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korean food / seoul / 2018 National Autumn Leaves Taste Map – 1916

The mountains and fields are colored by the colorful autumn leaves. Beginning with Mt. Seorak, preparations for fall foliage are in full swing all over the country. Autumn leaves are expected to peak in mid-October to early November. Along with famous mountains in Korea, some of the country's best places to see fall foliage include Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk, Vice Master Temple in Yeongju, Seonunsa Temple in Gochang, Jeonbuk, and Chuncheon, Gangwon-do There are ginkgo groves in Nami Island and Hongcheon, Independence Hall in Cheonan, Chungnam, and King Sejong's Mausoleum in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do. Enjoy watching the autumn leaves too! Conquer even restaurants recommended by Shikigami! How about going out to enjoy the deepening fall before it's too late? We will introduce the “2018 National Autumn Leaves Taste Map” where you can follow the autumn leaves.

In the “2018 Autumn Leaves Taste Map” selected together with Shikigami reviewers, 22 places famous for fall foliage from around the country and 50 nearby restaurants were named. The selected major restaurants include Goyang's “Dasol Garden”, “Imjingang Maeuntang”, Sokcho's “Lee Jo Bok Guk”, Yeongju's “Punggi Samgyetang”, Muju's “Gumgang Restaurant”, and Gongju's “Bae Sine Ne Restaurant” in Gongju, etc. They serve health foods such as pufferfish dishes , samgyetang, eel, and fish porridge, and are popular among hikers visiting the mountains. . There are plenty of side dishes such as “Buil Restaurant” in Pyeongchang, “Jami Ga” in Yeongju, “Jirisan Daebap ” in Gurye, “Chrysanthemum Flower Hall” in Jeongeup, “Baekhak Jeong”, and “Madgoeul Hall” in Muju The limited food specialty stores that have been set up have also made a name for themselves.

Also, Gongju's “Jang Sun-ro”, Gochang's “Ilho Chinese Cuisine”, Seogwipo's “Arseowon”, Namwon's “Gungbang-ro”, Gyeongju's “Gunglim Bajirak Kalguksu”, Goyang's “Bukhansan Udon Restaurant”, Suyu's “Elim”, and Jeongeup's” “Security Restaurant” is a popular noodle dish from each region that boasts chewy noodles along with warm soups such as champon, udon, and kishimasu It's a specialty store. Let's go see autumn leaves that enrich your heart when it feels unusually short.

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Dasol Garden

Mt. Seorak

Kimsagat Makguksu specialty store

Bukhansan Udon Restaurant

Seorak Kimcheol Boar Village

Imjin River Maeuntang

Old goeul sundubu


Dragon Rock Restaurant


Basine's house

Lee Jo Bok Guk

Sujung Restaurant


Buil Restaurant

Jang Sun-ru

Odaesan Cauldron Restaurant

dishcloth skirt

Yongpyong Hall


Gucheon-dong Trout Village

Pyeongchang trout sashimi shop

Gumgang Restaurant

My hometown in Odaesan

Madgoeul Hall

Associate Master

Sunheung Traditional Mukjip

Radish earthenware pot

Woori pufferfish restaurant




Chrysanthemum Hall

Punggi Samgyetang

Fall of that year


High color bismuth

Naejangsan rib box

Gungrim clam kalguksu

Baek Hak-jeong


Security restaurant

With soybeans


Smoke restaurant

Cultivating house

Friendship Hall


Mokwol bakery

Incheon Jang Garden

Seomjin Kangjae Branch

Japanese Chinese cuisine

Jirisan Daifuku

Haeju Garden


Mt. Halla

A house I remember


Arthur Won

Cheonjiggol Restaurant



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