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korean food / seoul / The cool season is back! An up-and-coming powerhouse who will cry even Okryu-gwan – 1691

“Pyongyang cold noodles” is a traditional Pyongyang food where you can enjoy light flavors instead of salty or spicy flavors. Boil the beef bone, let it cool, add dongchimi broth, vinegar, and salt to the broth that has been removed from the fat to taste, then soba Add noodles. You can also enjoy putting pork, boiled egg, and pear garnish, and adding vinegar or mustard if you like. “Pyongyang cold noodles,” which were a favorite food in Pyongyang, were spread by Vietnamese people during the 6th and 25th war. It is loved by enthusiasts for its unique umami that comes from rough soba noodles and samhan broth. Recently , after the North and South Korea summit, interest in Pyongyang cold noodles has increased, and Pyongyang cold noodle specialty stores are making their way to the streets.

Famous restaurants for cold noodles in Pyongyang, Seoul include Pildong-myeon-ok in Chungmuro, Eulmildae in Mapo, Eulji-myeon-ok in Eulji-ro, Pyongyang-myeon-ok in Jangchung, Pyongyang-myeon-ok in Nonhyeon, and Yeoksam Neung-do, Jamwon Uijeongbu Pyongyang Myeonok , Songpa Bongpiyang, Euljiro Wurae-ok, Samseong-dong Evaluation Office, City Hall Gangseo-myeon-ok, Namdaemun Buwon Myeon-ok, Yeouido Jeongin-myeon-ok, Jongno Eugene Restaurant, Bundang Jangsaeng-ok, Pangyo Neung-do , Ilsan Daedonggwan, Guui-dong Seobuk-myeon-ok , Namdaemun Buwon Myeon-ok, Goyang Manpo-myeon-ok, Hongdae Dongmu Meal, Sangam Navel House, Yeonnam-dong Yeonnam-myeon-ok, Mapo Musamok, Samseong-dong Pyeonghwa-ok, Oryu-dong Pyongyang Naengmyeon, Bangi Geumwang Pyongyang-myeon-ok, City Hall Nampo-myeon-ok, Bundang Yoon Mi-won , Mok-dong Pyeongmi-ga, Yeoksam samdo ribs are famous.

National Pyeongnyeong restaurants include Uijeongbu Pyongyang Myeonok, Anseong Friendship Restaurant, Cheonan Pyongyang Naengmyeon, Asan Pyongyang Myeonok, Yangju Pyongyang Myeonok, Daejeon Sumgowon Naengmyeon, and Daejeon Suramyeonok , Daegu Daedong-myeon-ok, Yongin-suji Gesung Restaurant, Dongducheon Pyeongnam-myeon-ok, Dongin-cheon Gyeongin-myeon-ok, Jeju Daekwang Restaurant, Gunsan Apgang-ok , Pyeongtaek Gobok-rye Naengmyeon, Busan Wonsan-myeon-ok etc. are famous. We will introduce 5 of the best Pyongyang cold noodle restaurants that are emerging powerhouses by recreating the flavors of Pyongyang in Seoul.

1. The taste and flavor of 100% buckwheat , Yeoksam 'Pyongyangok'

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Pyongyang cold noodle specialty store “Pyongyangok ” was newly opened by a chef from Woo Rae Ok. It's close to Yeoksam Station and is crowded with office workers at lunchtime. The signature menu “Pyongyang Naengmyeon” uses noodles made from 100% pure soba milled using a millstone. Noodles made entirely of soba are attractive because of their crunchy texture and rich flavor of soba. “Soba noodles,” which are made by putting green onions on top of soba dough to make them crispy and thin, is also a popular menu. There is a parking space in front of the store, so it's a good idea to visit by car .

▲ Location: 18 Nonhyeon-ro 71-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:30 ~ 21:00 every day

▲ Price: Pyongyang Naengmyeon 9,000 won, Bibim Naengmyeon 9,000 won, Pyongyang hand dumpling 9,000 won

▲ Testimonial (Shikigami Yeong-gyeong Course _ Student _): The company is in Yeoksam, so I often go there at lunchtime or after work. The rich soup unique to Pyongyang cold noodles is fascinating! The soba noodles are also light, so it's great to eat before a meal or with cold noodles!

2. 'Delicacy Pyongyang Naengmyeon' in Nonhyeon-dong, a food that proves dedication

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“Delicacy Pyongyang Naengmyeon” is a place where you can find a variety of North Korean-style food presented by artisans with 20 years of experience. 2018 Michelin I was selected as a guide. The signature menu is “cold noodles” filled with broth that is so clear that the bottom of the bowl can be seen. The feature is that the noodles are removed immediately after ordering, boiled, and then rinsed in cold water to increase elasticity. The chewy noodles and salty broth blend pleasantly in the mouth. “Jieku,” which has been boiled for a long time to make full use of its tenderness, is also a popular menu. It's thick and plentiful, making it a favorite snack for drinks.

▲ Location: 305-3 Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:00 to 21:30 every day

▲ Price: cold noodles 11,000 won, pork 25,000 won, pork 24,000 won

▲ Review (Dawn of the Moon): The best Pyongyang cold noodles in Gangnam region. According to my personal taste, it is considered the best Pyongyang cold noodle in Seoul. Even if you eat a really refreshing broth as it is, it's delicious even if you add mustard if you're too upset. Also, this house thinks the meat is excellent. My parents who have bad teeth also like it because it's soft and tasty. If the two go, I recommend one cold noodle and half pork.

3. The combination of thick soup and rich buckwheat flavor , Cheongdam-dong ' Pyangok '

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'Pyyangok' is located near Exit 8 of Cheongdam Station. There is a cotton mill on one side of the store where you pick your own noodles, which is very eye-catching. The signature menu “watercress noodles” is made using this year's sunshine soba. At the end of the flavor of the soup, you can feel the subtle scent of soba spreading. The North Korean-style hot pot “fish-bok tray,” which is eaten by cooking various meats and vegetables together, such as brisket, beef tongue, sardine, and offal, is also popular Menu. 10 different parts are included, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors according to your taste. Please note that a wine corkage service is also available.

▲ Location: 14 Samseong-ro 133-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00 every day

▲ Price: Watercress noodles 11,000 won, mung bean paste 8,000 won, fishcake tray 60,000 won

▲ Testimonial (Gom-tang's butt): The new Pyongyang cold noodle restaurant has a modern interior and classic beauty . According to critic expressions, it is a place praised for being the best fishcake tray in Korea. I ordered a fishbowl tray, and a lot of meat came up. Also, the quality of the meat was very good. I recommend the fishbowl tray.

4. 5 hours of deep broth filled with sincerity , Gangnam Ward Office 'Bongmi-ga '

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“Bongmilga” presents fresh and hearty food using ingredients brought from the production area the day before. Soft, lightly rolled noodles are served before the meal. The signature menu is “Pyongyang soba,” which combines soba noodles with broth made from herbal medicine, Korean beef brisket, and pork belly that has been simmered for five hours Water noodles'. The thick noodles add a chewy flavor, and you can enjoy the rich flavor and deep savory flavor at the same time. “Millet stone pot udon,” which contains traditional soy sauce aged in a forest garden for 3 years, is also a popular menu. The combination of the tangy yet chewy noodles and the refreshing seafood broth is excellent. There are break times, so check when you visit .

▲ Location: 664 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:30 to 22:00 every day, B/T 15:00 to 17:00, closed on Sundays

▲ Price: Pyongyang soba noodle 9,000 won, gijangdol pot udon 8,500 won, hand dumpling 6,500 won

▲ Testimonial (Cold noodles made with natural flavors of ingredients): The cold noodles made with the natural flavor of the ingredients are really delicious. The stone pot udon was also good to eat. ^ ^ I think it would be a good idea to go there when you pass by.

5. Mapo's 'Seishun Club' , a cold noodle that is more famous than its signature menu

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'Youth Club' is located near Mapo Station Exit 1. Although it is a specialty store in Yangdaechang, it is a place that has gone viral as a cold noodle restaurant. The “Pyongyang cold noodles” here are mixed with Korean beef brisket and pheasant broth to further enhance the umami flavor. You can enjoy it saltier than regular Pyongyang cold noodles by seasoning the broth with soy sauce. Self-made noodles using soba are characterized by their rough and rustic texture. “Special yaki,” which is marinated in a special sauce, aged for a day, then grilled over charcoal, is also a popular menu item However, with a large two-story floor space, it is also a good place for meetings and dinners.

▲ Location: 308 Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours: 11:00 to 23:00 every day, closed on holidays

▲ Price: Pyongyang cold noodles 11,000 won, special yangyang-yaki 28,000 won

▲ Review (Shikigin COLORFY): The main menu is grilled sheep, but Pyongyang cold noodles made using 100% buckwheat and pure perilla oil soba are edible I can only do it. In particular, the cold noodles here use pheasant meat and Korean beef to make broth, and pheasant meat is added as a garnish. It's worth going.

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