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korean food / seoul / Taste of that time, Korea’s Century-old Restaurant Part 5 – 1984

Recently, you can often find young people carrying cameras in Euljiro. This is part of the “retro craze” found throughout the food and beverage lifestyle as the consumption of the “millennial generation” is in full swing. There are many customers who can feel what is known as the “long-standing vibe” by combining the rustic interior of the store with slightly rustic food.

If you want to experience a retro feel, pay attention to “Hundred Years Shop.” Hundred Year Shop is a business that finds small merchants who have been in the retail and food business for more than 30 years and supports them to preserve 100 years of tradition. If you take over the family business and eat food filled with sincerity and philosophy, you can enjoy that era to the fullest with all five senses. Let's meet the vibes that come from the owners of the Hundred Years Store.

1. The origin of Anmyeon-do Gegukji, Taean's 'Tanktuk Tree House Restaurant'

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“Tantuk Tree House Restaurant” was the first restaurant to sell gegukji in Anmyeon-do. The boss has been running restaurants in Taean and Dangjin since 1981, and returned to his hometown of Anmyeon-do in 2001 to establish the current store. Fresh Chinese cabbage was added to the gegukji to capture the unique fishy smell, and popularized it by introducing the first crab gukji that suits the tastes of modern people.

The signature menu “Gekokuji” is served with about 10 side dishes made from pollution-free vegetables grown in-house. Gekokji uses wild sesame powder and dried shrimp powder without adding chemical seasonings to the broth developed in-house to bring out the umami. The combination of refreshing soup made from vegetables and seafood and blue crab, which is plump and has a sweet flavor, is excellent. “Soy sauce crab,” which is made by marinating anmyeon and blue crab in a soy sauce that has been simmered for 5 hours with over 7 ingredients such as ginger and fruit, is also a popular menu. The soy sauce isn't very salty, so you can enjoy the natural flavor and chewy texture of the blue crab.

There are many similar places nearby, so be careful not to get confused. There is space for 150 people to eat and spacious parking facilities, so it's great for groups to visit. There is also a cafe space in front of the store where you can enjoy drinks and chat at reasonable prices after a meal.

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â–²Location: 23-22, Jounmakteo-gil, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

â–²Opening hours: 08:30 – 20:30 every day

â–²Price: Gekokuji (medium) 50,000 won, soy sauce crab (per person) 25,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Uhaha Shikigami): I've tried other places, but I still can't keep up with Gekokuji's original collection… It's a taste I want. The price range is similar to other places and it's delicious!!!

2. Yeongju “Nadri,” a chewy noodle with a rich texture

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After the Korean War, the first boss from Seoncheon, Pyeonganbuk-do, started selling noodles at Namdaemun Market in Seoul. Following that taste, her daughter-in-law opened a food stall in Yeongju in 1986. Since 2016, the boss's son has taken over the family business and has continued the tradition for the third generation. The interior of the store has been preserved for over 30 years, which evokes nostalgia in people who come back.

The signature menu, “chewy noodles,” is made from raw noodles every morning, and the noodles are thicker than regular chewy noodles, and have a rich texture. Mix about 30 ingredients on top of the noodles, sprinkle gochujang sauce that has been aged for 20 days, and put a lot of cabbage on top. The chewy yet plump noodles and the spicy and sour sauce blend pleasantly in the mouth. “Ganchou noodles,” where noodles are mixed with a special sauce made by adding onions and fruits to dark soy sauce, is also popular. The liver is not irritating and has a refreshing taste, making it easy for children to eat.

There are 7 types of chewy noodles, such as chewy noodles, which have a strong spicy flavor, and marbled noodles that you can enjoy with grilled beef, so you can choose according to your preferences. Orders can also be placed online.

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â–²Location: 89, Jungang-ro, Yeongju-si, Gyeongbuk

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 20:30 every day

â–²Price: 6,000 won for chewy noodles, 6,000 won for chewy noodles

â–²Testimonial (Chairman Shikishin): I met Nadri on a business trip to Yeongju… This restaurant also sells pork cutlets~^^ First of all, it's a place with unique noodles~ It's not the texture of chewy noodles we know, but a place where you can enjoy delicious noodles because they are thick, chewy noodles~^^ Chewy noodles with soy sauce are attractive.

3. 'Eonyang Korean Beef Bulgogi' in Ulsan with a subtle charcoal flavor and rich gravy

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“Eonyang Korean Beef Bulgogi” is located near the South Gate of Eonyang-eupseong. The Eonyang Bulgogi menu has been steadily gaining popularity among local residents as well as tourists for 33 years from 1985 to the present.

The signature menu is “grilled yakiniku,” which uses only Eonyang cows and is soft. Thinly sliced beef is aged at a low temperature in a soy sauce sauce containing soy sauce and sesame oil. The aged meat is browned from front to back so that the juice does not escape from charcoal and is served to the customer. The subtle charcoal-grilled flavor blends harmoniously with the moist texture you feel as you chew. You can enjoy it even more by adding side dishes that come with it, such as pickles, pickles, and parsley. “Miso jjigae,” which makes full use of the savory flavors of home miso and shiraegi, is also a favorite meal menu.

In addition to the yakiniku menu, they also offer a variety of grilled dishes, such as ribs, deciduous meat, and special cuts of beef. The stores are often full, so you can enjoy your meal more conveniently if you make a reservation in advance.

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â–²Location: 87-3, Heonyang-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 21:00 every day

â–²Price: grilled yakiniku 19,000 won, miso stew 2,000 won, deciduous meat 25,000 won

â–²Testimonial (A natural person with food): In Eonyang, the taste of Eonyang yakiniku is best here ~~

4. Cheonan 'Kundak, 'which brings out the natural flavors and flavors of the ingredients

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“Kun Dak” started as “Shogun Restaurant” in 1989 after receiving her mother's know-how. In 2001, the store moved to a spacious space of over 400 square meters, and at the same time, the company changed its name to “Kun Dak” and operated it.

Here, based on traditional Korean recipes, they cook using the unique aroma and flavor of the ingredients without using condiments. Season food using Korean soy sauce and traditional miso made from domestic soybeans. You can enjoy a menu that changes from season to season by carefully selecting seasonal ingredients and dipping the side dishes yourself. The signature menu, “Kun Dak Teishoku,” starts with seasonal porridge that gently soothes the stomach, and serves a variety of dishes such as Chungcheong-do kimchi, yukhoe, teokgalbi, and bosam in that order, and ends with a meal and dessert.

There is a place made up of independent spaces, and it is often used as a venue for various meetings and events such as first birthday parties, face-to-face meetings, and happy birthday parties. Please note that it is also possible to order meals tailored to foreigners and food for vegetarians by making a reservation before visiting.

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â–²Location: 30 Seongjeongjung 4-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 22:00 every day, B/T 14:30 — 17:00

â–²Price: Kundak set meal 35,000 won, Sarangchae set meal 43,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Rmftmmm_): I visited for my parents' birthday. I made a reservation in advance and ate in a separate room, and I liked the quiet and private atmosphere. The food was clean and tidy, and the variety was varied, so my parents said it was delicious. ^^

5. 'Jinju Hall' in Cheonan, a regular house for local residents

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“Jinju Hall”, located near Seonghwan Station, is a place that has stayed in one place for a long time since 1981 and has gone viral among local residents for its consistent taste. It has made a name for itself in 100 restaurants that have continued the taste of Korea and has been consistently loved. From 2015, my son will take over the generation and hope to continue his father's taste.

The signature menu is “Pearl Bulgogi,” where thin beef marinated in soy sauce is cooked with mushrooms, onions, and green onions. It is characterized by its soft meat quality and not very sweet flavor made by grinding pears, which are a specialty of Cheonan Seonghwan. The flavor that combines the umami of the beef that comes from simmering yakiniku and the sweet and spicy soup is excellent. “Pearl King Tonkatsu,” which is a Japanese style pork cut into thin slices, covered in batter, and deep-fried, is also a popular menu item. It is popular among men and women of all ages for its sweet and sour sauce and memorable flavor.

In addition, there are various meal menus such as rib soup, stone-grilled bibimbap, yukgaejang, and budae jjjigae, so you can enjoy a hearty meal. Please note that the yakiniku menu does not include rice and must be ordered separately.

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â–²Location: 15 Seonghwan 11-gil, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

▲Business hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00 — 21:00, Sunday 09:00 — 18:00

â–²Price: Jinju Bulgogi 13,000 won, Jinju King Tonkatsu 8,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Meow Meow Meow 1): I could see the hall right from the kitchen, and it was nice that it was clean. The side dishes were basic side dishes, but the sauce was good and delicious, the amount of yakiniku was large, and it was delicious.

Hundred Years Store Magazine collaborates with the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Enterprises and the Small Commercial Market Promotion Corporation.



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