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korean food / seoul / Shikigami unveils ‘2018 Busan Taste Map’ – 1703

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BNC Confectionery

Central Restaurant

Joongang Gomtang



Cheongsan giblets

Pungwon Seaweed Soup Dinner

Anvil Confectionery

Burger in New York

Millet noodles

The rumored hanbang-myeon

Orca coffee shop

Bon ga bon-ga bye-nyeon-ga

Chilseong Chicken

Market Halmaekkal Noodle

Cafes in order of last


Four year difference

Owl & Pussyket

Chilsung Restaurant

Geochang millstone

Mimicham pig's foot

Hope chicken

Shingane Hotteok Gimbap Tteokbokki

New York Chamber of Commerce Seomyeon Branch

Sariwon cold noodles

Happy chicken

Anmoru Restaurant

Jimmy Ginipak




Cafe Cuoiano



World Chicken

Namhae Master Sashimi Restaurant

Big tit

Gibble giblets

Pearl cold noodles

The popular Jumunjin Makguksu

Daegun Myungga pork gukbap

Rumors are raging

Restaurant information service based on user reviews and ratings of restaurants in the Busan area from April 2017 to March 2018 The '2018 Busan Taste Map', which analyzed big data based on big data, was released on the 11th.

After analyzing the places that users search and visit a lot, analyze restaurant trends, including search terms and regions that have surged in the last 3 months, It's a reflective map.

The '2018 Busan Taste Map' created by Shikishin's analysis of big data includes not only the number of views and searches, but also honest reviews from reviewers who visited and left in person Added reliability. It has made a name for itself not only for representative restaurants visited by locals and travelers, but also for the regular restaurants of people living in Busan.

If you look at the major restaurants selected for the 2018 Shikishin Busan Taste Map, Seomyeon/Jeonpo Cafe Street's “Cafe Quoiano,” “Moru Restaurant,” “Mole,” and “Bakers” on recent social media Many places that are rapidly rising were included. Also, there are food restaurants in Busan, such as tteokbokki, bibimdangmyeon, pork gukbap, and seafood, which have been broadcast recently and are very popular They made a name for themselves together.

Shikishin is also running a '2018 Busan Spring Tour' promotion with Busan City and Busan Tourism Organization. Under the theme of 'Taste of Busan', we recommend tourist spots and restaurants with a total of 5 courses: 'Small Tour, Snapshot Tour, Market Tour, Filial Philanthropy Tour, and TV Taste Tour'. If you vote for your preferred course, the first 500 people can use a pocket Busan tourist map and restaurants in Busan linked to Shikigami Drink coupons are provided.

CEO Ahn Byeong-ik of Shikishin said, “I hope you can enjoy a spring trip and Golden Week holiday using the themed travel courses recommended by Shikishin and the 2018 Busan Taste Map” and said, “I hope you will continue to enjoy Busan's Golden Week holiday We will continue to discover flavors and do our best to revitalize trips to Busan based on cooperation with small business owners. ” Said it.



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