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MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA! “Pizzao” is a pizza specialty store located at the entrance to Haebangchon. It is a place where Italian dough is kneaded directly for 72 hours and thoroughly aged to create a chewy dough , and uses a special Italian sauce using 9 kinds of natural herbs and spices . You can enjoy delicious pizzas made using fresh ingredients, including “homemade pickles” that are sweet and sour and crunchy. Pizzas baked in an authentic Italian oven at 4600 degrees can be enjoyed in a variety of rich flavors by adding various topping systems from American-style pizzas.

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SAME PRICE, UNLIMITED TOPPINGS ! The pizza dough, which goes through a 72-hour aging process, is baked in an oven at the same time as it is ordered . It boasts a rich flavor and a savory yet chewy flavor. All pizzas can be enjoyed according to your preferences by choosing from a variety of toppings at no additional charge. It is very popular because individuals can develop and enjoy it according to their preferences . Two types of sauce , red and white, grilled potatoes , mushrooms , black olives , garlic , red onions , pineapple , A total of 11 vegetable toppings, including bell peppers , and a total of 9 types of meat toppings , including pepperoni , grilled bacon, salami , smoked ham, Italian sausage, and chicken breast, will be prepared.

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OH! PIZZA! For those who find it difficult to choose toppings, we present 5 types of 'Best Pizzas' named after Pizza YOLO . “Cardi,” which features the natural flavor of cheese and a savory yet sweet finish; “More Peppe,” where you can enjoy a true American flavor with plenty of pepperoni; “Ezekiel,” which stands out for its combination of grilled bacon , cheddar cheese, and sliced garlic; and “Peter,” which adds spicy jalapeno to homemade yakiniku. “Quattro Pizza,” where you can enjoy four of the best pizzas at once, is the most popular.

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SIDE MENU In addition to the pizza menu , side menus such as Hawaiian chicken oh , buffalo hot wings and potatoes , cheese sole potatoes, and shrimp salad are also offered . “Hawaiian Chicken O” is smoked chicken baked in an oven, and has a crispy, chewy, and moist skin on the inside. It is served generously with a refreshing salad and french fries topped with cheese seasoning.

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At WITH BEER “PIZZAO”, you can enjoy not only a variety of bottled beers , but also 6 types of draft beer: Maisel , Beetburger, Koestritzer , Goose 312, Weizen, and Mozaik IPA. In particular, “Bitburger (Bitburger)” is a Pilsner style beer and is known as one of Germany's top three beers. It has a golden color, a clean aftertaste, and a rich aroma of hops . It is provided with the only one-liter stonemer in Korea, which keeps the temperature of the beer cold for a long time, so you can enjoy it cool. No matter what type of drink you order, you can get an unlimited number of drinks .

There are terrace seats where you can enjoy the cool breeze, so it's a great place to enjoy blood , and keep in mind that you can enjoy a wider variety of alcoholic beverages and pizzas at the pub located underground after 10 p.m.

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'Everybody ENJOY PIZZA O'

[Shikigin TIP]
▲Location : 15-1 Sinheung-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
▲Business hours : 12:00 every day — 01:00
▲Price : Pizzao 14 inch 19,800 won , Quattro pizza 24,800 won
▲Review (Shikigami POKO Jam ): Ah, it was delicious, so I completely inhaled it . Today's diet is in vain . The price here is good, the taste is good, and you can add as many toppings as you really want, so it's a place I really love !



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