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“Heart Signal 2” left two episodes until the end. It was a week where I was shocked and overwhelmed by Hyunwoo Hyunjoo's line, which suddenly appeared when I wanted to have a satisfying show with the birth of Hyunwoo and Yeongju as a couple. When is Friday!!! When is Friday!!! I've been waiting with all my heart for today! We gathered restaurants that the performers went to while waiting impatiently for the program.

If there's someone you'd like to send a heart signal to!

Check out the lists that capture the couples' excitement as they are, and my own thoughts too! The cast's thumbs-up too! Let's make it all happen!

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Did your sister cry?

This is a place where Gyubin's sensible selection of restaurants has caught the taste buds of Yeongju. A wine bar with a nice atmosphere, from where I went to a pork cutlet restaurant in demand. A hearty Korean meal that doesn't use condiments! From the world's hottest Euljiro cafe. It's a restaurant full of sense as your face. Acknowledgment, recognition!

1528683706037134 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

I like you

Yeongju was taken to Hyunwoo's favorite Sundae Guk house. Hyunwoo's classic sandwich shop. An izakaya full of atmosphere. A pub where I played table tennis and joined hands with another couple. How did the couple's restaurants fit the storyI cheer for the main couple..

1528683719948135 jpg Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

There is a misunderstanding between us..

Taiwanese style baby food and baby's pretty afternoon tea set. From famous cafes in Seongsu to wine bars with a nice atmosphere!

I don't know what kind of couples will end up in the next 2 episodes, though! So excited.. Thank you Heart Signal for bringing love cells to life! I wish all of us a happy love!



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