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korean food / seoul / 5 Best Places to Eat in Macau, a Foodie’s Paradise – 1910

“Macau” is nicknamed the “Las Vegas of the East” because you can enjoy the beautiful night view. Macau has famous places with a European feel and oriental beauty all at once, such as Nacha Temple, St. Paul's Cathedral, and St. Michael's Cathedral It's a charming city to explore. Macau is characterized by the development of McCanise cuisine fused with Portuguese cuisine and Cantonese cuisine under the influence of Portuguese colonial rule in the past. . Macau is also known as a foodie's paradise, as there are restaurants of world-famous chefs and restaurants selected by the Michelin Guide all over the place . . A world of flavors as gorgeous as the night view! Here are the 5 best restaurants in Macau.

1. Macau's “Zi Yat Heen (Zi Yat Heen)” where you can enjoy heavenly cuisine

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“Jiaxin” is a traditional Cantonese restaurant located on the first floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. The signature menu is “Chef Charles Dishes Menu,” an amuse bush using lettuce, along with sea cucumber salad, deep-fried eel, pork barbecue, lobster roll, It consists of steamed abalone , deep-fried beef, fish soup, and dessert . “Pork barbecue,” which is a popular course meal, has a crispy skin and a moist inner texture. At lunchtime, I enjoy “Shrimp Dumpling,” which has an attractive combination of thin, chewy dim sum skin and chewy shrimp. When ordering dim sum, it comes with 3 sauces: red bean, spicy soy sauce, and seafood XO, so you can enjoy it with whatever you like It's there.

[Meal tip]
â–² Location: Four Seasons Hotel Lobby, Avenida Notre Dame Bay, Bei'an District, Macau
▲ Business hours: Monday to Saturday 12:00 — 22:30, B/T (Monday to Saturday)
) 14:30 — 18:00, Sunday 11:30 — 22:30, B/T (Sunday) 15:00 — 18:00
â–² Price: Chef Charles Dishes Menu 1,800 MOP, Shrimp Dumpling 80 HKD,
â–² Review (Shikigami Arasen): Good price for a luxurious restaurant
On the side ~ The dim sum and the pudding that came out at the end were delicious!!!

2. Macau's 'Wynn Lei (Wynn Lei) ', a feast of colourful cuisine

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“Wingley” offers regional cuisine from Guangdong, China and a variety of dim sum. The crystal dragon decoration and colorful chandeliers create a luxurious atmosphere. The signature menu “TASTE OF WING LEI” is served dim sum, sticky rice rolls, pork and chicken, fried rice, and dessert along with today's soup in that order. The main dishes, Iberian pork and smoked chicken, are prepared in a Peking duck style and are characterized by their savory yet light flavor. Fried rice topped with dried shrimp is served in Yangzhou style. The “Lunch Set Menu,” where you can enjoy 6 types of dim sum at a reasonable price, is also popular. Please note that you cannot enter if you wear sleeveless shirts , slippers, or caps .

[Meal Tip]
â–² Location: Song Yusheng Plaza (Dynasty), Xiandeli Street, Outer Harbour Reclamation Area, Ground Floor, Wynn Macau
▲ Business Hours: Monday — Saturday 11:30 — 23:00, B/T (Monday to Saturday)
) 15:00 — 18:00, Sunday 10:30 — 23:00, B/T (Sunday) 15:30 — 18:00
â–² Price: TASTE OF WING LEI (1 person) 80 MOP, Lunch Set Meu 210 MOP
â–² Review (Shikigin Lake): Michelin specialty menu is good value for money!
! I also like the menu with wine pairings. While maintaining the Chinese style, shark fin, Peking duck, steamed cod, and crayfish dishes are reinterpreted in fusion, they are refreshing and delicious.

3. Macau's “The Eight (The Eight)”, the finest cuisine you must try before you die

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“The Eight” is a Chinese restaurant that has received 3 Michelin Guide stars for 5 consecutive years. The interior of the store, decorated with red goldfish on the walls, is unique. The signature menu is the “Signature Dishes Set Menu,” which includes a main dish of pork, duck, beef, fish, and lobster, as well as a noodle dish and dessert. Various types of wine are available, so you can enjoy pairing the right wine for each course . “Pan-fried Barbecued Pork Bun,” which is a hedgehog-shaped dim sum filled with pork mixed with barbecue sauce, is also a popular menu.

[Tip for a meal]
â–² Location: 2/F, Grand Lisboa Hotel, 2nd floor, Macau
▲ Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30 — 22:30, B/T (Monday to Saturday) 14:30 — 18:30, Sunday
10:00 — 22:30, B/T (Sunday) 15:00 — 22:30
â–² Price: Signature Dishes Set Menu 1,000 HKD, Pan Fried Barbecued Pork Bun 110 HKD
â–² Review (Shikigami Suda): The interior is really beautiful!!
I think it's an old-fashioned yet unique shop? It's a big restaurant, but it also has a cozy feel, which is nice. Firmly.

4. Immerse yourself in the charm of McCanise's, Macau's “Escada (Escada)”

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“Escada,” which has an eye-catching yellow exterior, is a McCanise cuisine that combines local ingredients from Macau, traditional Portuguese spices, and recipes It's a place where you can meet them. The signature menu is “Curry Prawn,” which has a subtle curry and a coconut flavor that enhances the taste. The large shrimp are trimmed so that they are easy to eat, so you can eat comfortably. Eating the bread served before the meal with curry is also a delicacy. “African Chicken,” which is softly grilled chicken topped with a sweet and spicy curry sauce, is also a popular menu. Hong Kong's $1,000 currency cannot be used for payment due to counterfeit money issues.

[Meal tip]
â–² Location: 8 Da Tang Street, Xinma Road, Macau
▲ Opening hours: 12:00 — 22:00, B/T 15:00 — 18:00
â–² Price: Curry Prawn $198, African Chicken $188
Testimonial (Zupak the devil): Portuguese steak A unique steak made from minced beef and eggs! The taste is very good, I recommend it!!

5. Macau's “Tenmasa (Tenmasa)”, the essence of Kim Jong-nam's favorite deep-fried dish

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“Tenmasa ” is the Macau branch of the head office located in Tokyo , where Japanese chefs cook their own food with ingredients brought from Japan. Located on the 11th floor of the Altira Hotel, you can experience authentic dining with a tatami room concept interior and kimono-clad staff . The signature menu “Take Tempura Set” is a course meal consisting of an appetizer, 2 shrimp maki, 3 types of seafood and vegetable tempura each, a meal, and ice cream. Meals can be selected from steamed rice , tendon, and kamameshi, and are served with miso soup and Japanese side dishes. The bittersweet green tea ice cream served as a dessert is refreshing and pleasant to the palate. If you visit after making a reservation, you can be assigned a seat with a good view.

[Tip for a meal]
Location: 11th floor of Grand Hyatt Macau, Avenida Canton, Huacheng District, Macau
â–² Business hours: 12:00 — 22:30 every day, B/T 14:30 – 18:00
â–² Price : Take Tempura Set 680 HKD, Tendon Set 368 HKD
Review (Shikigin King Cheese Kimchi Roll): My most memorable place to eat during my trip to Macau
There's something left! The composition was very good, and the quality of each food was excellent! If I visit Macau later, it's a place I want to go again!



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