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korean food / seoul / 4 of the best places to eat Japanese deep-fried skewers and kushiage that are full of crispiness – 1924

“Kushiage” is similar to “tempura,” a Japanese-style deep-fried dish in which seafood, meat, and vegetables are coated in batter and deep-fried in oil, but The difference is that the ingredients are skewered and deep-fried . Kushiage was originally a food that was served in a larger amount by covering a thick layer of dough for hungry workers. As time passed, kushiage gradually began to be enjoyed as a snack or snack, and it became one of Japan's representative deep-fried dishes. A feast of diverse flavors that vary depending on the composition of the ingredients! Here are the 5 best kushiage restaurants that will fill your mouth with a crunchy texture .

1. Hot tempura made right in front of your eyes, 'Kushikawa' in Dogok-dong

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“Kushikawa ” is a new Kushiage omakase specialty store that opened at the end of August this year. The interior consists of bar seats based on the kitchen, so you can enjoy the chef's cooking process. The signature menu “Kushiage Omakase” consists of about 14 types of kushiage, soup dishes, meal menus, and desserts. Three types of sauce are offered: special sauce, sea salt, and ponzu, and we recommend a sauce that goes well with each fry in the direction of the end of the skewer. The meal menu is a traditional Japanese style where you can choose between soba noodles mixed with horse mackerel and ochazuke topped with homemade salmon flakes You can do it. They also have a variety of alcoholic beverages that go well with food, such as Japanese shochu, sake, and wine.

[Food Tip]
Location: 37 Nonhyeon-ro 24-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 18:00 — 23:00 every day, closed on Sundays
â–² Price: Kushiage Omakase 80,000 won, Yukino Bosha Amahai Junmai 80,000 won
â–² Review (obtained by Shikigami
Totoro): I went with my boyfriend on the anniversary
. ^_^ I tried kushiage omakase for the first time, and I was excited to see what would come out next because it had a variety of ingredients. I was satisfied because the quality and finish of the food were as good as the price.

2. “Kushikatsu Kushien” in Hongdae brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients

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“Kushikatsu Kushien” is located on the first floor of an apartment shopping district near Hongik University Station. This is a place where you can find single kushiage products and omakase at reasonable prices. The signature menu is “Kushikatsu Omakase,” where the chef presents 5 types of kushiage, taking into account the freshness of the ingredients and the gender and age group of the customer. The consistency of the dough is applied differently depending on the texture of the ingredients and then deep-frying it quickly at a high temperature to bring out the unique texture and flavor of the ingredients It's a feature. “Oitadaki,” which captures the feeling of tempura by mixing large pieces of cucumber with a spicy sauce, is also a popular menu item. Omakase requires one order per person, and the single item menu must be ordered at least 3 items per person when ordering for the first time.

[Sikshin TIP]
Location: 18, World Cup Buk-ro 5na-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 18:00 — 01:00 every day, Sunday
â–² Price: Kushikatsu omakase 5pcs 10,000 won, Oitadaki 5,000 won
â–² Review (Shikigin
Kakao 99.9): When friends come to play near home
It's definitely a place I take with me. If you make a cool draft beer, order tempura, and eat it together, it's the happiest flavor in the world. Hehehe, when I eat it, the skewers are piled up all before I know it .

3. Hapjeong “Kuishinbo”, a mecca for lovers

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“Kuishinbo” is an izakaya run by chefs representing Tsuji cuisine in Japan. It has few draft beer filters and highball manufacturing machines, which are rare in Korea, so it is a favorite of enthusiasts. The signature menu, “Edamame tempura,” pea is peeled, finely ground, then softly deep-fried by adding fresh cream and sugar. If you dip the Himalayan rock salt that comes with it, the sweet flavor of edamame blends pleasantly with the salty flavor of salt. I also like “yakitori,” a Japanese-style yakitori made by grilling meat and vegetables with bijangtan, which is recognized as the best charcoal for grilling in Japan. The most popular are the “leg meat,” which contains moist juice, and the “mintong ” part, which has an attractive, chewy texture. They have a second branch in Garosu-gil and a third in Cheongdam-dong.

[Food Tip]
â–² Location: 38, Yanghwa-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
▲ Business hours: Monday to Thursday 17:30 — 01:00, Friday 17:30 — 02:00, Saturday
17:00 — 02:00, Sunday 17:00 — 24:00, closed on the second and fourth Sunday
â–² Price: Fried edamame 4,000 won, 8-piece yakitori set 25,500 won
â–² Review (Shikigami
Noblesse): It's my favorite place, and I often go there because it has a nice atmosphere and is cheap.

4. Anyang “Kushikatsu Kuma',” a crispness that fills your mouth

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“Kushikatsu Kuma” is located near Pyeongchon Station Exit 2. There is also a bar seat in a small space, so it's a great place to enjoy a drink together. The signature menu is the “Kurokuma Course,” which consists of a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetables such as beef, squid, sweet pumpkin, shrimp, and onions. It is characterized by using a mixture of vegetable oil and lard oil to maximize the crunchy texture and savory flavor of the tempura. The cabbage that comes as a standard clears the mouth and is easy to eat in the middle. “Tebasaki,” which is flavored with soy sauce and pepper and has a spicy yet salty sauce soaked all the way to the inside of the chicken wings, is also said to be a popular menu. Things to note .

[Food Tip]
â–² Location: 43, Gwanpyeong-ro 182 beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Business hours: Every day 18:00 — 02:00
Price: Kurokuma set 21,000 won, ladies course 21,000 won, tebasaki (1 serving) 12,000 won
â–² review (meal) Busan Nyoza ): The batter is thin and crispy, so delicious!!!!! Just stunned with a real beer snack*. *



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