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korean food / seoul / Opening the beginning of the Lunar New Year holidays! 5 restaurants at Seoul Terminal & Train Station – 1712

I don't even realize that the new year 2020 has arrived, but before I knew it, Lunar New Year's Day was right around the corner. You can see many people planning a trip with their loved ones or loved ones for Lunar New Year's Day. If you're going to a faraway place, a hearty meal is essential before getting on the train or bus! Starting with fresh conveyor belt sushi, dumpling soup with warm soup that melts the body and soul, rice noodles, seolleungtang, and homemade burgers that are easy to enjoy! Here are 5 of the best places to eat at Seoul Terminal and Train Station that will add excitement to the beginning of your Lunar New Year holiday trip.

1. 'Susimaiu Express Bus Terminal Store' in Banpo-dong, Seoul, filled with the taste of a chef with 10 years of experience

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1578894769688867 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

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1578894783181753 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Image source: Shikigami Contents Team

“Sushi Maiu Express Terminal Store” is a conveyor belt sushi specialty store that has maintained its place in the express terminal underground shopping district since 2007. You can enjoy sushi presented by a chef with 10 years of experience at reasonable prices. You can choose and eat sushi that rotates along the rails, and the price is divided according to the color of the plate. The three most popular menus are “beef sirloin steak sushi,” where beef is grilled over an open flame and has a soft aroma and moist juiciness; “live fish jelly sushi,” which has the umami of jelly added to fresh live fish sashimi; and “salmon onion sushi,” which combines savory salmon with a sweet sauce. In addition to sushi, they also have a variety of food menus, such as deep-fried shrimp, rolls, and mero-yaki, so it's fun to pick and eat.

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â–²Location: G29-30, Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Mall, 200 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 22:00 every day

â–²Price: Sirloin steak sushi (red plate) 3,200 won, salmon onion sushi (red plate) 3,200 won

â–²Testimonial (Summary of admission): It's such a popular place in the express terminal that there are always waits even when it's not mealtime. At first, I was surprised to see the jelly sushi, but when I tried it, I was surprised once more because it was delicious. Also, if the rail says there's no sushi you want, the chef makes it right away, and overall the service is great.

2. Clean and attractive Hwanghae-do food, Nambu Terminal 'Bongsan-ok'

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'Bongsanok' is a place run by CEO Yoon Young-sook, who inherited a taste from her mother-in-law from North Korea. Adhering to her mother-in-law's recipe, she offers Hwanghae-style food such as dumpling soup and noodles. The signature menu is “Bongsan Dumpling Soup,” which is topped with five large dumplings topped with sliced green onions and a garnish of thinly torn beef. If you scoop out the hot broth made by simmering brisket, onions, and radishes for 12 hours and taste it, you can feel the deep flavor that fills the inside. Dumplings filled with plenty of beef made from meat, bean sprouts, and boiled Chinese cabbage are characterized by their crunchy texture. After draining the gyoza to some extent, you can roll up the rice that comes with it and enjoy it even more.

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â–²Location: 5-6, Banpo-daero 8-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:00 — 21:20 every day, B/T 15:00 — 17:00, closed on Sundays

â–²Price: Bongsan dumpling soup 10,000 won, squid sundae 23,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Zazo4630): The liver isn't irritating, so it's nice to feel comfortable even after eating. The dumplings themselves are big, so even if you eat just a little bit, you're full of satiety. The more you chew dumplings, the more delicious they are! In cold weather like these days, a dumpling soup makes you feel warm to the inside.

3. 'Famous House' at Dong-Seoul Terminal, a rich soup that fills the heart

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Image source: JYKIM's Instagram

1578894874681755 Korean Food September 26th, 2023

Image source: pang_jjjjini's Instagram

“Famous House” is open 24 hours a day, so it's a great place to casually visit from early morning until late at night. The interior of the store, which consists of a regular table and a sitting table, has a large space that can accommodate about 60 people. The signature menu is “Seolnongtang,” which serves beef bone broth, meat, and noodles that have been thoroughly cooked in a cauldron for over 13 hours in an earthenware pot. The soup, which is made using only beef bones and meat without any condiments, has a light yet savory flavor. Seolleungtang, which comes without any garnish, can be eaten with roasted salt and green onion slices if desired. In addition, they also have a variety of hearty meal menus, such as offal gomguk soup, crucible soup, and tail gomguk soup.

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â–²Location: 50 Guuigangbyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours: 00:00 — 24:00 every day

â–²Price: Seolnongtang 9,000 won, assorted beef (small) 40,000 won

â–²Testimonial (The man who ate): I often go there because it's close to my house, but the soup is very rich. I usually eat Seolleungtang, but it also contains a lot of meat, so if you roll up the rice and eat it with kimchi, it's just a bowl. I also made my own kimchi, so it goes great with the soup! If you pack it, they give you more soup than if you eat it at the store.

4. A bowl of rice noodles to enjoy on a single meal, 'Huam Rice Guksu' at Seoul Station

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“Huam Rice Noodle” was newly opened near Seoul Station in April 2019. The small interior of the store is decorated in white tones, giving it a clean feel. After ordering through the kiosk, you can bring tableware, pickled radish, lemons, coriander, etc. from the self-service bar. The signature menu, “Beef rice noodles,” is served by putting beef, onion slices, and meatballs on top of a soup with a mild flavor of meat. At first, you can enjoy the original flavor and flavor by squeezing only lemon into the rice noodles, then you can enjoy exotic flavors step by step by adding chili sauce and soy bean sauce to the soup one by one. The sauce placed on the table has a sharp flavor even if you add a small amount, so I recommend adding it while looking at the liver.

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â–²Location: 103, Dutubbawi-ro 1-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 21:00 every day, B/T 15:00 — 17:00, closed on Saturdays, closed when supplies run out

â–²Price: Beef rice noodles 7,500 won, stir-fried rice noodles 7,500 won

â–²Testimonial (Shikigen Kwon's appeal): It's been a while since it opened, so the store feels clean. I like rice noodles, so I go all over the place, and I feel like I've found a hidden restaurant in the neighborhood! There aren't many menus, but I am very satisfied because every one of them has been carefully put into it!

5. Juicy homemade burger, 'The Back Terrace' at Yongsan Station

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1578894959247757 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

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1578894996017872 jpeg Korean Food September 26th, 2023

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“The Back Terrace” is operated as the second branch of “The Back Food Truck,” famous as a homemade burger restaurant in Haebangchon. The feature is that you can enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, and wine along with homemade burgers. The signature menu is the “The Bag Burger Set,” which consists of a burger filled with beef patty, fresh vegetables, and American cheese, french fries, and a drink between burger buns. The beef patty made from 100% Korean beef combines the moist juice and savory cheese that pops up as soon as you chew, and you can enjoy the classic taste of an American-style hamburger. Along with the burger, I also like side dishes such as “Chicken Bong & Chicken Wings,” “Onion Rings,” and “French Fries with Truffle Oil.”

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â–²Location: 3rd Floor, 26, Hangang-daero 40-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

â–²Business hours: Weekdays 11:00:00, Saturday 11:00-22:00, Sunday 11:00-21:00, B/T (weekdays) 15:00-17:00

â–²Price: The Bag Burger Set 13,900 won, Chicken Bong & Chicken Wings 13,900 won

â–²Testimonial (I like meat dishes): I also enjoyed eating at The Bag Food Truck, so I visited the second store right away. The store was very spacious and had a terrace, so it was tasteful. Hehe, I ate the basic The Bag Burger Set, and it's really delicious out of all the burgers I've eaten so far. It's great to drink a glass of beer here!



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