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korean food / seoul / A restaurant with the best taste of Korean beef and frozen sirloin that you must try – 1680

“Frozen sirloin”, which is enjoyed by rapidly freezing Korean beef sirloin, is a recipe that originated in Busan. It is a method of carefully selecting the highest quality meat, rapidly freezing it, then aging it in a frozen state, then cutting it into thin slices and grilling it. . It is characterized by maximizing the original savory flavor of Korean beef through quenching techniques. It's thin, so it cooks quickly, so it's great to bake one by one while covered with a cup of soju. Let's take a look at the 5 best frozen sirloin restaurants where you can enjoy the savory and light taste of Korean beef sirloin.

1. Alternate “bouilgalbi ” , the taste of Naegong that proves a long tradition

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Image source: iamohchanghon's Instagram

“Buil Galbi” started in Busan and is now located in Gyodae. It is a place that has continued its 55-year tradition for 3 generations. The interior has a large space, and it is a favorite place for office workers who have dinner with family guests. The signature menu is “grilled with salt,” where the fat and tendons of the sirloin are removed, cut to 3 mm or less, then quickly cooled and grilled over charcoal. If you soak the meat thoroughly in the sesame oil sauce served with egg yolk, the savory flavor will increase. “Marinated spareribs,” which have a sweet and spicy soy sauce marinated between the sheaths, is also a popular menu. There is also a room space where you can have a quiet meal.

â–² Location: 42, Seocho Jungang-ro 2-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

â–² Business hours: 11:00 to 22:00 every day

â–² Price: Salt-grilled beef 47,000 won, raw sirloin 39,000 won, marinated ribs 39,000 won

â–² Testimonial (Shikigin Dawn Moon): At first, I thought the meat was thick like pork neck because it was grilled with salt, but they cut the beef sirloin into thin slices What's more! It feels a bit like it's marbling, and above all, it cooks quickly, so it was nice to be able to eat it right away~! I think I can eat 3 servings by myself!

2. Hoenggye, a yakiniku restaurant that is more famous for its miso stew , 'Busan Meat Restaurant '

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'Busan Meat Restaurant' is a small local yakiniku restaurant located in Pyeongchang. It is close to the Olympic Plaza and is famous as a regular home for athletes. The signature menu, “sirloin,” is cooked and eaten on a cast iron plate. It is thin and has a chewy yet soft texture. Another popular dish is “miso jjigae,” which is made by putting a large slice of pumpkin and tofu on a grill where the meat was grilled. The greasy texture on the stone board adds a savory flavor to the fullest. It is also a delicacy that you put gimbap in miso stew, quickly cook it, and enjoy it in a laid-back way .

â–² Location: 108, Daegwanryeong-ro, Dakwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

â–² Business hours: 11:00 to 23:00 every day

â–² Price: Sirloin 38,000 won, marbled steak 30,000 won, miso soup 3,000 won

â–² Testimonial (My mouth is full of food): Occasionally, I often stop by during the seasonal Pyeongchang Festival ^^~ At a place with good air and clear water Growing up Korean beef is unmistakably delicious, so hehehe, it's a meat restaurant, so it's great to eat at a reasonable price compared to a Korean beef specialty restaurant.

3. Euljiro's 'Forest Fire Sirloin' , responsible for lunch and dinner for office workers

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“Forest Fire Sirloin” is located in a food alley near Exit 1 of Euljiro Station. You can feel the atmosphere of a long-established store from the shabby exterior of the store and the menu boards written on paper. They only sell two menus: “grilled sirloin” and “miso stew.” If you eat “grilled sirloin” grilled over charcoal with a sweet and sour green onion sauce, the umami will be brought out to the fullest and the aftertaste will be refreshed. “Beef miso jjigae,” which is thickly simmered with plenty of beef, green onions, peppers, and tofu, is also a popular menu. The rich soup and hearty composition keep nearby office workers on their feet. Please note that you can only order miso stew at lunchtime .

â–² Location: 30 Eulji-ro 3-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

â–² Business hours: 10:30 to 22:00 on weekdays, closed on Sundays/holidays

â–² Price: Beef miso stew 10,000 won, grilled sirloin 38,000 won

â–² Review (Meow Meow Meow 1): My personal favorite miso stew restaurant. It's closed on weekends and holidays, so I can't go there often, but the slightly salty yet savory miso jigae is excellent!!! However, there are a lot of people, so the line for lunch is long. The mackerel stew here is also delicious because it has a lot of seasoning. Miso jjigae can be expensive, but if you eat delicious miso jjigae and tasty side dishes on rice, it really tastes like honey b.

4. Yangjae “Rosok ,” a proven beef flavor you can trust

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“Rosok ” was launched by SG Dine Hill, famous for beef restaurants such as “Double Sirloin ” and “Butcher's Cut.” The signature menu “Sirloin Roast Roast” enhances the flavor of roast roast by wet-aging and rapid freezing for 30 days I pulled it up. Thicker than regular frozen sirloin, it adds a chewy flavor. The wine corkage service can be used free of charge, and wine glasses are provided. “Pyongyang Rangmyeon,” which is a combination of tuk tuk tuk cut noodles and a rich meat broth, is also a popular menu. There is a large parking space in front of the store, and valet parking is also available .

â–² Location: 252 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–² Business hours: 11:30 ~ 22:00 every day, B/T 15:00 ~ 16:00 on weekdays

â–² Price: Raw sirloin 33,000 won, super sirloin 40,000 won, Pyongyang langmyeon 10,000 won

â–² Testimonial (Shikigin Edamame Mom): The last time I visited with my friends, I enjoyed it and recommended it.

5. Korean Genghis Khan restaurant , Yeoksam 'Sinjeong '

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Image source: haeminki's Instagram

1526264635275351 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: haeminki's Instagram

“Sinjeong” made a name for itself as the first Genghis Khan specialty restaurant in Korea. The large fountain and the interior, which is neatly decorated with marble, create a luxurious atmosphere. The “sirloin grill” here is of fresh quality using beef managed directly on the farm. The staff grills the meat themselves, so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. “Grilled duck,” which is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and has an excellent light flavor, is also a popular menu item. Since grilled duck is sold in limited quantities, pre-orders are essential. Please note that there is an additional charge when refilling some side dishes.

â–² Location: 29 Teheran-ro 8-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

â–² Business hours: 11:30 ~ 23:00 every day

â–² Price: Grilled sirloin 54,000 won, grilled duck 74,000 won, Jingisukan 47,000 won

â–² Review (Pork in front of Suwon City Hall): A refreshing side dish. The main menu has a strong flavor, so the side dishes are mostly mixed. Gopchang hot pot that I've only heard in words. It wasn't a chewy offal, but it had a texture that melts in the mouth. I also liked the rich flavor of the soup.

1526264943066415 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023



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