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korean food / seoul / It’s the season for paralysis! 5 BEST SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS IN AUTUMN – 1870

It's a season of paralysis called “The sky gets higher and the horses get fat.” Autumn is the harvest season, and it is a time when you can enjoy plenty of grains and fruits. This year, many agricultural products were damaged by natural disasters, from the record heat wave to the late summer typhoon , so prices marched high and many people sighed. How about filling your tired body and mind with seasonal seafood? In particular , there are many seasonal seafood in September. Oysters known as the milk of the sea, blue crab full of orange-colored eggs, chewy shrimp with plump fat, luxury goods From nutritious abalone, known as a seafood, to autumn mackerel, which has an attractive umami flavor! Here are some representative restaurants where you can enjoy seasonal seafood to protect your health during the transit season.

1. A savory soup with a rich flavor, Ganghwa-do 'Chungnam Seosanjip'

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'Chungnam Seosanjiap' is a 20-year-old blue crab specialty store located near Oepori Pier. The signature menu is “crab soup,” which is made by adding savory flavor by adding flavor by adding flavor to the dish. The sweet and rich flavor of the soup made by simmering plump blue crab with sweet pumpkin , mushrooms, and mugwort is excellent. Adding ramen sari and sujebi to the thickened soup is also a delicacy. “Steamed blue crab,” which has a rich natural flavor made by steaming only blue crab without seasoning, is also a popular menu. The more you chew the full flesh, the lighter it is, and you can enjoy its subtle sweetness. Please note that steamed blue crab can be ordered from medium sizes or larger.

[Tips for eating and drinking]
Location: 1200 Jungang-ro, Naega-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
Business hours: Every day 10:00 — 20:00, B/T 15:00 — 15:30
Price: Flower crab soup (small) 50,000 won, steamed blue crab (medium) 60,000 won, soy sauce crab 25,000 won
▲ Review (Shikigin yum yum yum yum yum
222): It contains 3 large crabs. The rich, sweet soup without being too spicy makes the shochu sizzling. Ta-bong.

2. Abalone from Wando, Segok-dong's 'Sea Food Moon'

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“Haipundal” is a direct sales store that sells fresh abalone sent directly from Wando. Abalone is divided into three grades: regular type , bargain type, and premium type, and is sold by weighing each size. The bargain type is the most popular. Prices vary depending on the price of the meal, and if you add 10,000 won to the table, you can enjoy the food at the store. The signature menu, “Abalone Sashimi,” is served with finely sliced abalone and entrails. If you put entrails on abalone sashimi, which has an attractive texture, and enjoy it together, you can enjoy the rich aroma. Another popular menu item is the “rice crackers,” made by frying abalone cut into bite-sized pieces with butter. The chewy abalone meat blends harmoniously with the fragrant scent of butter. Note that abalone can also be ordered by courier .

[Tip for a meal]
▲ Location: 9, Bamgogae-ro 31-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
▲ Opening hours: 10:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T 15:00 — 17:00
▲ Price: Abalone Sitga and abalone ramen are 5,000 won , and the table fee is 10,000 won
▲ Review (Shikigami YeeUn_2): They even sell natural products.
The size is really big. Almost three times more than the other? It's a bit of a pity that they don't sell other food, but I was able to eat it at an outdoor table and I was able to eat proper abalone It was great ~

3. Freshly caught fresh food, Jongno 'Fresh Seafood Country'

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“Fresh Seafood Country” is located near Exit 4 of Jonggak Station. It is a place that sells seafood sent directly from Jeju. The signature menu is “live mackerel” cut into thick slices. It features a rich flavor with the smell of the sea and a soft texture. The buttercup sauce that comes with sashimi is sweet and sour and captures the fatty flavor of the mackerel, making it a great side dish. “Gogo sashimi,” where you can enjoy mackerel sashimi and harbor sashimi at the same time, is also a popular menu. In addition to sashimi, they also offer seafood dishes such as champura, octopus sashimi, and grilled skewers .

[Food Tip]
Location: 30 Jong-ro 14-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 13:00 — 24:00 on weekdays, 15:00 on weekends — 23:00
▲ Price: Live mackerel (small) 43,000 won, skewer sashimi 43,000 won, small skewer sashimi (small ) 43,000 won
▲ Review (Shikigami
NaiaJang): First time since birth
I tried it! It's so fresh ~ I ordered skewer sashimi and yellowtail sashimi, but I've never eaten skewer sashimi anywhere else, so I can't compare them, but I'm sure the ingredients are very fresh I can feel it 🙂 Honestly, mackerel sashimi is more delicious on Jeju Island, but if you want to try it in Seoul, I recommend yogi in Seoul. Regardless of the area, the batter sashimi was not too greasy or greasy, and it was a really tasty place !

4. Bossam full of value for money, 'Samhae House' in Jongno

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“Samhae-jip” is a sacred place where Jongno 3-ga has stayed in the Oyster Bossam Alley for a long time. The store, which shows signs of time, has a quaint atmosphere. The signature menu, “Oyster Bossam,” comes with softly boiled bosam, radish kimchi, and oysters. The soft, shiny bosam is boiled without any residue. Fresh oysters that are in season go hand in hand with bosam, adding to the fun of chewing. If you order bosam, gamjatang is provided as a service, and you can use it as an all-you-can-refill. Note that the second branch is located at Jonggak Station and the third branch in Yeongdeungpo.

[Food Tip ]
Location: 16-15 Supyo-ro 20-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 10:30 — 02:00 every day
Price : Oyster Bossam (small) 20,000 won, Gamjatang (small) 20,000 won
▲ Review (Shikigami II, Agiya II): Good for dieting (?)
Bossam cuisine restaurant ~ hehe, it falls apart every time because of the gamjatang that spreads an unlimited number of times if you go to a diet paper. It's delicious because it doesn't catch the meat!

5. A hearty meal to enjoy, Cheongdam's “grilled shrimp from the East Sea”

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“Donghae Grilled Shrimp” is located on the 1st floor of Cheongdam Samik Market shopping district. It is a place that cooks with natural seafood sent directly from the Sea of Japan. The signature menu is “grilled shrimp,” which is as plump as an adult finger. If you eat moist grilled shrimp dipped in soy sauce or cho-gochujang according to your taste, you can enjoy the rich umami and chewiness unique to shrimp . “Assorted sashimi,” where you can find many types of fish at once, is also a popular menu. It comes with a variety of side dishes, such as jelly beans, shrimp in soy sauce, sea bream, and chijimi, so it's a great place to enjoy. Meal menus such as bibimbap , simmered fish, and grilled fish are popular among nearby residents for lunch.

[Food Tip]
▲ Location: Cheongdam Samik Shopping District, 26, Hakdong-ro 101-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
▲ Opening hours: 10:30 to 22:00 every day, closed on Sundays
▲ Price: grilled shrimp 43,000 won, steamed conch, 39,000 won, assorted sashimi (small) 65,000 won
Testimonial (Aroha Shikigami): It was clean. You can enjoy delicious sashimi using natural sashimi. Shochu contains alcohol.



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