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korean food / seoul / [One Hundred Years Gourmet] Nadri, a flavor that has continued its tradition for the third generation – 2074

[One Hundred Years Gourmet] Nadri, a flavor that has continued its tradition for the third generation

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│Differentiate yourself with self-developed sauce and thick noodles

Fifty-nine restaurants from around the country were selected for the “Hundred Years Restaurant”, which connects generations. These are places that have been silently meeting customers in one place for over 30 years. A place that impresses with “uniformity” while protecting faith and determination. These efforts have stolen the government's taste. The 59 restaurants selected directly by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Enterprises and the Small Commercial Market Promotion Corporation are currently known through the foodtech O2O (online and offline connection) platform “Shikishin.” Under the title “Hundred Years Gourmet,” AJU Keizai introduces the Hundred Years Restaurant, one by one, each weekend, a place filled with memories.

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“Chewy noodles” are a trifecta of sweet and spicy sauce, chewy noodles, and crunchy vegetables that add to the fun of chewing. The flavor itself, which is both sour and full of aroma, is enough to enhance the taste buds. The sauce, which can be said to be the core of the flavor of chewy noodles, mixes gochujang with starch syrup, vinegar, sugar, and sesame seeds, and grinds fruits such as apples and pears to create a sour yet refreshing flavor. In Yeongju, there is a food restaurant “Nadri” that has captivated the tastes of various generations for over 30 years through sauces and noodles developed in-house by the store.

Nadri's history begins after the Korean War, when the first boss from Seoncheon, Pyeonganbuk-do, sold small noodles at Namdaemun Market in Seoul. In 1986, her daughter-in-law took over and opened a food restaurant in Yeongju, where she is now. CEO Jeong Hee-yoon, the son of the second boss, took over the family business from 2016 and has kept the tradition for the third generation. The noodles included in the signature menu “chewy noodles” are picked fresh every morning, and the noodles are thicker than regular chewy noodles, and are characterized by a rich texture. Mix about 30 ingredients on top of the noodles, sprinkle sauce that has been aged for 20 days, and add lots of cabbage to finish. Through the aging process, various ingredients are blended, and the rich sauce and plump noodles blend pleasantly in the mouth. “Ganchewon noodles,” which combines thick noodles with a special sauce made by adding onions and fruits to dark soy sauce, is also a popular menu. It's not irritating to the liver, so children also like it. There are 7 types of noodles, such as “non-chewy noodles,” “marbled noodles,” and “soybean chewy noodles,” so it's fun to pick and eat.

[Hundred Years PICK] “Nadri” has been handed down for three generations from grandmother to grandchild. “Chewy noodles” have an attractive rich texture that can be felt from thick noodles that are unusually thick. The interior of the store has been preserved for over 30 years, providing a new experience for first-time visitors and evoking nostalgia for those who come back.



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