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korean food / seoul / 5 Best Hygge Restaurants for a Comfortable and Warm Life – 2015

“Small acts” have the meaning of small but certain happiness. Sodanghaeng is a neologism first introduced in the Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami's essay book “An Afternoon on Langerhans Island” published in 1994. The popularity of small acts has increased, and interest in “Hygge (Hygge),” which has a similar meaning, is also growing. Hygge is a Danish way of life where you cherish time with loved ones and enjoy simple relaxation. Hygge Restaurant, which reflects this culture, is characterized by a cozy and comfortable space. Hygge Restaurant is loved by modern people who are tired of their busy lives because they can enjoy a meal in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Let's meet the 5 best Hygge restaurants where you can share a little bit of happiness with your loved ones.

1. The world-famous Copenhagen 'Noma'

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Image source: Jazzdining's Instagram

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“Noma”, located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a Nordic cuisine restaurant that has been ranked No. 1 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants for 3 consecutive years. All of the cuisine here is characterized by using seasonal ingredients that are only available in Northern Europe. Depending on the season, it is divided into 3 themes: Seafood, Seafood, Game & Forest, and it is the season where you can enjoy seafood dishes from January 9 to June 1, 2019. A wine and juice pairing service that goes well with each food is also available. It's so popular that more than 1 million reservations are made each year, so it's recommended that you make a reservation in advance before visiting.

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▲Location: Refshalevej 96, 1432 København K, Denmark

â–²Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 17:00 to 24:00, Sunday, Monday and certain holidays (2018/12/23 to 2019/1/7, 2019/3/5 to 9, 4/18 to 20)

â–²Price: Seasonal menu DKK 2,500, wine pairing DKK 1,350, juice pairing DKK 950

â–²Testimonial (): I tried to make a reservation before but failed. So for this trip, I made a reservation here before I even sold my plane ticket. The food and plating were unique, and the taste was a new flavor I hadn't experienced before. If I go on my next trip, I definitely want to go back to this place and recommend it to my friends.

2. Enjoy Jeju's seascape with Jeju Island's 'Hooger Kitchen'

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Image source: enjoywithyounho's Instagram

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“Hooger Kitchen” has an impressive view of the blue sea that spreads out through the window. You can find Danish home-cooked meals using vegetables grown directly in the kitchen garden. The signature menu is “abalone gee pasta,” which is pasta noodles stir-fried in oil and topped with abalone entrails sauce and grilled whole abalone. The sauce soaks deep between the chewy noodles and leaves a rich aroma that fills the mouth. The “garlic butter shrimp,” which has large black tiger prawns and rice containing garlic chips, is also a popular menu because it has a subtle yet aromatic butter flavor. The first floor is a restaurant and the second floor is operated as a pension, so be sure to check it out.

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â–²Location: 66 Hagwi 2-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si

▲Opening hours: 11:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T 15:30 — 17:30, closed on Wednesday

â–²Price: Abalone crab pasta 23,000 won, garlic butter shrimp 30,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Good food): It was a nice place to be able to eat Danish food without feeling heavy. I really like the relaxed atmosphere.

3. Itaewon 'Mishmash', a new change in Korean cuisine

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Image source: sugaroverbooze's Instagram

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Image source: sugaroverbooze's Instagram

'Mishmash' is a place run by Danish-Korean chef Kim Min-ji as the owner-chef. It showcased modern Korean food based on an understanding of European food culture and was selected for the 2018 Bib Gourmand. The signature menu, “Poky Pork,” is a bosam cooked in a Danish style that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Along with bosam, pickled garlic, ricotta cheese with miso, and kimchi marmalade are prepared as cold dishes, and you can eat them with whatever you like. “Pickle tempura,” made by putting a thin layer of tempura batter on pickled shishito and deep-frying them, is also a popular menu item. The unique sourness of pickles and the aroma of tempura are both pleasantly combined.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 21, Itaewon-ro 55ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

▲Opening hours: 11:30 — 22:00, B/T 15:00 — 18:00

â–²Price: Pocky Fork 30,000 won, fried pickles 8,000 won

â–²Testimonial (I went to eat Mapo noodles): It's a very modern restaurant. A good modern interpretation of Korean food. Good bosams, mouth-watering fried peppers, fun fried chicken, and even rockfish dishes. The price of the wine was reasonable, and I really liked the recommendation. If you want to enjoy a light glass of wine during the day, I definitely recommend going there.

4. 'Volpino' in Busan, where you can enjoy a relaxing time with delicious food

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Image source: ryun_kim's Instagram

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Image source: ryun_kim's Instagram

'Volpino' is located in Ananti Town, Hilton Hotel Gijang, Busan. The cool, panoramic view of the sea of Gijang through the glass makes you feel at ease just by looking at it. The signature menu is “Truffle Tayarin Pasta,” which combines Tayarin noodles made from egg yolk, Volpino's homemade truffle sauce, Saint Truffle, and olive oil. The combination of the rich and deep flavor of truffles and the chewy raw noodles is an excellent dish. The “sirloin steak” with a salsa verde sauce made from herbs, anchovies, and capers is also a popular menu item. It is characterized by its soft texture and rich juiciness through wet aging techniques.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: 268-32, Gijanghaean-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan

▲Business hours: 12:00 — 22:00 every day, B/T (weekdays only) 15:00 — 18:00

â–²Price: Truffle Tayarin Pasta 33,000 won, sirloin steak 62,000 won

â–²Testimonial (Today's meal is a meal): I feel like I'm in a foreign country. The scenery is nice, relaxing, and the food is delicious.

5. Relax in a fragrant space, 'Tea House Eden' in Icheon

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Image source: andante.je's Instagram

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Image source: inwa_'s Instagram

“Tea House Eden” is a tea specialty cafe where you can enjoy black tea brewed by a professional timelier. You can also walk through a large 3,500-square-meter European-style garden or take a break at a greenhouse cafe full of fresh plants. There are over 30 different types of tea available at the cafe, so it's easy to choose and drink according to your preferences. The signature black tea “Wedding Imperial” has a rich vanilla and coconut scent and a subtle caramel scent that remains at the end. Along with black tea, they also sell dessert menus such as homemade cheese tarts and cranberry pecan scones. Note that they also often run tea classes where you can try making your own black tea.

[Shikigami Tip]

â–²Location: Eden Paradise Hotel, 449-79, Seoicheon-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

▲Business hours: 11:00 — 20:00 every day

â–²Price: Wedding Imperial 8,000 won, Cranberry Pecan Scone (2 pcs) 3,000 won

â–²Review (Shikigin Kakao 99.9): Clean. I've been healing in such a beautiful space. It is located in the Eden Paradise Hotel, and the garden is very beautiful and well-decorated. I feel like I can go anytime. A tea house made in a very large space is a place where you can relax just by being inside. It's a place I want to go again.



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