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korean food / seoul / Soul food that warms your heart, a restaurant with fluffy and chewy kishimen noodles – 1771

“Kalguksu” got its name from the fact that it is cut into thin slices with a knife and eaten. “Kalguksu” is a dish made by rolling out a thin layer of flour dough with a bat, cutting it into thin slices with a knife, putting it in soup, and boiling it. In the past, when wheat was precious, it was a high-class food that could only be eaten around June of the lunar calendar, which is the wheat harvest season. Zucchini and potatoes also had a lot of flavor at that time, so I always added them to kishimen noodles, and those ingredients have continued to this day. Kishimen noodles include clam kishimen noodles with a refreshing broth, chicken kishimen noodles with an attractive umami flavor, and red bean kishimasu noodles with a sweet flavor It has a variety of flavors depending on the broth.

Kalguksu restaurants around the country include Seoul Myeongdong gyoza, Munbae-dong Yukkal, Hansung Kalguksu, Hyehwa Kalguksu, Han Soon-son Kalguksu, Yeongil Bunsik, Gangnam gyoza, Nonhyeon Kalguksu, Seongbuk-dongjip, Praise Restaurant, Choi Wolseon Kalguksu , Airport Kalguksu, Comet Kalguksu, Myeongryun Son Kalguksu, Ilmi Kalguksu, Thumseon Kalguksu, Chungmu Kalguksu, Hyundai Kalguksu, Sohojeong, Gomguk Sijip, Sarangbang Kalguksu, Mokcheon-jip, Mannanson Kalguksu, Milbon, Ilsan Ilsan Kalguksu, Gwacheon Bongdeok Kalguksu, Uiwang Bongdeok Kalguksu, Gwangmyeong Hongduk Kalguksu, Incheon Nilirison Kalguksu, Hwanghae Seafood Kalguksu, Scallop Kalguksu, Gwon O-gil Kalguksu, Thatched Gajip Kalguksu, Yongin Bonggak Son Kalguksu, Suwon Daewang Kalguksu, Hanam Changmoru, Paju Millfield Restaurant, Ansan Solbat Kalguksu, Uijeongbu Best House Kalguksu, Daejeon Osi Kalguksu, Bonga Leek Seafood Kalguksu, Boksu Bunsik , Hanbat Kalguksu, Gongju Kalguksu, Gongju Bunsik, People Who Make Kal Noodle, Smile Kalguksu, Daesun Kalguksu, Shindo Kalguksu, Traditional Kalguksu, Pine Tree House, Sejong City Matnadang Kalguksu, Gongju Traditional Gungjung Kalguksu, Cheongju Jeongganeson Kalguksu , Soyoung Kalguksu, Jeungpyeong Songwon Kalguksu, Hongseong Hongbuk Restaurant, Eumseong Cho-hyang Kalguksu, Seocheon Wellness Kalguksu, Budget Geese Kalguksu, Asan Yurim Bunsik, Dangjin Joo Hee-neul, Nonsan Eunjin Son Kalguksu, Iksan Taebaek Kalguksu, Gwangju Kim Kang-shim Kalguksu , Dangjin Bon Ga-gun Haeun Kalguksu, Boryeong Oyangson Kalguksu, Jeongseon Jeongseon-myeon-ok, Jeju Okdom Restaurant, Ulsan Gyeongju Sonkalguksu, Yeonggwang Myrhyang Seafood Kalguksu, Daegu Ongshim Ikkal Noodle, Gachang Kalguksu, Yakjeon Almokwon Jo Guksu, Hapcheon Halmae Kalguksu, Kim Tae-hee Old-fashioned Hand Guksu, Busan Gijang Son Kalguksu, Macgai Berson Kalguksu, Ulkni Sonkal Noodle, Gangneung There are brother kal noodles, modern jang kal noodles, Chuncheon old hand sword noodles, and Pohang kakunemori noodles. Let's take a look at some popular Kalguksu restaurants in Seoul.

1. 'Gyeongbuk Son Kalguk' in Cheongnyang-ri, noodles made immediately to order

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Image source: redroombluestone's Instagram

“Gyeongbuk Son Kalguksu” is located next to St. Paul's Hospital near Cheongnyangni Station Exit 6. The owner makes his own noodles using red beans inside the store, which exudes the feeling of a long-established store. “Sonkal noodle soup” sells only one menu item, and as soon as an order is placed, the noodles are sold to customers. Soy flour was added to the flour dough to catch the freshness of the flour and make the most of its rich flavor. The anchovy soup contains plenty of zucchini and Chinese cabbage, giving it a refreshing yet refreshing flavor. It is also a delicacy to pour noodles into a bowl, add a little broth, then add a sharp green onion sauce and grate it. Note that kishimen noodles can be added as a refill .

[Meal tip]
Location: 9, Dapsimni-ro
, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 10:30 ~ 20:30 every day, Closed on Sundays
Price: Sonkal noodles 5,500 won
â–² Review (Shikigin PudingTalk): Expect kindness in places that feel like long-established stores
It's hard, but it's nice that the boss here is so kind! They only sell one kishimen, and I really liked the light yet refreshing flavor! A place that always comes to mind when I go to work.

2. “Yeonhui-dong Kalguksu” in Yeonhui-dong, a hearty soup that soothes the stomach

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Image source: most.seoul's Instagram

1531447876467251 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Image source: yyoung__fforever's Instagram

“Yeonhui-dong Kalguksu” is a three-story detached house renovated and boasts a large scale. The signature menu is “Kalguksu,” which features a thick soup made by adding rich beef bone that has been brewed for 12 hours and starch from noodles. The rich broth soaked between the noodles blends pleasantly in the mouth. If you put a sweet topping on it and eat it in one bite, you can enjoy it even more deliciously. You can enjoy the light soup by itself or add pepper and green onion sauce if you like. The patented sour white kimchi has a refreshing aftertaste and is great to eat as a side dish. “Beef,” which has been boiled for a long time and has an attractive soft texture, is also a popular menu. There is a large parking space, so it's a good idea to visit by car .

[Meal tip]
Location: 37 Yeonhuima-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:00 to 21:00 every day, closed on holidays
â–² Price : Kishimen noodles 9,000 won, beef 25,000 won
â–² Review (shikigin is a nickname for shikigin): Beef bone broth is the biggest characteristic, so in kishimen noodles made from anchovies or vegetable broth There's no feeling of stickiness that I can feel~!!! What's more, it's a beef bone! Taste that makes you healthy just by listening to the words!

3. “Elim,” a savory flavor that makes the body healthy, and nursing

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Image Source : Shikigami User Two Sunders

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Image Source : Shikigami User Two Sunders

“Elim” offers a variety of dishes using ground wild sesame powder every morning. Season all foods with herbs without using any condiments. When ordering a meal, barley rice and beef are served as a service, and you can enjoy a hearty meal. The signature menu, “Perilla Kalguksu,” uses wild sesame powder that has gone through a lot of refining, and has a mild flavor and rich flavor unique to perilla I can feel it at the same time. I added hijiki, hamcho, and sea salt to the kishimen noodle dough to further enhance the chewy texture. There is also a menu called “Sujebi,” which contains homemade rice batter in a rich perilla soup, and a “Kaljebi ” menu where you can enjoy sashimi and kishimen noodles at the same time It's ready .

[Meal Tip]
Location: 67 Samgaksan-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:30 ~ 21:30 every day, B/T (weekdays) 15:40 ~ 16:30, B/T (weekend) 15:00 ~ 16:30, Sunday Closed
â–² Price: Perilla noodles 6,000 won, perilla noodles 7,000 won, gyoza 5,000 won
â–² Review (Shikigami is a nickname): 4.19 After walking around the Democratic Cemetery
It's fine to go. Even though I went at 2 o'clock, there was a wait, but I missed it quickly. The male boss took a look at the parking lot and greeted me for a nice holiday when I went out to eat. The noodles are fine, and the soup is richer than anything else. Even if they only ordered kishimen noodles, they also had barley rice and some beef, which was great. 5 people went and ordered a dumpling for 4 servings of kishimen noodles.

4. Pyongyang Kalguksu in Seoul, 'Hwangsaengga Kalguksu' in Samcheong-dong

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Image source: thebakeanista's Instagram

1531447937300255 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Image source: jin_ingg's Instagram

“Hwangsaenggakal noodles” is a Pyongyang Kalguksu restaurant selected in the 2018 Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand. When you walk into the store, you can see the staff making gyoza on the other side. The signature menu is “rural kishimasu,” which is a thick, immaculate beef bone broth topped with pumpkin, mushrooms, and green onions as garnishes. The rich, rich flavor of the soup and the subtle sweetness that comes from vegetables are added, making it attractive. “Bean noodles,” which are made by grinding sesame seeds, pine nuts, and peanuts along with fresh beans, are also a popular menu item. Bean noodles are sold only during the summer season. It's also close to Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbok Palace, so it's a great place to enjoy a walk after a meal .

[Tip for a meal ]
Location: 78, Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:30 to 21:30 every day, closed on holidays

Price: Countryside Kalguksu 9,000 won, Wangmandu soup 9,000 won, mushroom hot pot 16,000 won
â–² Review (The eating tiger is full
of energy): Even though there are so many restaurants in Samcheong-dong Famous places are easy to spot at a glance. Looking in line, hahaha, kishimen noodles aren't tasty, but it's also hard to be tasty, but if you eat them in line, you know why, right?

5. Yangjae “Lim Byeong-ju Shandong Kalguksu” with a 30-year tradition

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Image source : Shikigami Contents Team

1531448758937484 jpg Korean Food September 21st, 2023

Image source : Shikigami Contents Team

“Lim Byeong-ju Shandong Kalguksu” has been consistently loved by local residents for over 30 years. The food is served fast and the prices are cheap, so it's always crowded with nearby office workers at lunchtime. The signature menu, “Sonkal Noodle Soup,” contains plenty of clams to make it cool and add chewy noodles to our broth. The noodles are kneaded directly in the store and are unpretentious yet thick. Pyongyang-style “Wangmandu,” which has thin skin and is full of filling, is also a popular menu. Dumplings can also be enjoyed as dumpling soup; note that noodles can be refilled when ordering the menu for 1 person.

[Tip for a meal]
Location: 63, Gangnam-daero 37-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-21:30, Weekends 11:00-21:00
Price: Hand Kal Noodle 8,000 won, Dumpling Soup 8,000 won, Wang Dumpling 8,000 won
â–² Review (I'm going to go to Shikigin Duo): In soup
The seasoning didn't taste good, and it was nice because it was a softly refreshing non-irritating soup hehe



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