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korean food / seoul / Mochi-soon is all gathered here! 2019 National Mochi Map – 2025

“Mochi” has an attractive, chewy texture that fills your mouth. Since ancient times, mochi has been loved by many for its light yet subtle sweetness. Nowadays, places that offer fusion mochi using unique ingredients such as chocolate, strawberries, and butter are popping up one by one, adding to the fun of picking and eating. It has a unique flavor and has established itself as one of the favorite desserts of the younger generation after cake and bread. From popular rice cake shops that are popular all over the country to places that quietly show off their devotion in a local alley! Grab a rice cake map and go on a pilgrimage to rice cake places all over the country.

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Gyeonggi Rice Cake Shop (Mapo-gu)


Burberry Supermok (Andong)

Cloud Rice Cake Shop (Seocho-gu)

Uiryeong Mangae-mochi (Uiryeong)

Dosu-hyang (Gangnam-gu)

Junghyeon Rice Cake Shop (Namhae)

The semantics of rice cake (Seodaemun-gu)

Goohan Mochi (Gimhae)

One Hundred Years Picture Edition (Gangdong-gu)

Peace Rice Cake Shop (Daegu)

Gyeonggi-do & Incheon

Seum Mangae-mochi (Suwon)


Salimmochi (Jeonju)

Good day rice cake shop (Paju)

Seolidam Jeonju Main Branch (Jeonju)

Changyeong Rice Cake Shop (Incheon)

Iganeshiru (Mokpo)

Happy Daifuku (Gwacheon)

Changbak Rice Cake Shop (Gwangju)

Tiger Rice Cake Shop (Namyangju)

Hope is blooming gijeongmochi (Gwangju)


Donghae Kijeongmochi (Gangneung)


Mochi Workshop Brothers (Buk-gu)
Seorak Gijeongmochi (Sokcho)

Myeongga Rice Cake Shop (Busanjin-gu)

Jangpyeong Rice Cake Mill (Pyeongchang) Seongdong Rice Cake Mill (Dong-gu)
Jeongrajin Handmade Daifuku (Samcheok)

Jongno Rice Cake Shop (Haeundae-gu)

Cham Sunchal Tteokbang (Gangneung) Chilsan Rice Cake Shop (Dongnae-gu)

Nam Cine Rice Cake Shop (Daejeon)


Obok Rice Cake Shop (Jeju)

Dengsil Bunsik (Jecheon)

Yongmun Tteokbang (Jeju)

Milang Rice Cake Shop (Asan )

Cheil Rice Cake Shop (Seogwipo)

Rich Rice Cake Shop (Princess)

Jinah Tteokjip (Jeju)

Hand rice cake shop (Cheongju)

Grandma's Rice Cake Shop (Seogwipo)

Five rice cake shops were selected each from Seoul, Gyeonggi & Incheon, Gangwon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Busan, Jeolla, and Jeju on Shikishin's 'National Rice Cake Map'.

If you look at the selected major rice cake shops, you can also find stores that sell only one type of mochi, such as mangae mochi, daifuku, kijeong mochi, and Ibuk-style Injeolmi. Busan's “Myeongga Rice Cake Shop”, Jecheon's “Dengsil Bunsik”, and Jeju's “Jinah Rice Cake Shop” have been featured in famous media and are loved by local residents as well as tourists. It also includes stores where you can find mochi by courier, such as “Nam Cine Rice Cake Shop” in Daejeon, “Donghae Kijeong Mochi” in Gangneung, “Changbak Rice Cake Shop” in Gwangju, and “Hundred Years Flower Shop” in Seoul.

I would like to express my regret to rice cake shops all over the country that have not been selected, and I hope that mochi, a traditional Korean dessert, will develop further in the future.



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