the savory taste of milk and the flavor of a fragrant apple is added. Currently, they sell “Very Berry Toast,” which is rye bread topped with plenty of berries , and you can enjoy it until April. You can check out the new menu and seasonal menu on the official Instagram.

▲ Location: Montefiore, 29, Dutubbawi-ro 69-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 12:00 to 20:00 every day, closed on Sundays

▲ Price: Ringo latte 6,500 won, melting chocolate 6,500 won, honey grapefruit soda 6,500 won

▲ Testimonial (Shikigami EH): As soon as I walked in, many people said it was pretty. The white interior was dominated by the white interior, and I felt the owner's sense in each space. People kept on making shutters, and the season menu came out beautifully plated. Even the name of Summer Forest was pretty. Try 3-4 on Friday Full of people. It's hard to get there, but I'm surprised that there's a wait, and I understand why people go there. I want to go back when there aren't many people

1525224925310713 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food March 5th, 2024



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