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korean food / seoul / A symbol of youth and youth! 2018 National Tomorrow Travel Destination Taste Map – 1798

Let's go and conquer restaurants all over the country !

The season has returned to Tomorrow, which symbolizes youth and youth. If you cancel your ticket tomorrow, you can freely use Saemaeulho , Mugunghwa Lake , commuter trains, and Nuriro, perfect for students' vacation plans. I struggle under the hot sun, but the memories I make while traveling with my loved ones cannot be replaced by anything. The intense heat may be painful, but why don't you pack up and leave right away? The only time you can improvise to see the blue sky and the blue summer scenery unfold is when you are a student. Let's leave delicious restaurants to Shikigami. Korea Youth Trip, 2018 National Tomorrow's Destination Taste Map !

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[Reference image 1] 2018 National Tomorrow Travel Destination Taste Map


The day before


Maze sashimi shop


Rotary cafeteria

Jeonju bean sprouts gukbap

Yi Sun-shin homemade burger

Geumam Pisundae

Daesung Restaurant

Oseonmo traditional gimbap

Yaksu chicken house


Hansanseom Restaurant


Kyungwon Restaurant

Manseong Bokjip


Omisa honey bread

Flavored chicken

Fuhwa Gimbap

Mihyang Restaurant

One Dense Food Restaurant





Blue jasmine sashimi


Bukcheong Traditional Abai Sundae


Jinmi Dongchimi Soba Makguksu

Hwangnam bread

Persimmon Tree House Potato Ongshim

Myeongdong chewy noodles

Persimmon Tree House Potato Ongshim

Gyeongju Wonjokongguk

Choi Dae-seop Dae-bak Gimbap


Name Nangijang Mountain Eel


Gangneung Thumjine Food Stall

Suyeong pork gukbap

Fairy Tale Garden

Karin Yeongdo Place

Willow Brewery

Myunga noodles


Haeundae Somun Nan Am Beef Rib Restaurant

Bongbong Mill

Ordinary Flower Cafe

Samgyori Dongchimi Makguksu

If you take a look at the selected major restaurants, it's a great place to have a drink while relieving the fatigue of a strenuous trip, and restaurants that boast a hearty meal with plenty of courtesy You can see that the bars are included together. Jeonju's “Jeonil Super Market”, Yeosu's “Yaksu Chicken House”, Sokcho's “Cheongcho Sashimul Sai”, and Gyeongju's “Gyeongju Wonjo Bean Soup” captivate the tastes of local locals as well as tourists These are gourmet restaurants .

Also , it's a great place to take certified shots along with beautiful scenery such as “Karin Yeongdo Place ” in Busan, “Bongkuri” in Gyeongju, and “Bongbong Mill” in Gangneung Each cafe also made a name for itself .

Grab a map! Let's go! now!



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