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korean food / seoul / 5 legendary gyoza restaurants in Seoul – 1948

“Dumplings” are generally made by filling blood made from flour dough with beef mixed with meat , tofu, kimchi, etc . It's a steamed or baked food. The record of gyoza found in an article by 'Ik', a practitioner in the late Joseon period, is said to have been imported from China in the middle of Joseon . North Korea and South Korea have slightly different characteristics. North Korean gyoza is characterized by its thick and rustic blood, and it is close to Chinese gyoza, and as it descends to the south, the blood becomes thinner and the fineness is emphasized .

There are various types of Korean-style gyoza depending on the ingredients, recipe, and shape of the blood and beef. According to the recipe, they are divided into steamed dumplings, roasted dumplings, water dumplings, etc., and according to the shape, ear dumplings, round dumplings, etc. They are divided into triangle-shaped buns, sea-cucumber shaped gyoza (dumplings), spoon-shaped bottles, and pomegranate-shaped pomegranate soup. Depending on the ingredients of the beef, they are divided into meat dumplings , mushroom dumplings, kimchi dumplings, etc., and depending on the ingredients in the dumpling skin, they are divided into soba dumplings, fish dumplings, etc. It's divided. What is made of dumplings and boiled in hot soup is dumpling soup, and chilled and put in jangsu is square The shape of the rice cake is famous as a local food in the Kaesong region .

Korean dumpling restaurants in Seoul include Jahason Dumpling, Kaesong Dumpling Palace, Kaesong Restaurant, Pyeongan-do Dumpling Restaurant, Jinjin Dumpling Soup, Jintong Dumpling, Mokro Pyongyang Dumpling, Myeongdong Gyoza , Gamegol Sonwang Dumpling, and Gangnam Gyoza Famous places include Seongbuk Dongjip , Dae, Mapo Dumpling , New Dumpling Restaurant, Sanha, Dongshin Myeonga, Attic, Ribuk Son Dumpling, and Changhwadang.

Korean gyoza restaurants around the country include Ilsan Mido-hyang, Cheongju Jeongganeson Kalguksu, Elephant Dumpling, Shinmi Dumpling, Busan Jishimjeong, Myeongdang Dumpling, and Guri Myohyang Dumpling, Bucheon Hwanghae-do Kimchi Dumpling Hot Pot, Namyangju Eerang Son Dumpling Soup, Cheonan Mimi Noodle Shop, Danyang Danyang Garlic Dumpling, Yongin Sudam, Yeoju Bobane Restaurant, Pocheon Dongi Son Dumpling, Famous places include Daegu Beomeo Dumpling, Samhwa Dumpling, Suwon Boyeong Dumpling, Suwon Dumpling, Memories Day Dumpling, Jeongcheon Wangchang-gu, Andong Daepung Dumpling, and Yeongcheon Samsonggwan Dumpling .

Chinese dumpling restaurants include Seoul Johnny Dumpling, Gubok Dumpling, Haha, Convenience Store, Huam-dong Shandong Dumpling, Mapo Shandong Dumpling, Mama Handmade Dumpling, Five-flavored Dumpling, Crystal Palace , Hwasang Son Dumpling, Ipom Bunsik , Dragon Dumpling, Shandong Dumpling, Pao Pao, Yeonkyo, Seodushan, Yeomyeong, Goldfish, Chung's, Western China, Din Tai Fung, Pao Zhi Fu , Bruce Lee, Jin Dumpling, Hongbok, Haibo, Daegu Dim Dim Sum, Taesan Dumpling, Yeongsaengdeok, Daejeon Buyeonbu, Busan Maga Dumpling Restaurant, Shoe Garden, Hongseongbang, Geumyong, Incheon Wonbo There are Suwon Yeonmil, Gimcheon Chinese dumplings, and Uijeongbu Shinrae-hyang. A feast of lightness and fragrance that fills your mouth when you take a bite! Here are some legendary Korean gyoza restaurants in Seoul.

1. The quality of gyoza, 'Jahason Dumpling' in Buam-dong

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Image source : Shikigami Contents Team

“Jahason Dumpling” is a North Korean hand dumpling specialty store that has been named in the Michelin Guide for the third year in a row. Located at the entrance to Bukak Skyway, you can enjoy a meal in a tranquil landscape blended with nature. The signature menu is “dumpling soup,” which contains homemade gyoza. The characteristic of dumpling soup is that it is seasoned with homemade soy sauce, and the boring yet soft broth is in harmony with the light dumplings. The colorful dumplings in the mochi dumpling soup are colored with spinach, carrots, and beets, and the various colors stimulate appetite. Please note that in addition to dumpling soup, various types of dumplings are also prepared, such as water dumplings, steamed dumplings, rice dumplings, and kimchi dumplings.

[Food Tip]
â–² Location: 12 Baekseokdong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:00 – 21:30 every day
â–² Price: Dumpling soup 13,000 won, mochi dumpling soup 13,000 won, steamed dumpling 6,500 won
â–² Review (Shikigami miler0822): The price is a bit expensive and the distance is too
So if you go there, you might be a little disappointed hehe, but if you ever go nearby, it's a great place to stop by with an adult Seems like🙂 It may be annoying, but it's also refreshing and delicious. The mochi dumpling soup is so pretty! Oh, and eat the cucumber dumplings. It's a very tasty treat!

2. 'Kaesong House' in Mokdong, a timeless taste of memories

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“Kaesong Restaurant ” is a gyoza specialty store that has been in operation for the second generation and offers food at the same price as 10 years ago. The signature dish is “dumpling soup,” made by adding large dumplings and simmering them. Dumpling beef made from thickly chopped shiitake mushrooms , zucchini, and chives has an attractive rich texture. You can add salt and pepper prepared on the table and season the soup to taste for the bitter flavor. “Bossam,” which is an appropriate mixture of fat and lean meat, is also a popular menu. Every morning, raw pork is carefully boiled and prepared, and you can enjoy the moist texture without any impurities. As a side dish, two types of kimchi are served together: ripe kimchi and topped kimchi .

[Food Tip]
Location: 48, Mokdong Jungang-seo-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 12:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T 15:00 — 17:00
Price : Dumpling soup 8,00 won, Bossam 25,000 won
â–² Review (Midsummer Night Ritual): A Kaesong restaurant I've been to since I was a kid holding hands with my mom.
Every time I see my grandmother, I can't go anywhere else, probably because she's happy to greet her and ask if she's already this big hehehe, Kaisongsik It's a famous place in Mokdong for gyoza, and regular customers often eat bedae-mochi and bossam.

3. Clunky yet clean Pyeongan-style dumplings, Gwanghwamun 'Pyeongan-do Dumpling House'

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As the name suggests, “Pyeongan-do Dumpling Shop” is a place where you can enjoy Pyeongan-do style gyoza, which is characterized by thick dumpling skin and full filling It's a place. This restaurant's gyoza has a crunchy texture with tofu , pork, and green onions, mixed with plenty of bean sprouts and washed kimchi . The signature menu is “gyoza hot pot.” In addition to gyoza, put beef tendons, fish paste, mung bean paste, Chinese cabbage, green onions, mushrooms, and garland beetroot in a hot pot, and brisket for 4 hours Pour in the freshly brewed broth and bring to a boil. The refreshing yet deep flavor of the soup is excellent. If you split the dumplings and eat them with a little bit of seasoned soy sauce, you can enjoy the aroma to your heart's content .

[Food Tip]
Location: 30 Saemunan-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:00 — 21:30 every day, B/T 15:30 — 17:00, closed on Sundays
Price: Dumpling hot pot (small) 35,000 won, dumpling soup 9,000 won
â–² Review (to eat Mapo
noodles for food): First place to eat gyoza in Gwanghwamun
It's one of the best houses. It's a place that sells North Korean-style gyoza, but it's a dumpling with thin skin and tofu as the main ingredient, and they are very picky. The hot pot contains suji, gyoza, brisket, meatballs, dongtaejeon, and mochi, and it's fun to pick and eat. The flavor is in perfect harmony with the kimchi that comes with the broth. And the bedbug rice cake is pretty plain.

4. Bukchon's 'Tin Can Dumpling', a gyoza made with care

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“Can Tong Dumpling” , located in an alley near Anguk Station, is a place where you start your day by making about 800 to 1000 pieces of gyoza every morning. This restaurant's gyoza uses aged dough and has a chewy flavor that doesn't burst even after being cooked for a long time. The signature menu is beef mixed with Chinese cabbage, parsley, onions, carrots, and mushrooms in a brass pot and then mixed with seasoning in the center “Dumpling hot pot ” topped with gyoza. The broth, which combines the meat flavor of the meat soup and the freshness of the vegetables, will warm and soothe an empty stomach. Dumplings are prepared from 2 types of gyoza: meat dumplings and seafood dumplings containing whole shrimp, and in winter, you can enjoy all 3 types of gyoza, including kimchi dumplings. . “Bibimguksu,” which is noodles drawn from aged dough sweetly seasoned and topped with yukjeon and savory sesame seeds, is also a delicacy.

[Food Tip]
Location: 5-6, Bukchon-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Business hours: Weekdays 11:30 — 21:30, B/T 15:30 — 17:00, Saturday 11:30 — 20:00, Closed on Sundays
â–² Price: Kalmandu 8,500 won, hand dumpling soup 9,000 won, gyoza hot pot (medium) 30,000 won
â–² Review (Shikigin tuna): Kalmandurang
I ate the rice cake dumpling soup and bibimguksu. Hehe, the light and clean dumplings were made by hand, and they were really fast and delicious! Above all, the boss and aunts were very kind. Next time I go, I'll try gyoza hotpot ~

5. Hwanghae-style dumpling soup with mild umami, Yeouido “Jinjin Dumpling Soup”

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1540782863825610 jpg Korean Food September 23rd, 2023

Image source: anne_cauliflower's Instagram

Yeouido's “Jinjin Dumpling Soup” has a refreshing flavor without using chemical seasonings. The signature menu is “hand dumpling mochi soup,” which is topped with a clear broth of rice cake, seaweed powder, brisket, and egg zidan as garnishes . The dumplings at this restaurant are prepared only as kimchi dumplings with pork, various vegetables, and kimchi, and are round in a size that is easy to eat in one bite I will create it. There is also a “hand gyoza soup” that has a cool soup flavor with cheongyang pepper . As a side dish, “chives,” which are thinly sliced to make use of their crunchy flavor, is popular, and the Pyeongan-style gyoza hot pot “fish-bok tray” is nearby It's a favorite dinner menu for office workers. Note that they also sell frozen dumplings for packaging .

[Food Tip]
Location: 34 Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Business hours: 11:00 on weekdays — 22:00 B/T 15:00 — 17:00, Weekend 11:00-21:00
Price: Hand dumpling soup 12,000 won, hand dumpling soup 13,000 won, fishcake tray (medium) 54,000 won
â–² Review (Shikigin Lake):
Jinjin is famous for its dumpling soup in Yeouido. I tried it for the first time, but the dumplings are unusual and delicious. While small, my stomach feels refreshed. The filling contains meat, kimchi, etc., and it's delicious. The rice cake dumpling soup costs 10,000 won, but I think 8,000 won would be appropriate. For that reason, there are more diners than diners. Complete with snacks such as a fishbowl tray, beef steak, and assorted rice crackers! I think it would be nice to pay more attention to gyoza.



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