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korean food / seoul / A warm and hearty gukbap rhapsody that fills the heart – 2029

The movie Bohemian Rhapsody is hitting Korea by storm. This is because it conveys memories and emotion to middle-aged people who enjoyed pop culture in those days, and comfort and hope to young people who had a difficult youth. A hearty bowl of gukbap, like Queen's music, which gave a thrilling mix of rock, opera, emotion, and narrative, contains the warmth that has comforted the common people for a long time.

There are many sources of origin of gukbap, a food eaten by rolling rice into soup. In the Joseon Dynasty, the theory that the king began handing out yakiniku soup to workers who were short of meat after performing rituals at the Seonnongdan in the hope that farming would go well (derived from Seolleungtang), and the theory that gukbap was made from a meal that can be eaten quickly in a tabernacle to save time for those who were traveling. Even now, gukbap is one of Korea's representative foods, which is very responsible for the common people's stomachs in the market. Depending on your taste, the soup can be prepared by adding salt, shrimp, chives, peppers, kimchi, and sauce, and depending on the ingredients, it is divided into various types, such as pork gukbap, sundae gukbap, bean sprouts gukbap, beef gukbap, and hwangtae gukbap.

Regional national gukbaps include Busan 'pork gukbap', Jeonju 'bean sprout gukbap', Byeongcheon 'sundae gukbap', Konjiam 'sundae gukbap', Seonghwan's 'sundae gukbap', 'sogure gukbap' in Daegu, 'separately gukbap', 'Changpyeong gukbap' in Damyang, 'hwangtae gukbap' in Tongyeong, 'allbangi gukbap' in Yeongdong, 'Jangtae gukbap', 'Jangtae gukbap', 'sundae gukbap' in Anseong, 'sundae gukbap', 'sundae gukbap' Famous places include “Gukbap”, “Sundae Gukbap” in Gokseong, “Pork Gukbap” in Hapcheon, “Pork Gukbap” in Miryang, “Sundae Gukbap” in Jeju, and “Gongju Gukbap” in Gongju.

Warm and hearty soul food that fills your heart! Let's meet the best gukbap restaurants in the country.

1. Conjiam's “Choi Mi-ja beef gukbap” for a hearty meal with a thick meat soup

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Image source: woooo__jung2's Instagram

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Image source: bcen_x_leo's Instagram

“Choi Mi-ja beef gukbap” is one of the must-see restaurants when visiting Konjiam in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. Since opening in 1981, they have opened Hall 1 followed by 2, but both places are so famous that you can wait to get in even on weekdays. The clear soup is filled with plenty of large, thick meat. In addition to gukbap, beef is also sold separately, and eating chewy, savory beef dipped in a special soy sauce is a delicacy. If you want to enjoy the moist flavor of meat even more, one tip is to eat more of it by eating a special gukbap. The light soup has no seasoning, but you can enjoy the savory flavor without any bad smell even if you eat it without salt. The ingredients usually get dark around 6 o'clock in the evening, so be sure to inquire before you go.

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▲Location: (Hall 1) 20, Docheok-ro, Gonjiam-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

▲Opening hours: 6:00 — 20:30 every day (closed on Mondays)

▲Price: Beef gukbap 11,000 won, (special) gukbap 15,000 won, beef beef 35,000 won, large 45,000 won

▲Testimonial (Shikigami Seimei Gourmet): I finally tried the beef gukbap that I had only heard in words here. I think they do business early in the morning. Unlike other gukbap, it is low in fat, surprisingly refreshing, and has a very strong savory flavor. It was a bit pricey, so there was a lot of meat inside.

2. Cheonan-Sunghwan's 'First Gukbap Restaurant', a hearty taste of sundae at Jeontong Market

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Image source: jinsol93.11.18's Instagram

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Image source: jinsol93.11.18's Instagram

Every month, there is a special place where you can only enjoy it on the day of the oil field and the day before the market. It is the 'first gukbap house' at Seonghwan Ewha Market in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do. Cheonan Seonghwan, located on the road connecting Seoul and the provinces, developed its market over many years through transportation and goods. When you walk into the nostalgic market where old memories come back to life, there are many rows of Sundae Guk Village with food stalls, and “First Gukbap Restaurant” is definitely the first place. The flavor of the gukbap made with various pork offal in a sundae made with the seonji by carefully trimming various vegetables is excellent. If you fill your stomach with a cool and warm sundae gukbap after watching the oil field, you can experience healing that will enrich your body and mind.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 8-11 Seonghwansijang-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

▲Business hours: On the day of the oil field and the day before, 7:00 — 19:00

▲Price: Gukbap 6,000 won, small assorted snacks 10,000 won,

▲Testimonial (Gukbap): Be sure to go and eat gukbap on Seong Hwan's day. It's really cheap and delicious. It's only open on the day of the market and the day before, so you should check the dates carefully and go according to the dates.

3. Fresh and refreshing pork gukbap, Damyang 'Original Changpyeong Market Gukbap'

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The original Changpyeong Market Gukbap, located in Damyang Changpyeong Market, opened in 1949, and people from all over the country flock to enjoy it. Depending on your preferences, you can have a variety of meals, such as gukbap, offal gukbap, head gukbap, bean sprout gukbap, etc. Like a market with a slaughterhouse, fresh pork by-products are purchased to make gukbap, and you can enjoy a clean broth without a bad smell by picking up additional ingredients such as anchovies and kelp along with pork bones. Since it also contains plenty of savory fillets and entrails, it is possible to have a good value for money and a tasty meal. If you add condiments and even Namdo-style kimchi, which has a strong flavor of salted fish, to a bite of hot soup, you can see why it has been loved for decades.

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▲Location: 131, Uibyeong-ro, Changpyeong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do

▲Opening hours: 8:00 — 20:30 every day (closed on holidays)

▲Price: Separately, gukbap 8,000 won, innards gukbap 7,000 won, head gukbap 7,000 won, seonji gukbap 7,000 won, bean sprouts gukbap 6,000 won, pork snack 12,000 won

▲Testimonial (Food in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter): Taro Gukbap is delicious. The soup was fresher and tastier than I expected, and it also had plenty of ingredients lol

4. Clean and cool Gongju beef gukbap, Gongju's “Lee Hakk Restaurant”

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Image source: ohohoh_ne's Instagram

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Image source: donghyun_yu's Instagram

Gukbap at Gongju Lee Hak Restaurant started when the oil market opened in 1954 and has been in operation for generations. At first glance, the red pepper powder soup in the seaweed blooming is spicy and intense. However, brisket, green onions, intestines, etc. are boiled with cold water and soy sauce to remove the fat, so it has a refreshing taste. This is a characteristic of Gongju Gukbap. A generous amount of beef dipped in a unique sauce is delicious the more savory you eat without getting sticky. While maintaining the reputation of its long-standing tradition, the restaurant's atmosphere is clean and tidy, and pork cutlets are also prepared in addition to gukbap, so I recommend it as a place to eat out with the family.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 6, Gagjeom-gil, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do

▲Opening hours: 10:00 — 21:00 every day (closed on holidays)

▲Price: Gongju Gukbap 9,000 won, Gomguk soup 9,000 won, Tonkatsu 8,000 won

▲Review (Kimderella Shikigami): A regular restaurant I often go to with my friends!

5. A reversal of the refreshing taste in immaculate soup, Suncheon's “Konbong Gukbap”

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Image source: Hoechoel's Instagram

1547100159096237 jpg Korean Food March 5th, 2024

Image source: Hoechoel's Instagram

Geonbong Gukbap, located just a 10-minute walk from Suncheon Station, is a restaurant that is as popular among local residents as it is famous all over the country. Outside of the store, you can clearly see gukbap simmered in a large pot, and you can get a glimpse of their pride in food. If you make a basic gukbap, you get plenty of head, entrails, and sundae in an immaculate soup. It has a refreshing taste without any residue unique to pork. If you order a plate of sundae, the plump sundae is served with a handful of chives; I recommend dipping it in soy sauce and eating a full bite. It's a satisfying meal, even if you eat kakuteki, red pepper, and minced condiments according to your taste, or as a laid-back meal after a trip to Suncheon.

[Shikigami Tip]

▲Location: 65 Jangpyeong-ro, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

▲Opening hours: 6:00 — 21:00 every day (closed for 3 days including holidays)

▲Price: Gukbap 8,000 won, head gukbap 8,000 won, makchang gukbap 9,000 won, head brisket 20,000 won, sundae plate 5,000 won

▲Testimonial (Kim Eun-sook, the god of food): An unforgettable taste that combines immaculate beef bone broth with dried meat hehe



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