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korean food / seoul / McDuck style sniper! National Craft Beer Map – 1835

The heat wave, which was breaking records every day, receded, and a cool breeze began to blow. In this kind of weather
, it's perfect to sit outside with a glass of beer and enjoy the season's relaxation with a glass of beer in front of you
. Craft beer, which incorporates
the unique characteristics of the restaurant into the bitter yet savory flavor that pats on your throat, further enhances this pleasure
. If you're planning a fall
, why not head to a brewery that's more relaxed than a bustling festival this year? We recommend craft beer brewery restaurants carefully selected by food ghosts from all over the country.

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Shikshin (www.siksinhot.com, CEO Ahn Byeong-ik), which has the largest information on restaurants in Korea, has published a “National Craft Beer Map” for fall trips. On this map, 40 famous breweries from all over the country, from Seoul to Jeju, were
Most places use local ingredients or have
unique characteristics and recipes unique to breweries, but
breweries with “tour
programs” are particularly popular because you can see the beer brewing process at a glance

Korea Craft Brewery, located in Eumseong, is one of the originators of Korean breweries and is famous for its “ARK”
. As tourists flock in, the small rural town is bustling with taxis going to and from this brewery. You can enjoy a wide variety of craft beers and pizzas in the spacious and comfortable atmosphere of the store.
popular tour programs include “Goose Island Brewhouse,” which combines craft beer and fine dining
, and “Jeju Beer Brewery,” which was created in collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, a famous

Breweries that mix local specialties into beer are also popular. Gangneung's “Willow Brewery” is a renovated Japanese sake brewery where you
can find beers that capture the flavors of Gangneung,
such as sole
, irises, ojuk, and coffee.
Uniquely, there is a
set menu called “Book Mac,” and if you buy a book sold here, they will
give you a glass of beer.
's “Damjubroi” is a place where craft beer and
snacks made from bamboo grown in Damyang are made, and you can feel the charming reverberation unique to bamboo.

CEO Ahn Byeong-ik of Shikshin said, “Every fall, keywords such as shrimp festivals and
restaurants famous for fall foliage always come up at the top
. However, since I had a hard summer this year, I was able to check the keyword “healing trip” often. Therefore, I have selected and introduced a
quiet place where you can take a break with a unique beer in the world
.” He said, “I hope it helps many people.” It was revealed.


Amazing Brewing Company (Seongsu)


Gangneung Brewery (Gangneung)

Goose Island Brewhouse (Yeoksam)

Willow Brewery (Gangneung)

Garosu Brewing Company (Shrine)

Montbier (Sokcho)

Mr. Brewing Company (Mapo)

Craft Route (Sokcho)

Breuhaus Barneheim (Gongneung)


Jang & Craft Brewery (Sunchang)

The Booth (Itaewon)

Sulo City (Jeonju)




Revy Brewing (Suwon)

Farmer's Beer (Gochang)

Playground Brewery (Ilsan)

Damjubroi (Damyang)

Kabul (Gapyeong)

Afterworks (Gwangju)

The Hand & Malt (Namyangju)


Ganadaraburu Erie (Mungyeong)


Korea Craft Brewery (audio)

Trevia (Ulsan)

The Ranch Brewing (Daejeon)

Hwasu Brewery (Ulsan)

Seven Hops Brewing Co. (Seosan)

Bright Brewing Company (Changwon)

Brewery 304 (Asan)

Andong Beer (Andong)

Geumgang Brewery by Zen House (Gongju)


WILD WAVE (Songjeong)

Platinum Craft (Jeungpyeong)

Seagull Brewing (Gwangalli)

Bank Creek Brewing (Jecheon)

Gorilla Brewing (Gwangalli)


Jeju Beer Brewery (Hanrim)

Advanced Brewing Company (Gijang)

Southbound (Seogwipo)

Magpie Brewery (Jeju City)



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