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korean food / seoul / Dear Chine, Descent! Meet the chicken of life Chicken restaurants nationwide – 1904

Synonymous with a late-night meal loved by men and women of all ages, “chicken” is a dish where chicken is salted, coated in batter, and deep-fried in oil. The sizzling sound and savory aroma alone stimulate appetite! Recently, a company once again proved the Korean people's love for chicken by collecting information about chicken and even publishing a book. Chimak, which is crispy deep-fried chicken served with a glass of cold beer, became popular all over the world after it aired in the drama.

Recently, chicken is cut into pieces and eaten by selecting only the desired part, and there are various flavors such as spiciness, soy sauce flavor, cheese flavor, etc. They also enjoy putting on a variety of sauces and toppings. From classic chicken deep-fried in the old way to chicken caught with garlic and red pepper, eaten with rice and kimchi Even the chicken house! Crisp! Here are 5 of the best chicken restaurants in the country that are delicious.

Seoul chicken restaurants include affiliated companies, Hanchu, Sai Chicken, Banpo Chicken, Hanbang Chicken, Lee Soo Tong Chicken, Tokyo Chicken, Chicken in the Kitchen, Kim Jong-yong Nurungji Chicken, Samwoo Chicken, and Samsung Chicken , Saerona Curry Chicken, Yangjae Chicken Restaurant, Hyodo Chicken, Haenam Chicken Restaurant, Geosung Hope, Janbiwo, Unteri Chicken, Cheongjin Nutrition Center, Myeongdong Nutrition Center, Reggae Chicken Seoul, Wonjo Garlic Chicken, Tenderloin Chicken, Geumgang Barbecue, etc. It's famous .

Chicken restaurants nationwide include Gimpo Hansung Chicken, Suwon Jinmi Chicken, Yongseong Chicken, Maehyang Chicken , Jangan Chicken, Miryang Jangseong Chicken, Wonju Wonju Chicken, Ssangdong Chicken , Pungjeong Chicken, Nambu Chicken, Danyang Oseong Chicken, Jeju Culture Chicken, Jungang Chicken, Mother Chicken, Manong Chicken, Jeju Chicken, Naju Chicken, Uijeongbu-si Yongcheon Chicken, Daegu New York Chicken, Dolmen, Wonju Chicken , Gwangju Yangdong Chicken, Busan Giant Chicken, McCoy Chicken, New Charcoal-grilled Barbecue, World Chicken, Buyeo Country Chicken, Jinju Chicken, Suncheon Famous places include Pungmi Chicken, Grilled Chicken from Goyang Shinho, Sejong Wangcheon Pa Chicken, Shinheung Pa Chicken , Daejeon Seoul Chicken , Pohang Mago Chicken, and Ulsan Peking Chicken. Dear Chine, Descent! Meet the chicken of life Here are some of the best chicken restaurants in the country.

1. 'Hansung Chicken' in Gimpo, the classic fried chicken

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1538969162274900 jpg Korean Food | Korean Street Food September 22nd, 2023

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'Hansung Chicken' is a chicken house run by a mother and son for generations. The chicken at this place can only be packed, and you can make a reservation over the phone and visit when the staff will guide you. The secret to their signature dish, “fried chicken,” is that the batter is mixed with raw chicken, aged for a long time, and deep-fried twice. “Ban Ban Chicken” where you can enjoy both crispy and savory fried chicken and marinated chicken mixed with a sweet, spicy, and refreshing spicy sauce at the same time It's also popular. Please note that the business may close early if the prepared ingredients are exhausted .

[Food Tip]
Location: 37-1 Yulsaengjungang-ro, Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do
Business hours: 13:00 every day — 22:00, closed on Mondays
â–² Price: Fried chicken 14,000 won, seasoned chicken 15,000 won
â–² Review (Hellarucci, the god of food): A little more expensive than before Although it went up, it was still delicious, and even if the price went up, it was cheaper than other places, and the chicken was pretty big I order and eat often. It used to be difficult to order over the phone, but even though the top 5 chicken restaurants in Korea are different, something is different.

2. Jeju is full of people! A hearty dish of chicken, “Culture Chicken”

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“Culture Chicken” , which has been in operation for 40 years, is a chicken restaurant loved not only by Jeju citizens but also by tourists. All of the menus that are prepared are fresh raw chicken brought in every morning, prepared by hand, and then deep-fried in clean oil at the same time as the order is placed . The signature menu is “whole garlic chicken,” where a whole chicken is deep-fried. The finished chicken is coated by the boss himself and then topped with plenty of minced garlic. The rich yet sweet flavor of garlic captures the fatty aroma and flavor of whole chicken, and the refreshing aftertaste is attractive. It comes with steamed rice and Chinese cabbage kimchi, so you can also enjoy it in the form of chicken and rice eaten together. In-store tables must be reserved one hour in advance, and door-to-door packing is possible .

[Meal Tip]
Location: 81, Goseong Ojo-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Business hours: 15:00 — 22:30 every day, first, Closed every third Thursday
â–² Price: Whole garlic chicken 17,000 won, fried garlic chicken 15,000 won
â–² reviews ( (Shikigami Lee Dae-chang): I called and picked them up in advance. They put raw garlic in the fry. The scent controls the smell of whole chicken. On the way back, I opened the box and ate it deliciously without getting soggy. My demanding wife is pretending to give her thumbs up.

3. A chicken full of vegetable flavors, Danyang's “Oh Seong Chicken”

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“Oseong Chicken”, located within Danyang Market, is famous as an essential part of a trip to Danyang. You can watch the chicken constantly being fried in the large pot located in front of the store. The signature menu is “Whole Garlic Vegetable Fried,” which is deep-fried in pieces that are easy to eat. It is characterized by the fact that whole garlic and finely chopped green onions are deep-fried with chicken, and a faint vegetable scent wafts through it. There are many customers who have become regular customers because of the crispness of the vegetable tempura. The way to eat it with the pepper and soy sauce that comes with it is a specialty unique to this restaurant. The sharp yet salty sauce with cheongyang pepper adds to the flavor of whole chicken. Please note that the packaging opens the box to prevent the chicken from getting soggy.

[Tips for eating and drinking]
Location: 31, Daeyeon 5-gil, Danyang-eup, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Opening hours : 10:00 — 20:00
Price: Whole garlic vegetables Fried 17,000 won
â–² Review (Goodbye, Food, Sun): Freshly fried chicken is delicious!! I couldn't eat it because it was greasy!! But I think Oseong can eat as much as they want, even if it's freshly fried!!! It's a fried dish full of garlic and vegetables, but you'll never feel it even if you suck it with your finger!

4. Wonju 'Ssangdong Chicken, 'a memorable chicken wrapped in a paper bag

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“Ssangdong Chicken,” which has been in operation since 1971, is a place with a shabby exterior showing a long period of time. “Fried,” which is offered as a single menu, only sells raw domestic chicken and deep-frying it using fresh oil every day. Chicken is served in paper bags and retro-style plastic bags just as they were packaged in the old days. You can enjoy the flavor of the crunchy, crunchy chicken skin even if you eat only the skin, and the inner meat is juicy, so you can enjoy it gently It's there. It's a good idea to dip the chicken in this restaurant lightly in salt so you can enjoy the chicken's natural flavor first, then dip it in the sauce .

[Food Tip]
Location: 7, Bukwon Sangga-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
Opening hours: 00:00 — 24:00 every day
Price: Fried 17,000 won
â–² Review (I spit my food): A really tasty and traditional house.
A chicken restaurant next to the Wonju Camp Long (US military) garrison where only rich people ate out 40 to 50 years ago. It's all gone now, and all that's left is Ssangdong Chicken. The entire area around Ssangdong Chicken House was a chicken house, and the buildings are old and shabby, but it's a Wonju chicken house that still has the same taste as it used to be.

5. “Jinmi Chicken” in Suwon, with a hearty heart like a cauldron

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“Jinmi Tongdak ”, which opened in 1982, is a popular place in Suwon Chicken Street. You can keep watching chicken being fried in the open kitchen. Since opening hours, both the first and second floors have been bustling not only with nearby residents but also with customers coming from afar. The signature menu is “fried,” which is deep-fried in a cauldron in a traditional way. You can enjoy the heavy, rustling tempura batter and light inner skin. When ordering fried chicken, a chicken gizzard with an attractive chewy texture is also included. “Marinated chicken,” which is fried chicken mixed with a sweet and spicy sauce, is also a popular menu, so be sure to check it out.

[Tips for eating and drinking]
Location: 21, Jeongjo-ro 800beon-gil, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Business hours: Every day from 12:00 to 24:00, closed on Mondays
â–² Price: Fried chicken 15,000 won, seasoned chicken 15,000 won, half half 16,000 won
â–² Review (Chairman Shikigami
): Jinmi Tongdak is Suwon's prideThe chicken is also delicious, but the chicken poop house that is offered as a service is a very attractive place ~^^ If you wait while eating a chicken poop shop, the chicken comes out as soon as you wait ~ Outside the complex I'll have to wait a little while to eat it ~^^ Still, it's a place worth waiting to eat!!! Chicken tastes like chicken from the olden days, but it's delicious in its own way~



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